All Things British

29 Apr

I s’pose the title should be All Foods British but I like the sound of Things instead of Food better. lol.

In my own little show of celebration for the wedding of Prince William and Kate since Thursday dinner time I have eaten only “English food”, can’t go wrong with that plan since they do have some kick ass yummy food. 😀

Most of the British foods I know are quite unhealthy, *rolls eyes*, figures right? I asked my mom for some suggestions on what I could make that would be traditional and perhaps not too too bad for me – oh, fyi my mom is from England, she moved to Canada in her 20s so I wasn’t asking her just cause she’s my mom and the person to go to when I have questions about things but because she is from England and will actually have an answer. lol 😛

She had lots of suggestions, some healthier then others, but due to my limited budget, fondness for unhealthy foods and general laziness when it comes to cooking I chose some of the easier and slightly worse for me options. 🙂

Thursday night dinner was none other then a 2 piece fish and chip dinner. 😀 Oh YUM!! I sprinkled malt vinegar on top and dived right in. So So So good! I would have gotten a 1 piece dinner cause really, who needs 2?? but I had a coupon lol, so 2 pieces it was, shrug. When I was done my stomach was actually distended there was so much food in it, lol, and I kinda felt a little icky but I don’t care, the food was so good I’d do it again – although not for a long while cause I shudder to think how many points I ate…

Quick side note – starting thursday dinner time through to the end of today (friday) I am not counting points cause I felt that would make my mission to eat only British food too hard, lol, LAZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I stayed up all night to be able to watch all the coverage for the wedding, yup, I was that whacko! I napped from about 12:30am to a bit after 2am or so then watched the royal family going to the Abbey, watched the wedding ceremony but napped through the church service, then stayed awake for the ride in the carriage, the balcony and of course the kiss! The commentator said they would be on the air live for another couple hours but I figured they wouldn’t be showing anymore of the royal family it’d just be people yapping and since I was about to fall over from being so tired I opted for bed, lol, I finally got to bed about 6am or so. Could have been worse – and ya know, I’d do it again. 🙂

When I got up around noonish today (friday) I ate 2 (yes, two, sigh) blueberry scones. One was cut open and I put some raspberry jam on it, the other I just broke off in to pieces, both got dipped in to light cool whip – yeah, I know, it’s supposed to be clotted cream but I couldn’t find any. It was good, not as good as the fish n chips but good. 🙂

Later on I had a sausage roll, I screwed up though and microwaved it to heat it up so the pastry went soft, sigh. I’d say I’d remember next time but I probably won’t be buying a sausage roll for so long that by next time I’ll have forgotten lol.

Dinner, which I had disturbingly late in the day was a home made cheese and onion pie. Now, when I ask people if they ever had one they can’t seem to figure out what it is, it’s not a quiche, it’s not a pie like a fruit pie, its a one pie is one serving closed pastry pie…so, imagine a pizza pop but with puff pastry and filled with melted cheese and sauteed onion. Good huh? The recipe I have is from the internet and it’s supposed to make 1 pie, 1! Well, I offered to make a pie for my roomie but when I opened the puff pastry box there were only 2 squares in the box and according to the recipe those 2 squares were needed to make one pie so I decided to make 2 smaller pies and put half the filling in each, if nothing else it would save calories right? ha! Even when I halved it each pie was so large 1 pie covered the entire bottom of a large sized dinner plate – can you believe that??? We both just stared at them like ‘holy fuck’. It took a looooong time to eat cause it was so big and it’s doing the same thing the fish n chips did – making my tummy large and making me feel ick. sigh. Why do I do this to myself?!?! Oh, and no, I don’t need you to answer that…

So now it’s a bit after 11pm, I’m watching Rambo (can’t go wrong with a Stallone movie!) and trying to digest my uber large dinner. While enjoying the wedding stuff and the food I wasn’t worried about the points cause I knew I wasn’t counting so I refused to let myself feel guilty, well, I don’t feel guilty but I do feel worried cause of weigh in tomorrow. I ate bad last weekend but not just for the standard 2 days of a weekend, more like 4 or 5 days, and now I have eaten really bad today and last night for dinner. Oh my.

There’s nothing that can be done about it now, and weigh in isn’t for hours n hours yet so really, I shouldn’t be worrying about it cause not like worrying will do me any good, shrug, but I always worry on friday evenings about saturdays weigh in results. I’m starting to think it’s natural…or at least kinda normal…


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