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27 Aug

I believe in balance. I don’t always like it, but it’s shown up so many times in my life that I long ago accepted it is there and I have no control over it. 🙂

Nature contains balance, for every predatory animal there is a prey, for every sunny day there is a dark night, for every boom in mosquito population there will be a rise in the dragonfly population and when all those mozzies get eaten by the dragonflies the dragonfly population will decrease.

I think because there is balance in nature it is only natural that there is balance in the lives of humans, after all we are a part of nature (even though we seem to like to forget that). I don’t think everyone notices the balance, or maybe they just don’t connect the different experiences that balance each other out. Or maybe I am just crazy? lol.

Why am I nattering on about balance? Simple, all my good happy lucky woohoo stuff that happened this past week on Wednesday and Thursday got balanced out by a crappy Friday. sigh.

I should have known better then to get all psyched about how things were going last week and I definitely should have known better then to yap on about the good stuff. *rolls eyes* Whenever I really really really want something or am about to get something and am crazy excited about it something happens and I don’t get it. While that sucks all on its own it’s worse if I have told people about what I am psyched about cause then I have people asking how it went and then when I have to say whatever it was that was supposed to happen didn’t happen I have to deal with “the look” and “the tone” – the look and vocal tone being that of pity, ugh, I hate pity.

So how did all the awesome stuff that happened on Wednesday and Thursday get balanced out on Friday? Well! I had the interview with the agent and it went horrible! The guy was totally unprofessional and it was a complete waste of my time! I was so disappointed cause going into the interview I had been so excited but that interview, ugh, nothing good came out of that! So as if that wasn’t bad enough I had to go fill a prescription I got the day before. When I went to the doctors I found out the medication I am normally on is not covered by the new drug plan I am on so the doc prescribed a different drug (that may or may not work) but that is covered by the drug plan. Well, when I got to the pharmacy the pharmacist said that no that drug isn’t covered by my plan it is a different drug that is covered so now I will have to go back to a doctor, get this other drug prescribed to me (that may or may not work) and then get that filled. So now I am unmedicated and can’t get to a doctor for the new prescription till Monday and by then let’s just say things could go verra verra badly. eek!

You may have noticed my “may or may not work” comments? That’s because the drugs that are covered by the plan are lesser versions of the medication I am normally on, so, what I am normally on works perfectly. But can I get that medication? Why no, no I can not. Grr. So I have to take this first drug (the one I don’t have the prescription for yet) for a month, if that one doesn’t work I have to go back to the doctor and they will prescribe me the second drug (which is the one the doctor accidentally prescribed for me this time) and take that for a month and if that doesn’t work then I have to try a third one for a month THEN if that one doesn’t work the doc has to write a special letter saying I have tried all these other drugs and the doc has seen that they do not work for me and only then will my plan cover the drug that does work. Can you believe that?!?! I can potentially be sick for 3 months (if the drugs don’t work) before I can get back on the drugs that work…and once I am on my drug again it’ll of been so long since I was on it it’ll take ages for my body to absorb enough for it to work properly again. ugh.

I hate drug plans. 😦 Grr!

So there ya have it, the interview that was supposed to be the beginning of a new chapter of my working life was quite possibly the worst interview I have ever been on and my easy peasy drug refill errand has turned in to prescription drug hell. *rolls eyes*

I was oh so upset yesterday while this was all happening, there were a couple times I wanted to cry but when I called my parents to tell them about the interview (I had promised them a couple days prior I would) my mom got me laughing, she’s good at that. It must be a mom thing, she always makes things better. 🙂

But there is the balance! I was so happy, and so excited, and having such good luck and then karma/the universe/nature whatever you want to call it kicked me in the teeth and brought me back down to earth. And really, that’s fine, it’s life, it’s how things go and no one can be all revved up and psyched all the time, unless their drugged…lol, but I really wish the balance had come in some other way then messing with my interview…

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