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Errand Day

18 Aug

Alrighty, so today was Errand Day, um, yah? lol. I actually like running errands – most of the time. I mean, I’m doing stuff that will (usually) in some way benefit me and what’s not to like about that? lol. I wasn’t in too much of a rush with the errands, I knew I probably wouldn’t get them finished in time for my Boxerfit class tonight but since my entire weekend is booked and this was my only time slot to get them done I figured I just might have to sacrifice the class tonight. Besides that perfectly reasonable reason for not hitting up Boxerfit class I also have: (1) last nights class contributed to the arthritis in my left knee flaring up (yes, I have arthritis, no, I am not old – I got a knee injury eons ago and severe arthritis in the knee is a never ending reminder of that *rolls eyes) and (2) the location Thursday’s class is at doesn’t have free parking and it’s farther away then the Wednesday and Friday classes so if I am gonna hafta miss one I’d rather miss the Thursday class (although, missing Thursday’s class means I miss my quick flirt session with the yummy Australian guy that works the front desk at that gym, *big dramatic sigh* 😉 )

Where was I going with this? Oh, right, Errand Day…wow, talk about getting a blank about the purpose of writing about Errand Day lol. Oh right! Ok, well, I ate my first meal of the day, did some stuff online, made up an old school list (on paper! crazed huh?) to make sure I didn’t forget to do anything, then I numbered everything on the list so I did everything in the most timely order (anal aren’t I? lol it has more to do with trying to conserve gas and not backtrack, shrug) then out into the world I went!

I immediately regretted going out so early cause I was being exposed to…dun dun dun…the sun! Ack!!! Since my burn I’ve been trying to do stuff in the evenings, when the sun is going down and is less damaging to my pasty white delicate recently sunburned skin. Only problem is stores have this tendancy to ya know, close at night, stupid closing hours, and if I didn’t go out until the sun went down I wouldn’t have been able to get everything done, shrug, so brave the sunny outdoor world did I! 😛

One of the things on my list was going to Tim Horton’s, this was going to be my second to last stop and was meant as a kind of treat – why I thought I deserved a treat for doing errands I do not know, I just did. shrug. lol. Well, when the time came to go to Timmy’s I refrained, yah! I decided I didn’t want to spend the points on the Iced Capp (which normally I totally think is worth the points, oh it’s so yum and if you get it made with milk instead of cream it’s not nearly as bad for you but still just as tasty!) and by that point I was really hungry and the one little timbit I would have gotten myself would have done nothing to fill me up so really, why go? I figured it was a better plan to wait till I got home where I could make myself a healthy dinner (yeah you read that right, I totally missed a meal cause I was so busy running errands – no wonder I was so hungry, eesh). My plan got a teensy tiny bit messed up though cause my last stop was Safeway to see if the Chicken Breasts that I tried to buy yesterday were in stock, the guy yesterday said they would be in stock today so I had it in my brain they would be and already had my dinner planned – I was gonna make a salad and have one of the cooked (duh!) chicken breasts cut up and put in the salad, I was very much looking forward to this dinner. It’s simple I know, and maybe doesn’t sound all that exciting but oh well, I really like it. 🙂

I had to buy another salad, I bought one yesterday but am saving it for Saturday, so I got a second salad then went to the frozen meat section and guess what? The shelves were just as empty as yesterday! I asked a guy at the meat counter if he could check the back and he said he had checked just a bit earlier for a different customer and there were no more back there, sigh.

Now I was kinda screwed, my dinner plan was thrown out the window and I was in a grocery store, wandering aimlessly, while hungry!…never good! *scared face*

I really wanted meat! Which is kind of a rare thing for me, I mean, I like meat but very rarely crave it and I don’t generally eat it on a daily basis but today my body was all about wanting meat. I looked at boxes of frozen burger patties but they are like $14 and I can’t spend that, so then I looked at the raw meat thinking I could just make my own (I seem to be doing that a lot lately) but I really wasn’t in the mood sooooo I continued to wander…

