What Happened There??

4 Jun

Oh my, the scale was not my friend today, sigh. 😦 I wasn’t sure how I felt going in to my weigh in, normally I have a feeling for if I gained or lost but this week, shrug, nuthin. I knew that I had eaten well and used almost none of my flex points so that is great, I also knew that my plan to exercise 3 times during the week didn’t work out and I’d only exercised twice so not so great. I was hoping (obviously) to go down but wouldn’t of been too surprised if I stayed the same. Actually, that’s a lie, I would have been very surprised to stay the same cause I followed the eating rules this past week so even if my exercising was less often then I wanted theoretically I still should have lost something.

Apparently my thinking is flawed cause I went up by 1.2 pounds. Yup, up. Sucky or what??

I’m not sure what I did wrong…I went over my food journal to see if I screwed up somewhere and as far as I am concerned I did just fine. Sure I used some flex points on Thursday, and yeah ok I ate dinner at a friend’s house on Wednesday so am unable to calculate my points for that meal but I made sure before I went to eat lightly throughout the day so I’d have more points then normal left for dinner. Since dinner that night was a small piece of chicken and an eyeballed (by me) portion of pasta with a tomato based sauce, oh and salad, I didn’t think I did that badly…maybe it was worse then I thought? And sure I ate all my exercise points on Tuesday but hey, that’s allowed! sigh, and fine, I went out for dinner on Friday after Dragon Boating so I most likely ate all my exercise points then too…ok fine! So my week wasn’t as great as I like to think it was – damn tracking my food and exercise, sigh, makes it harder to lie to myself lol. πŸ˜›

I had planned a pure lazy day for today, it is Saturday after all, lol, but once I saw the scale that went out the window and I immediately got dressed for a hike. The scale scared me in to exercising! *rolls eyes*

You know those women that go exercising and they look perfect? Their hair is styled, their makeup is perfect, their clothes are properly fitted and nice looking and even though they are exercising they don’t seem to be sweating and they don’t go red in the face? Yeah…that’s so not me! When I went hiking I was wearing black too large for me exercise pants, a tshirt that was under a long sleeved high necked exercise jacket with my hair yanked back in a messy ponytail, no makeup, sunglasses, ear buds in place and my exposed skin (which is only my face, ears, part of my neck and my fingers from the middle knuckle down) coated in sunscreen. Not fashionable at all! lol.

I am more concerned with preventing sun exposure then with what I look like, lol, which normally doesn’t matter cause the hiking trail doesn’t usually have a lot of people on it when I am on it but it was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon so the whole city seemed to be using the trail today. lol. I really pushed myself and by the end my poor legs were hurting, which seems kinda poetic cause they now match the pain in my lower back and arms from Dragon Boating yesterday. Ah the pain of getting in shape! πŸ˜›

Today I ate:

1/2 bagel = 2.5 points

1/2 tbls whipped peanut butter = 1 point

1 banana = 1 point

29 grams Special K = 2 points

1/2 C 1% milk = 1 point

2 C Campbell’s Rustic Spiced Lentil and Veg Soup = 4 points

2 dinner buns = 2 points

1 tsp margarine = 1 point

1 cheese slice = 1 point

1 slice deli turkey, 1 tsp light miracle whip, 1 tsp mustard = 0 points

1 C mixed blueberries and raspberries = 1 point

1 nectarine = 1 point

1 small slush = 1 point

Total Points Eaten = 18 points

Exercise Points = 6 points

So I still have 2 of my normal daily points left and I earned 6 exercise points so I can eat some of them if I so choose. Which I will probably choose cause I am fairly hungry…I have been waiting all day to eat my serving of Junior Mints, they are like my all time fave candy!, yum! and I can have 40 grams of them (approx 16 pieces) for 3 points which normally doesn’t seem like a good deal but I exercised so I have the points space – and this is why I didn’t lose last week! Me and my wonky logic! lol

Ah well, if my logic lets me eat Junior Mints without feeling guilty, I’ll keep it. πŸ™‚


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