Slackers R Us…er…Me

23 Jun

So I have been such a slacker the past couple days, I honestly don’t know what has gotten in to me! It’s weird…I had such a habit of exercising at least once a day and all it took was 6 days where I wasn’t able to exercise to break that habit and put me back on the path of lazy. Who knew it was so easy to break a habit? I suppose since it was a recently developed habit that made it easier to lose it…not like I’ve been active daily for years – perish the thought! lol. 😛

When I was in AB there was never time to exercise, I was always meeting up with someone, going somewhere, and my plan to do at least some ab work and free weights at night before I went to bed went right out the window when it turned out I wasn’t getting to bed until 2am or later. Who wants to do ab work after a full busy day at 2am before going to bed?? Not me!

So when I got back here I thought I’d jump right back in to my routine, food and exercise wise. Tuesday I went for my hike, did some free weights and ab work and felt like I was gonna die lol. One week of not exercising really put me back a bit and the trail kicked my butt! I had acting class that evening so I wasn’t able to go to boxerfit but that’s ok right cause I have the whole rest of the week! Well, Wednesday I had a coaching session at 12:30p which was just that tiny bit too early in the day so that I could go hiking in the morning and not be freaking out about being late so I figured I’d go afterwards but it didn’t happen. sigh. Instead I ended up eating pizza and dessert breadsticks and sitting on my couch! Stupid right? Right! Then today (Thursday) I again was up and out to be somewhere for 12:30p, this time though I was meeting friends for lunch downtown and I ate Beef Teriyaki on white rice, oh, and a miso soup. It was gooooood! And yet, so baaaaaaad! lol. 😛 When I got home I was all heavy feeling from digesting so I thought I’d go hiking a bit later in the day but the feeling never went away and that combined with the chilly wind was a built in easy excuse for not going out again. Lazeeeeeeeeeeeee! Since that lunch I have eaten cookies, some toast with some whipped peanut butter on it, um, hmm, that’s it.

Not the most brilliant of food choices over the past couple days! *rolls eyes*

I keep eating large bad for me meals, feeling gross cause I am overly full and then barely (or not at all) eating the rest of the day cause I feel all icky. sigh. And cause I feel icky I am not exercising. What a stupid cycle I have gotten myself in!

I decided to change up my routine in the hopes of forcing myself out of this rut before it becomes a really bad rut so I booked a nanny job for tomorrow starting at 11am for 6 hours. This means I don’t have the whole day to exercise, I’ll have to force it in somewhere and for some reason I always seem to get more done in a day when I have more to do, if I don’t have a lot to do it’s easier to slack and next thing you know I’ve done nothing. Weird huh?

Also, since I will be away from my kitchen but not near a restaurant I will only be able to eat the food I take with me and if I only take healthy food well, guess I’ll be eating healthy tomorrow. lol. See how this just might work?

Now all I can hope for is nice weather tomorrow so when the nanny job is over I can hike…or have almost no traffic on the roads so I can make it to boxerfit on time…I’ll be happy with either. 🙂


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