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Self Isolation Day 10: Symptomatic or Paranoid

24 Mar

We’ve all gotten a bit paranoid, wondering when we sneeze, or cough, or have a body part ache, if we are experiencing a Covid19 symptom. Or ya know, we could just have allergies, swallowed water wrong, or be getting old…all three of those can cause what appears to be a Covid19 symptom.

So how do we tell?

For most of us, we probably don’t, and never will. And ya know what, there is nothing wrong with that. If you have something that might be a symptom that just gives you one more reason to self-isolate, so please do, if you can, I am aware not everyone is able to self-isolate.

Because there is no sure way to tell, I am not sure if today I am normal sick, just having an off day, or experiencing Covid19 symptoms. None of those options are great, one is decidedly worse than the other two, all require the same action from me.

Stay inside. Avoid humans. Don’t spread my germs. Oh, and take care of myself.

Which is exactly what I did today. I am already in self-isolation so that part took care of itself. I rested, did almost nothing (mostly because my energy level is zero and just getting a cup of tea was almost too much bother), drank fluids, and rested some more.

The cat has been comforting me all day, which I appreciate.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel fine and this will just be a little blip. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be worse. Maybe I should wait until tomorrow gets here to see what it brings and stop being paranoid every time I cough or blow my nose.

day 10


Doctor’s Advice

3 Mar

I’ve been sick for a week, which sucks but is not the point of this post. 😜 It is however what had me going to a walk-in medical clinic on Sunday to be seen, verified as sick, and be given a doctor’s note for work on Monday.

I had never been to this particular clinic which means the doctor was new to me. Because of this I was all prepared to explain that I’m not some worry wart who thinks they have coronavirus, just someone who has been sick with eerily similar symptoms and needs a note.

At first the doctor seemed fine, asked the usual chatty questions at the beginning of the visit where they pretend they want to know how you’re doing. Then asked about symptoms. I explained the progression of my symptoms, and that I wasn’t looking for medication, just a note for work. Honestly I expected him to be happy he had someone who didn’t want to take up a lot of time and that he’d write the note and send me on my way. Though I was a little surprised he didn’t at least ask if I’d been travelling or exposed to someone who’d travelled lately, considering what’s going on but fine, whatever.

He did ask if there was anyone at home. I figured he wanted to check if it was possible I infected someone else so I made the joke I always make about how it’s just me and the cat. Instead of laughing like I thought he would he stopped typing on his blue laptop (blue!) and started telling me that I work too much and I need to take time to have fun, get out there, socialize, date a man.

I’ll admit I was a bit stunned and just sorta nodded. Who says that to a stranger? But then he kept going! Informed me that it’s not too late, he didn’t get married until he was 38 and his wife was 37, and they still managed to “fit in” having 4 kids. Like I want any kids, let alone four? Ugh.

It gets better!

He then said, and this is an actual quote not me paraphrasing like I usually do:

“When you have children you are poor in life and rich in retirement.

When you don’t have children you are rich in life and poor in retirement.”

Gee, thanks for that. Really what I wanted to hear on a Sunday afternoon when I feel oh so incredibly sick and in desperate need of a nap, and a tissue.

I’ve had a female doctor for so long that I’m trying to figure out if this is just what male doctors do, or is this one special.


The only good part of that whole visit was I got my note and didn’t have to miss work for the appointment. But the unsolicited advice about needing to date, and get married, and pop out some kids, because that’s how I’ll be happy, I could most definitely have done without.

Should You Exercise When Sick?

9 Mar

My work is swarming with germs lately…by lately I mean the past two weeks. There is some nasty bug that is making the rounds and whoever catches it basically is doomed. It’s nothing horrible like the noro-virus, it’s just a nasty cold. Whenever a resident is sick we request they call the front desk and have their meals delivered so as to not spread their illness to everybody else. It doesn’t seem that unreasonable of a request in my opinion but you’d be surprised at how many people come down, sneeze and cough their way through their meals, through the various fitness classes, through the movies, through all the different social activities we have going on and then are surprised to find a couple days later we have a huge increase in the number of sick people. sigh.

I stupidly thought I wouldn’t catch it because hey, I’m not a senior, my immune system is strong. Ha-bloody-ha! I got sneezed on, as in, directly sneezed on last Sunday and woke up this past Tuesday incredibly sick. This bug just flattens you. With how poorly I was feeling, and how hard it was for me to do anything, I can only imagine how much harder it is for the residents who get it.