By the time my wandering was over I ended up with: salad, maple leaf ready to serve skinless chicken breasts (the kind all cut up ready to be put on salads etc), provolone cheese from the deli, 80grams of schneider’s low fat deli chicken breast, the deli’s home made mac n cheese, um…hmm, I think that’s it, but that’s bad enough! Turns out the cheese is 3 points for 1oz (1 slice), holy crap! for cheese?!?! I guess I got so used to eating Light Cheese I forgot how bad for you “normal” cheese is, I just thought it’d be nice to try a new kind, sigh. The salad, ready to eat chicken and deli meat chicken I don’t feel bad about, they are all healthy (in fact, I ate the salad with 25 grams of the Maple Leaf chicken tossed in for dinner, yum!) but the mac n cheese?!?! *groan* WHAT was I thinking? *double sigh* I know what I was thinking…I was thinking I was frickin starving and that in such a state of hunger a salad with some meat on it didn’t seem like enough to satisfy me (even though I know it is!) so I bought the mac n cheese thinking I’d have it with dinner, or maybe instead of the salad…stupid. stupid. stupid.

Now I have a horrendously bad for me mac n cheese in my fridge and I am gonna hafta eat it cause I can’t afford to waste food but geez, even while it’s gonna taste delish it’s gonna kinda suck. I never thought when I started all this something as simple as mac n cheese would be able to put me into spasms of conflict. *rolls eyes*

My Errand Day closed with me taking apart my dining table so I could replace it with a rockin ooooooold table that mom and dad let me pinch from the house on my last visit. It’s actually a little desk type table, I think once upon a time it was one of those little desks that had a mirror on the back and women used to sit at to do their makeup or something. Whatev, for some reason I really like the table but the only place it could fit was where my dining table was which is perfect cause the table I had was crap and too big for the space anyways. I also attempted to use the snake thing I bought during the day in an attempt to clear out a clog in my shower drain, I don’t know what is down there but I end up in ankle deep water everytime I shower and if that isn’t bad enough weird stuff is starting to come up from the drain, like flecks of I dunno, rust or something, ugh, it’s disgusting. The snake thing didn’t work, the head of it won’t fit down the drain so I hafta take it back, but the drano I also bought made it a little bit better so maybe whatever is down there will eventually go away?

So that was my day, oh, I’ll recap points for ya real quick, I earned 0 exercise points (sigh), I ate my daily 20 points and I also ate 1 flex point…it could’ve been worse and it could’ve been better – I’ll decide how I feel about it later lol. 😀

“That Day”

17 Aug

Do you ever have “that day” – you know, the day where you don’t feel sick but you don’t feel quite right? That day where your energy is totally bottomed out right from when you woke up? That day when you don’t even have the energy to care about not having energy and while yes you can still do stuff it takes all your mental pushing to actually do even the tiniest thing? phew, that was a long sentence, take a breath now. teehee

That was my day yesterday. It was weird. I woke up tired, lol, that’s never fun! I thought maybe I just had a bad sleep, no biggy, get up and get going and the energy will come back, shrug, it’s happened before. But no, I got up, ate, chilled for a bit, forced myself to go for my hike – and even though I went I will confess I didn’t put as much effort in to it as normal so I felt like a slacker even while hiking! lol – then I spent the rest of the day at home trying to convince myself to do mildy important things, like eat. *rolls eyes*

Today was a bit better…I didn’t wake up tired but I did wake up later then normal, and I had absolutely no desire to do anything so I skipped my hike and only went to Boxerfit class. This means I earned 7 exercise points today instead of 10, to think this makes me feel lazy when once upon a time 7 exercise points in one day would totally impress me. 😛 lol

I’m not sure what is going on, like I wrote at the beginning of this post I don’t feel sick, I just feel as if something is not quite right…and I can’t peg what that is. shrug. Whatever it is that has gotten unbalanced I am taking steps to correct it. 🙂

I was able to go grocery shopping today, I have been strapped for cash and not able to buy anything so I’ve been living off what I have already, that sounds worse then it is, lol, it’s no big deal. I have frozen veggies and I had some frozen lean ground turkey (that I turned into burger patties that were accidentally waaaay salty, sigh, slight miscalculation there lol) and I have baked beans an such so I was able to eat ok. What I was missing was fresh fruit/veggies, well really, any kind of fresh produce, yogurt…you know, perishables. But! today I got to go grocery shopping, yah! I can’t remember the last time grocery shopping brought such a sense of relief lol 😛

