Not Sick But Not Well

16 Mar

You know that weird in between spot where you aren’t sick enough to be sick (and get sympathy and pity and special treatment from people 😉 ) but you’re not exactly well either so you’re just not up to doing your normal daily stuff and you kinda wanna crawl back in to bed and stay there?

Well, that’s me, I’ve been there for the past couple days, it’s sooooooo annoying! I woke up Wednesday super late (even for me! lol) and my first conscious thought was “oh no, I so don’t feel good, ugh.” All I wanted to do was go back to sleep but then I’d actually be literally sleeping the day away so up I got. I had no appetite, something that always happens to me when I am sick, and my throat hurt. Not hurt enough that I sounded weird or needed some sort of throat medicine crap but hurt as in I was way more aware of my throat then I should be. I thought for sure I am getting sick, I have all the early warning signs and well crap, how much does that suck??

My newest line of defence against getting/being sick is taking Airborne…ever heard of it? It’s this big ass pill you dissolve in 6oz of water and then chug it back, it comes in two different flavours, neither of which actually taste good, hence the chugging lol. It’s loaded up with zinc, iron, echinacea…all kinds of good for your body things. The pharmacist recommended it to me last christmas time when I was desperate to find something to help me not catch anything over the holidays, she said the Airborne thing boosts your immune system to prevent you from catching anything and if you’ve already caught something it’ll help battle it so you get rid of it sooner. So far Airborne has not steered me wrong. Everytime I start feeling sick I take it (twice a day) and I don’t get severely sick, I sorta linger in that kinda-sick world for a day or two then I get better, and hey, who doesn’t love that? lol

Back to Wednesday, I was so not feeling well and when that happens I just don’t eat but I had lots of stuff I had to do. I decided to skip the gym cause how can I go running (it was a cardio day) when I haven’t eaten anything and I have no energy? Can’t right? Right! I was working hard to make sure I felt no guilt about this decision lol. But get this, by about 8:45pm I was feeling well, not guilt exactly, but weird for having not gone to the gym, I still had stuff I had to do at home (things that had an actual deadline) but what did I do? I changed my clothes and hightailed it to the gym so I could squeeze in a run and some ab work and some stretching before they closed…a sure sign I was sick! 😉 When I got home I got a text from NC seeing if I wanted to chill which I did so I left all the stuff I had to do at home, lol, deadlines be damned! I can deal with it tomorrow! (aren’t I a great procrastinator? lol) got ready and went out. I managed to squeeze in my protein shake (the yummy one with all the fruit an stuff) after I got home from the gym and before I went out so at least I got some nutrients that day, other then that all I’d eaten was a pear, um, 3 chocolate chip cookies (I had been baking), some cookie dough batter (cause duh, who doesn’t eat the batter? lol) and my morning protein shake (the gross one that is just the powder and water)…not a lot of fuel huh?

Thursday was almost as bad, sigh. I got up early cause all that stuff I put off doing the evening before I had had had to do that morning as early as possible, I hate mornings. Unfortunately I still felt sick and my throat was doing worse, sigh. I got a tea to get me through my running around and I will admit, I caved and also got a hot cross bun, oh yum! and I got them to warm it up so holy crap was it gooooood. *smile of bliss just remembering how tasty it was* after I was done my errands (all done on time thank goodness, phew!) I went home and thought vaguely of going to the gym but had even less energy then the day before so I knew at that point it sure wasn’t happening. Instead I snacked oh so badly on some bakery goodies we had in the apartment, yeah yeah, I know! then I watched a cartoon (I like watching cartoon movies when I don’t feel well lol) and tried desperately to nap. Do you know how hard it is to nap when you are an insomniac??? It’s freakin hard! Eventually the roomie and her daughter came home so my attempt at napping went out the window lol. I made what I usually eat for brekkie (one egg, 2 slices of turkey bacon and 2 slices of tomato) and thought again briefly about going to the gym but even as I thought it I knew it wasn’t gonna happen. Which kinda sucks cause it was a weight training day and I like those but some days you just gotta let your body have a break and take a chance to get better ya know? Least, that’s what I think…Later that evening I also made my protein shake (the yummy one of course lol) cause I figured I wasn’t hungry but I could probably manage to drink the shake and that way I’d get a lot of vitamins etc…I never used to think like that lol.

I feel I should explain the hot cross bun and the bakery slip up…when I am sick I don’t eat, I just have no interest in food and can’t be bothered. I know this about myself so when I feel myself starting to get sick I tend to eat say a donut or something even when I know I shouldn’t cause I know it’ll probably be the only thing I eat that day. I figure better get as many calories in as possible per food item since I will barely be eating anything…does that make sense? Probably not lol 😛

Today I am feeling a bit better, my throat doesn’t hurt as much, I’m still taking my Airborne and well, I don’t have any energy back yet but I’m gonna blame that on two days of crap eating lol. I forced myself to go to the gym, had my cardio day, thought I might fall off the back of the treadmill cause it was a bit harder today then normal (I’m thinking cause I hadn’t eaten properly for two days so didn’t have a lot of stored energy? that’s really a guess, I have no idea lol) But I ate properly today, even though my appetite isn’t quite back to normal, I ate my morning protein shake, my fruit, my egg and turkey bacon and tomato slices, even had half a chicken breast and 2/3cups of mixed veggies, oh and of course my yummy protein shake after the gym lol. So hopefully that’ll make tomorrows exercise easier *crossing fingers*


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