I was so sick I missed both my dragon boat practices this past week, which sucks! 😦 …and is a true indication of just how sick I was/am.

When you’re sick, do you wonder how much, if any exercise you should be doing? I always do. I always think I should be pushing through, forcing myself to exercise, to go to my practices, to go for a hike, because exercise is good for you, right? But sometimes you are just sooooo sick that it feels like exercise just getting your butt up off the chair to get a glass of water.

So I went searching and I found this handy dandy visual aid to help me figure out if I should be exercising when sick, and if so, what types of exercises I should be doing. And of course I am sharing the visual aid with all of you because I am friendly like that. lol 🙂

page one jpg

page two jpg

page three jpg

page four jpg

page five jpg

In case the words are too small to read just click here and it should open a new tab with all five pages in a larger size. *crosses fingers the link works* lol

Hopefully you all stay healthy and don’t need to know this for a while! 🙂

Sick Girl = Boring Life

11 Feb

I haven’t been writing in a while but only because I haven’t been doing anything interesting lol I highly doubt anybody wants to read about how I was sitting on my arse, reading and watching tv while feeling like crap as I waited for my immune system to kick in and kill the bug that had invaded my body. Right? Right. 🙂

Luckily my cough is aaaaalmost gone and I feel like I can honestly describe myself as being more on the health side of the scale vs the sick side, so yay for that! lol

Unfortunately, when I am sick I completely lose my appetite and eat such a small amount of food that when I start to get healthy I struggle to get back in the groove of eating more normally. I don’t want to eat more food but I’m being more active, not necessarily with exercising but just with normal life stuff like going to work, running errands, meeting up with friends etc so if I don’t start increasing my food I get exhausted from my normal everyday things. The end result of that is me napping on my living room chair lol 😛

My first week after being sick I tend to focus on making sure I eat more than once a day and that I eat balanced meals, not just little snacks. I was doing fairly well with that, because I hadn’t indulged in any sort of sweets etc I wasn’t craving any of them, always nice to not be actively wishing I could eat a doughnut lol Buuuut Sunday was a bit of a disaster that left my poor tummy feeling off all the way until Monday evening, not cool!

We had a brunch at work on Sunday and instead of taking my own lunch I opted to eat the brunch food. I took a little bit of all sorts of foods and I’m sorry to say I caved and nabbed two pancakes and 1/4 of a waffle, sigh, such a weakness for those foods! *rolls eyes* I also ate a poached egg, some tomatoes with seasoning, a shrimp salad, some diced potatoes with fried onions, ummm…for the main course that’s about it. Then I took not one but two desserts! An absolutely lovely lemon meringue tart and a creme brule with blueberries and strawberries on top, Mmm!

I felt fine while eating but about twenty minutes after finishing my lunch my tummy felt, well, not sick, just not impressed. I think it was just too much too soon, for sure with those desserts anyways! Ooops…

So I’ve been trying to backpedal since Sunday and focus on choosing healthier foods and making sure I eat proper portion sizes. I am sorry to say, I haven’t been doing very well, sigh. I was out and about yesterday and had limited food choices for dinner, I ended up eating Taco Time which while tasty, and something I haven’t eaten in a freakishly long time did nothing for my weight loss plan lol Then today I ate some maple flavoured baked beans and toast (which I have no guilt about) but that’s all I’ve eaten, and it’s almost 10pm. Can you say below my calories for the day? Eesh.

I’m hoping tomorrow, instead of going over due to fast food or being under due to not eating I can somehow hit the middle ground and eat a normal amount while getting a bit of exercise in there. Theoretically it is a do-able thing, in reality though…who knows! lol


Sick: Day 3

1 Feb

For the past three weeks I’ve been getting sore throats, every two to three days I’d wake up with a sore throat and be sluggish all day and I’d think “ok, this is the day I finally get sick”. Frankly, I was getting annoyed with being in the almost sick phase, I wanted my body to either (1) fully beat back whatever bug was trying to get a hold of me or (2) fully surrender, let me get sick so then I could get better. I didn’t think I was asking for much.