I got to buy yogurt, salad, fruit, veggies – ah, it was glorious! Also, I had a wicked 50% off coupon for frozen chicken breasts (that mom emailed me, thanks Mom!) but the store was sold out so they extended my coupon for 3 whole months! How sweet is that?! I mean yeah, I would have liked to be able to buy the chicken today but since I couldn’t it’s great that the coupon will not expire for so long, that way, if I can’t afford to buy it next week I don’t lose the chance to use the coupon. Yah! 🙂 Go Safeway Go! lol

Ok, fine, I am lame, go ahead and laugh, me getting so psyched about grocery shopping and the length of time my coupon will last, but hey, getting psyched about the simple things makes life a lot more enjoyable. 😛

I think the addition of fresh produce will help my energy levels go back up, I mean without all my normal fruit servings I am low in natural sugar and all kinds of other good things – that can’t be good! I’ve also been working on increasing my protein intake since I got back from AB, I managed it really well last week but not quite as well this week so I’ll focus on that and the eating of fresh produce again. And of course I am keeping myself nice an hydrated. 🙂



12 Aug

Fact of the Day: the magnetic compass was invented in China around 2000 years ago

I was just watching Weird Or What? and that little fun fact was shared with the tv viewers so I thought I’d share it with you just because. 🙂

So in the past 4 days I have exercised 6 times – how crazy weird is that? I don’t know if this is something I can maintain but I think I am gonna try. 🙂 I used to make a tentative goal of exercising every second day, then once I was maintaining that fairly decently I upped the ante to exercising in some way everyday, now I am thinking of changing that exercise goal to hiking at least 5 times a week, going to boxerfit at least twice and once my dragon boating season is over upping the boxerfit to 3 or more times a week. I think it is doable…maybe…lol

Here is how my exercising went this week:

Monday – on the road, did nothing

Tuesday – hiked

Wednesday – hiked and went to boxerfit

Thursday – boxerfit

Friday – hiked and dragon boated

Fairly decent. 🙂

And what’s even better is that Tuesday thru Friday I ate my daily points and only the occaisional exercise point – this of course is in an effort to make up for the Saturday Sunday and Monday where I was in AB and road tripping back to BC.

I’m not sure how my weigh in will turn out since I ate so badly two weeks ago and did no exercise and part of this past week was a continuation of that. I’m hoping my upping the exercise and being really careful with the food will help to counter act all of that but here’s where confusion may happen. If I am up on the scale is it fat or muscle? I have no idea how I am supposed to figure that out…*confused face* Ah well, weigh in isn’t until Sunday cause I have a photo shoot Saturday at noon so I’ll be up and out of the house way earlier then my normal weigh in time so looks like I have an extra day to wonder how the scale will treat me…*rolls eyes*


11 Aug

Today I ate:

46 grams Just Right cereal = 3 points

1 cup 1% milk = 1 point

2 pcs Bodywise toast = 1 point

1/2 tbls whipped peanut butter = 1 point

100 grams beefless tips = 2 points

1 cup Minute Rice Long Grains and Wild Rice = 4 points

mixed veggies = 0 points

21 grams mini breton = 2 points

2 light babybell = 2 points

1/2 cup Maple Flavoured Baked Beans = 2 points

1 Skinny Cow chocolate fudge brownie ice cream = 2 points

1 Kashi pumpkin pie flavoured granola bar = 2 points

Total Points Eaten = 22

Exercise Points Earned = 7

I had a perfectly ordinary normal day but I feel really good about it. I woke up a little later then I wanted but earlier then yesterday lol, I went to Boxerfit Class and earned my 7 exercise points, I ate relatively healthy and well within my points (only ate 2 exercise points!) – nothing crazy exciting happened today, nothing all that fun to write about on my blog but that’s ok cause what I wanted to accomplish I did…uh, that would be the eating my points without a food screw up and exercising. 🙂

Small goals perhaps but hey, if it’s a small goal then I have a better chance of reaching it. lol. 😉

Well, I Was On A Roll…

28 Jul

Last week I kicked my own ass making sure I exercised lots and ate super great – it was a physically demanding week but I knew the exercise was a good thing. If you read my last post (or maybe it was the post before that…hmm…)I gained 3 pounds on the scale causing me to freak out.

