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Heatstroked and Hungreeeeeee

14 Aug

Oh. My. God. You won’t believe how much food I ate yesterday! It was crazed! Before I list the food let me backtrack a bit say to, oh, Friday evening?

Friday evening I Dragon Boated, not with my normal team, it was a drop in session that I went to so I could make up a missed session with my team the week prior. It was the worse training session I have ever had and made me realize how far I have come within the sport during the time I have been involved in it. So while I didn’t get the best work out that evening I did get a bit of an ego boost, lol, which is almost as nice. 😉

Saturday I had a photo shoot at noon, which was all kinds of awesome. 😀 I was working with an up and coming photographic artist and 4 other actresses, the finalized product will end up in an art gallery mid to late september, I totally plan to attend so I can see!

Here is the down side from the photo shoot though, it was outside. In a garden. With no shade. From noon till 2:30pm. Sooooo I was outside on a hot sunny day for hours when the sun is at it’s most deadly and I am a pale skinned redheaded girl who burns after being in direct sunshine for as little as 5 minutes…not good! I put sunscreen on my face in the morning before I did my make up cause well, duh, but I forgot to bring my sunscreen with me to the shoot so my arms, chest (the part exposed by my v neck shirt), legs and feet were exposed. I could actually feel my feet being burned, as I watched they turned redder and redder, oh the pain. And to make the feet part of it worse my shoes were ballet styled flats, I wear these shoes lots, they are cute and have never given me a problem, well I guess cause I was standing fairly still for 2.5 hours on ground that was being baked from the evil sun the ground heated up so much that the bottoms of my feet were being burned from the heat through my shoes! How does that even happen?!?! Oh man did that hurt! By the time it was all over and I was going back to the skytrain I was limping, oy. On top of the feet being burned to a crisp I also burned my chest, my arms from the elbows to my middle knuckles and my scalp. *rolls eyes* My scalp had just gotten better from when I burned it in AB and now it is burned again!

After the shoot I was hungry, which made sense cause I ate two pieces of toast and a light babybell for breakfast at 9:30am and by the time it was over it was 2:30p so I went home and ate a nice healthy lunch of Quinoa, mixed veggies, a cut up turky hot dog and a cut up light babybell. It was a bit bland but healthy and this Quinoa stuff is supposed to be a frickin super food so, shrug, figured it’d be a good lunch. See, I knew I was going out for dinner so I wanted to be careful with what I ate before going out. I had planned to go for a hike after the photo shoot but my burns were already hurting so much I couldn’t face being out in the sun anymore, lol, I opted to stay in and drink lots of fluids. But back to the food, I ate that lunch and was still feeling super hungry so I waited the 20 minutes you’re supposed to wait and nope, still hungry, so then I ate a peanut butter and jam sandwich made on a hot dog bun, waited 20 minutes, then I ate a Kashi bar, and probably would have eaten more but it was time to go out to meet my friend. I couldn’t believe it! I had eaten 15.5 points so far, it was not even dinner time, and my stomach still felt like I hadn’t eaten anything all day! What happened there??

I’m not sure if it’s related to my exercising during the previous 4 days and not eating my exercise points (which you don’t have to do!) or if it was my body trying to balance itself out cause of my burns (I ended up with heatstroke and by about 8pm was absolutely freezing like I had a fever, *rolls eyes*) or what but my body was telling me I was in desperate need of lots of food and I couldn’t bring myself to not eat.

We ended up going to Boston Pizza for dinner and can I say, I think it is very mean to have a picture of a brownie desert at the bottom of the Healthcheck food page in the menu! I managed to resist the desserts but my dinner was a cross between healthy and not healthy. It was a whole wheat wrap filled with chicken, veggies and salad greens, sounds healthy right? Well, it probably would be except the chicken was breaded. Oh, there was a lemon poppyseed dressing but I could barely taste it so they didn’t drown the food in dressing, which is good. My side was fries, I figured I’d eat a couple and leave it at that, I mean, look at how much food I had already eaten that day, no way I had enough room left for the wrap and the fries, right? Wrong. lol. I ate all the fries too! If KS, the friend I was with, hadn’t said no to desert I most likely would have gotten a desert as well, *rolls eyes* but I didn’t want to look like a porker so I said no when the waitress asked. Not a high point for my willpower but at least I managed to say no. lol.

Now it is Sunday and that means weigh in time! I was nervous, and almost didn’t stand on the scale cause of all the food I ate yesterday, I mean come on! That food binge was horrible and bound to show up on the scale, I soooo didn’t want to see that! My mom convinced me to weigh in though so I did and yah! I was down 0.8 lbs from last weigh in (which admittedly was like 3 weeks ago) but who cares, I am down! wOOt! 😀

I haven’t gone outside today, I refused to expose any part of me to the sun lol, and I s’pose I could have used an exercise dvd or something so I earned some exercise points but even when I thought that I knew it so wasn’t gonna happen. I am still freezing cold, it’s a nice hot day here today and I’ve been wearing sweats and curling up with tea and a blanket all day, and if anything touches where I am burned it hurts. Can you imagine me in the middle of some exercise move and my shirt shifts (or whatever) and I am yelping in pain? Not fun. Also, if I exercised I would have had to shower again and the pain I went through when exercising this morning was enough to last me for the day. *rolls eyes*

Tomorrow it’s back to the real world though, back to dragon boating and hanging out with KL and most likely hiking in the afternoon. Normally there wouldn’t be any doubt about the hike but I’m contemplating using an exercise dvd tomorrow cause I don’t know if my feet will be able to handle being inside socks and then inside runners…guess I’ll just wait till tomorrow when I check the sensitivity of my skin. shrug. lol. 😀

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