Well Friday I woke up with no voice, it was this pathetic painful whisper that I refrained from using as much as humanly possible – which fyi, when your roommate is a cat, totally easy to go an entire day without talking. I emailed in to work saying I was sick and proceeded to do nothing.

My symptoms weren’t all encompassing, if it wasn’t for the fact I couldn’t talk I would have gone in to work, but sadly the majority of my job involves talking sooooo, yeah, can’t really do my job all that well when voiceless. As of Friday I was voiceless and ridiculously tired but otherwise fine.

Saturday was a lot of the same, no voice, really tired, but I had hopes I’d be ok for Sunday. I didn’t want to push my luck though so I told my manager I’d be off sick for Saturday and Sunday. Let’s just say management was not happy…

Then came Saturday night. I started getting sniffly. The later in to the night it became the more I was sniffling. Uh-oh. The upside was that I no longer had to whisper, I could talk a little bit, not that the cat was listening to me lol I was kinda happy, I thought for sure with my throat hurting less by Saturday night I’d be back to normal talking on Sunday and hey, who can’t deal with some sniffles?

Well, no. Just…no. I was not right with my thinking, sigh.

I woke up this morning (Sunday) with so much congestion, so much inability to breath, so much having to be within arms reach of kleenex at all times. Seriously, at. all. times. It was obvious I was getting worse instead of better, lame! Why can’t all the symptoms come at once, then I have one to two horrible days and from there start getting better? What’s with new symptoms popping up on day three of being sick? I call foul! If I didn’t already have the symptom by day two then I don’t think I should be getting it at all! Course, my immune system obviously isn’t listening to me sooooo I guess my opinion on this matter doesn’t count.

So here I am, the night of day three, I can talk for short amounts of time but my poor sinuses! Oh the pain, the pressure, the constant sniffling and sneezing, *groan* I had to make a trip to the grocery store today to buy more kleenex cause that is not a thing I stockpile and I was dangerously low. Oh the humanity!

I also purchased a box of DayQuil / NyQuil in an attempt to bring my symptoms to heal, at this point I was still envisioning myself going to work the next day. I took the DayQuil when I got home from the store and haven’t stopped yawning since, it totally made me drowsy while doing nothing to help my symptoms, what the hell? I don’t buy meds often but when I do I damn well expect them to work! Stupid DayQuil. *pout*

Fyi, I am a whiny sick person, in case you couldn’t tell 😛

A friend recommended Ginseng Tea, apparently her mom recommended it to her when she was sick and she swears by it so I got some of that on Friday, when I could still taste things it tasted kind of like lemony tree bark…weird…

Don't do it! It's not worth it!

Don’t do it! It’s not worth it!

Other than the Honey Lemon Ginseng tea my new best friends have become:

Black Cherry Flavour Halls, Mmm.

Black Cherry Flavour Halls, Mmm.

Apple Juice - a sick person's best friend.

Apple Juice – a sick person’s best friend.

When I was a kid and was sick I always got Apple Juice, it has stuck with me as a thing to have when sick. It is the one drink that doesn’t taste gross to me when all other foods and drinks start to taste icky.

Homemade chicken veggie soup.

Homemade chicken veggie soup.

Homemade chicken veggie soup, yum! Not homemade by me, obviously lol A couple days before I got sick a friend gave me some frozen homemade soup she had made and what better time to eat it then when sick?

The all important Kleenex

The all important Kleenex

And of course the all important Kleenex, I bought the super soft kind and now have some in every room of my apartment. 🙂

I arranged for someone to cover my shift tomorrow because I feel horrible, like 20 different levels of horrible, can’t breathe, can’t smell, can’t taste, constantly tired, sinus pain, a cough is starting, oh, and I keep having these rather impressive sneezing fits…nobody wants to be around someone like that! However my poor doctor will have to be around me at some point tomorrow cause I’m gonna have to get a sick note lol 😛

Filming and Medals and All Around Fun

25 Jun

I soooooo wanted to write about this yesterday but my internet crapped out, bad timing that!