I decided over the weekend that I’d push myself again this week and see if the scale became a better friend lol. Monday started off fine, I Dragon Boated like normal and ate nice n healthy. 🙂 Tuesday I filmed my demo reel (yah!) and had such a great time with it – I’ll write more about it farther down – but, towards the end of filming my throat started to really hurt and I realized I had a headache, well, whatev, I figured it’d go away and getting the scenes filmed was more important then my headache or sore throat. Yeah…well…by the time I got home my headache was feeling like it was going to be a migraine and my throat hurt so badly I could barely talk, erg. Not good.

I ended up going to bed at like 8pm (freakishly early for me!) with a fever, headache, sore throat, body aches and more. It was highly unpleasant, duh right? lol. I woke up around 10:30am wed and luckily my fever had broken and my body didn’t ache as much, an Advil helped with the headache but the sore throat remained. Sucky. I decided I was still too ill to go exercise, I was supposed to go to boxerfit that evening, but like the day before with my standard hike, I just wasn’t physically up to it and I hate when people go out and spread their sick germs so I try very hard to make sure I don’t do that. I tend to have high hopes about how quickly I will get better from things so I was all “oh for sure I’ll be fine for boxerfit on thursday” – sometimes I am so, well, dense. 😛

Today, Thursday, what a day! Oh man. Stress levels like you wouldn’t believe! Today is the day the email was set to go out to the top 44 agents in the city (hence my filming the demo reel), I had been warned that most agents, if they like the look of you, will contact you within 48hrs of seeing your demo reel and headshots because they want to snag you before someone else does so I was told to stay near my phone. Well, never have my cell and I been more connected lol. I wouldn’t even go to the next room without it just-in-case! 😛 Not like I was expecting a phone call the minute after the email went out but after a couple hours I started to get worried, by the end of business hours I was freaking out! Freaking!!! Did nobody like me? Did I suck? Did I have to start thinking of an alternate career path? How am I supposed to go back to AB next week and face people and explain no agents wanted me? Could I really just die of embarrassment? I checked my online portfolio and saw on the tracker that nobody had viewed my portfolio yet which was almost worse then lots of people seeing it and nobody contacting me…why weren’t people looking at it?

So, me being me, I emailed the tech guy who is in charge of editing the film and sending the emails and asked if he could please-oh-please check to make sure the email went out…his response was to apologize, he went to confirm the email went out and it didn’t, it was on some auto generated send thing and it didn’t auto generate send…stupid technology. Course, since I didn’t email him till end of business day there was no point in him sending it out today anymore and since this weekend is a long weekend there is no point in him sending it tomorrow cause most of the agents will most likely be enjoying an extra long long weekend and will have also taken the friday off sooooooooo it’s not getting sent out till next week.

Here I was stressing all day about the lack of phone calls, the only thing keeping me sane was my deep involvement in the fifth Harry Potter book (which, fyi, I just finished and am now starting on the sixth) and the stress was totally uncalled for cause no phone calls were ever gonna come. sigh. Good thing I don’t wrinkle or get white hair easily! 😛

Back to the exercising though, here it is thursday night and I have only exercised once, and that was way back on monday when I dragon boated. Crap. There goes my plan of kicking my own ass exercise wise again. hmm. I had so been hoping to get on track with that because once I get to AB I know any chances for exercising will rapidly disappear – happens everytime!

Hopefully I will feel well enough to exercise tomorrow and saturday, and well, since I know the email won’t be going out till next wednesday guess I won’t be feeling any stress about that till then…now if only I could get my appetite back all would be good…


Shortest Day Ever

21 Jul

Yesterday I was up and out of the house earlier then normal for me, I was out most of the day, then came home in time to chill for a bit before going to boxerfit class (where my ass was kicked!), then I was home again and up stupid late for no reason. By the time I got to bed I fell asleep crazy fast (a nice change from usual).

Well, today my alarm went off at 11am but I turned it off and rolled back over (yawn), the next time I woke up it was…3:30pm! Can you believe it? Even I think that is late! ack, I slept the whole day away…oops.

I got up right away, showered etc and decided I might just have enough time to eat and get to this evenings boxerfit class…I was feeling (and am still feeling) lots of muscle pain and the idea of going to exercise was making me grimace but what could I do? I gotta lose weight so I gotta exercise.

