Twice In One Day??

8 Jun

My poor abused body – all my leg muscles are shaking mildly and the mere thought of getting up off the couch to go get a fresh cup of tea makes me whimper. lol. Today I did the unknown – I exercised…Twice! Two times in one day! I don’t know if hell has frozen over or if it was a miracle but I somehow managed to get my lazy arse off the couch and moving on 2 seperate occaisions today. *groan* I have a feeling I am so gonna be hurting tomorrow…but hey, who cares? That’s tomorrow! lol

I had wanted to do this crazy exercise-twice-in-one-day-thing on Monday but it didn’t work out so instead my first try at this was today. Freakishly enough, I just may do this again…maybe…we’ll see how I feel tomorrow lol.

I brought my mom and dad with me when I went hiking today, by this I mean my mom called me right as I was lacing up my runners and if I didn’t go hiking right at that specific time I wouldn’t be able to do it at all so I took my phone with me – something I never do! My hiking time is “my time”, I listen to my iPod, cringe whenever I come in to contact with nature, and basically take the time to focus on me, shrug. Somedays there isn’t much to focus on, lol, so I just enjoy the music, but some days you need some time to sort things out in your head, plan something that is coming up, figure out how you are gonna deal with something or say/write something. shrug. But yeah, so my poor parents had to hear me huffing and puffing while we were talking, it probably sounded like I was hiking to my death lol.

But I survived and had a yummy meal of salmon, mashed yam and mixed veggies while resting and reminding myself I wanted to exercise twice in one day, it was a goal, it would not kill me – probably. 😉

On my way to Boxerfit I stopped and picked up the parcel my cousin sent me from England, that boy, he’s so awesome! I got a box of Bristows Clotted Cream Fudge, a chocolate bar that is currently in the fridge (and if you think I’m getting up to read the name of it and pissing off my muscles you got another thing comin! lol) and a pair of socks with the Union Jack. The fudge has a picture of Will and Kate because it is a commemorate box of fudge for the wedding 🙂 I love it!

I had to leave earlier then normal for boxerfit because of having to make it to the post office before it closed so once I got to the gym I had about 45 minutes to kill which was perfect cause I had taken the sides for the second scene I want to do for my demo reel and I worked on the lines while waiting for 7pm to roll around. It’s nice to know you can practice your lines without someone overhearing you – at least for me, shrug.

I’m fairly certain the guy who runs the Boxerfit class is trying to kill me, well, not just me, all of us. lol. Todays class he had us doing these running drills, you run as fast as you can from spot A to spot B, at spot B you do 5 push ups, then you run back to A and do 5 full sit ups, then you run back to spot B and do 5 squats, then you run back to spot A and do 5 burpees. You’d think that was bad enough but then you had to do it all over again only do 4 of each, then again but 3 of everything…I’m sure you’ve figured out the pattern here…see what I mean about trying to kill us? *rolls eyes* He timed us and is gonna make us do it all over again in a month and apparently we will all have faster times…he’s nuts! This was on top of all our normal stuff so by the end of the class I was soaked in sweat, yeah I know, gross right? When I got in to my suv to drive home I really felt how wet my clothes were, ugh, I made sure to sit upright the whole drive home cause I didn’t want the sweat to soak in to the fabric of the seat. lol.

I have a job interview tomorrow morning for a law firm, can you get less artistic? lol. It’s at 10am which seems early to me cause I have been sleeping in almost everyday but I suppose it’s an ok time cause after that is done I will be running some errands and hopefully getting home by about 1pm – that’ll give me time to hike before meeting up with KL for our final Dragon Boat training session before the festival this weekend.

Oh what an active week this has been!

I have eaten 19 points today, and earned a crazy high number of exercise points – 14 of them! A record for me. 🙂 Sooo, since I have so many exercise points I am about to eat a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich (2 points) which will have me eating a whopping 1 exercise point. Not so bad that! 😀


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