By the time I had eaten it was crunch time but I just couldn’t make myself move fast enough and I realized something, it was already after 5pm and I had only just eaten my first meal (which was 7 points), that meant there wasn’t much day left but lots of points left…hmm…and! if I went to boxerfit class I’d earn 7 exercise points (which I know I don’t have to eat but I usually eat a couple of them if my exercise was particularly intense cause I feel my body needs the extra energy) so how the heck was I gonna eat all those points when there was barely any day left??

This all culminated into the perfect reason to not go to boxerfit class lol. 😛 I actually really wanted to go, well sorta, but the points stuff combined with my muscle pain and feeling of total exhaustion made it easy for me to convince myself to not go. *rolls eyes* I swear, someone should pay me to come up with excuses for things, I do a great job! 😉

So here I am, it’s amost 9pm and I’ve eaten 14 points, only 6 points left to eat to reach my daily points and I am sure I will manage it lol.

Now the question is, tomorrow, do I go to a make up Dragon Boating training session or do I go to BoxerFit class? I get a better workout with the boxerfit class but I want to have the best rowing form I possibly can since there is a race coming up for my dragon boating team. Tomorrow isn’t the only chance I will have to attend a make up session for the boating which is making me lean towards the boxerfit class instead, it may be painful but I leave there covered in sweat and knowing I really earned my exercise points, and, it’s an all over body workout whereas dragon boating is more the upper back and core muscles…not so much the legs or arms and I gotta work the whole body not just sections of it…well look at that, I seem to have talked myself in to the higher intensity boxerfit class instead of the easier and more fun dragon boating, who’d of thought that would happen? 😛

How To Tell…

20 Jul

…You had a kick ass workout

(1) every article of clothing you were wearing while exercising is soaked through with your icky sweat

(2) driving home is way difficult and you feel you are almost impaired in some way because you have trouble focusing and you possibly even take a slightly weird route home just to avoid bending your arms to manage the turns cause of muscle pain

(3) while driving home you sit uber straight to avoid your sweat soaked clothes touching the seat

(4) walking up the path to your front door makes you whimper silently in your head

(5) you can’t touch anything in your apartment because you don’t want to get sweat on anything

(6) getting your sports bra off is a form of torture cause it’s so wet it’s become glued to  your skin

(7) the water spray hitting you when you get in the shower makes you whimper out loud

(8) the stretching action required to get dressed makes you grimace

(9) the act of sitting on the couch makes you groan out loud

(10) realizing you sat before getting anything to eat or drink brings tears to your eyes

Voila! That is how to tell if your workout was a major ass kicker or just a regular ho-hum workout. 😀

I would like to point out that my workout tonight was a major ass kicker. 😀 Yah! I went to boxerfit class and there were way more people there then normal, so many in fact that only the first 20 people who signed in were allowed to stay cause if there were anymore then that the room would be too full, lucky I was the 20th name on the sign in sheet. 🙂 Because there were so many of us we couldn’t do the boxing part of the work out cause there wasn’t enough equipment for everyone, sadness, instead he took us through an hour of interval training, so basically it was an hour of intense cardio combined with muscle toning work. omg, the pain! the Paaaaain! aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! 😛

I did 60 push ups, something I heartily suck at and I lost track of how many squats I did *rolls eyes* we of course did a whole whack of other moves but those two stick out a lot in my mind right now. lol.

I’m glad I got myself to class cause I went out for lunch with KL today and ate a crepe that was filled with chicken, swiss cheese, egg and mayo…oh and KL and I shared some fries. Then I went to hang with some of the old work buddies and while I was there a Dairy Queen ice cream cake was delivered and they insisted I have a slice so I also had a slice of cake, Mmm! It was a tiny piece tho! Honest!

After all that food I figured I was done with eating for the day cause oh man, the calories! eek! I can’t even begin to calculate the points cause well, I have no nutritional info lol. Hmm, I might be able to get an approx points value for the cake, I’ll hafta check. 😛 But yeah, way high in points so I was cutting myself off…then I ended up going to boxerfit heh. By the time I got back from boxerfit and was showered I was hungry and felt I earned some points, some carbs and some protein at least! lol.

I’m not really sure if I ate too many points today and I can’t really afford to over eat on my points cause I keep eating bad for me stuff this week, sigh. Least I am managing to get some form of exercise everyday to (hopefully!) counteract the food…*scared face* Guess we’ll find out on weigh in day *face of dread* 😉

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