Yesterday I was, get ready for this!…filming an episode of a tv show! *squeal of excitement* Awesome huh?! 😀

I can’t give a lot of specifics due to signing a loooong confidentiality agreement but here is what I can say:

– I was a principle character in the episode (that means a main character)

– the show is docudrama/soap opera genre

– the show is international

– my character was a nurse so I was in scrubs which (1) are super comfy and (2) made me look humongous *rolls eyes*

– each episode has completely different cast so there is no potential for reprising the role

– I was up at 5am so I could be on set for 7am

– the make-up and hair ladies loved my hair and cheekbones lol

– crafty (that is the catered food) provided pretty decent food

– we filmed at an abandoned psych hospital and the crew had some super creepy stories about the place

– I wrapped (that means finished) a bit after 6pm so I was able to get to my dragon boat practice on time, which was a pleasant surprise

Oh, and fair warning, once the episode is aired if I can find a link to an episode online I will be posting it on my blog so you can all have the option of watching it or not lol 😛

Here are some pics of parts of the psych hospital, outside only…

One of the buildings

One of the buildings

2014-06-24 06.27.15


I didn't get to go in this building, it looked more ominous than the others.

I didn’t get to go in this building, up close it looked more ominous than the others.

Spooky stairs all over the place leading to who knows where...

Spooky stairs all over the place leading to who knows where…

Than, as if filming wasn’t enough to make the day amazing when I got to dragon boat practice I got given my medal from the weekend! I thought I would get a medal since I raced Saturday but was worried that since I missed the Sunday due to being sick I miiiiight not get a medal, ya know, cause of not being there for the final race. But I was worried for nuthin, phew! lol It is so purdy!

My medal!

My medal!

I was coughing all day, doing my best to cough between takes of course lol I was doing really well until the last scene where I started losing control of the cough, the hot tea I’d be sipping all day to soothe my throat was no longer helping and I thought I’d have to ask for some cough drops (which I had brought, along with cough syrup and throat lozenges lol) but I managed to tough it out. On the way to practice I was sucking on cherry halls, the type with the cough syrup in the middle, to try to get the cough to stop. I was sorta ok during practice, I coughed all the way through it but was still able to paddle. I did notice that I had less stamina than normal, not sure if that was cause of the long day or the trouble breathing cause of the cough and congestion…I’m leaning to it being more because of the cough since the filming left me all energetic and psyched lol. However, by the time I got home from practice my voice was shot, totally 100% shot! I was a croaking frog, not pretty! *wrinkled nose* I spent today not talking lol I just stayed in and chilled in the hopes that would help my voice recover faster, I don’t think it will help much though cause I am coughing even more than before and the cough is what is causing the most damage to my throat – in my non medical opinion lol 😛 Hopefully it goes away soon, if not for me than for the cat, every time he tries to cuddle with me I cough and it disturbs him, he’s been glaring at me a lot lol

My Rio Tinto Alcan Weekend

23 Jun

This past weekend was the biiiiiig dragon boat festival! We spend all season gearing up for this festival, training! training! training! Rio Tinto is the largest dragon boat festival in North America, teams comes from all over the world to compete, it is a big thing in the dragon boat world.

I absolutely love this festival! Not only are there 160 dragon boat teams competing against each other for coveted medals there are food vendors, booths set up with free samples, coupons, random information about all sorts of topics, live performances, this festival has it all! It is one of things I look forward to all year.

All us dragon boaters will be the first to admit that unless you know someone in a race watching dragon boat racing can be a bit, um, boring…I know! It sounds horrible to say but it’s true. Each race heat can take what seems like forever to get set up because you can’t tell from the shore how much the tide has moved the boats as they try to line up or any of the other random things that can happen that make the start of the race be delayed. That’s why having all the on shore entertainment helps, it keeps people entertained when they stop being quite so entertained by the races lol

The weather on Saturday was perfect! Sunny, warm but not boiling hot, abso beautiful! 🙂 I’ve competed at this festival when the weather is cold and pouring rain so the warmth and sun was much appreciated lol. I of course was coating my exposed skin in 110spf sunscreen and wearing long sleeves and pants, oh and a hat! lol I look like I hate the sun, and I kinda do because of how easily I burn, but I also don’t, I just hate the UV rays that try to not-so-slowly turn me in to a lobster, shrug.

Our race times on Saturday were strong, 2:06 then 2:05. They put us in a nice solid position for day two of racing which (obviously) is important.

Sadly I can’t tell you much about Sunday, sigh. By the time I went to bed Saturday I had a fever, no voice and an upset stomach. I kept telling myself “you are not sick, you’re just tired” but no matter how many times I said that to myself I really was sick, not just tired, sigh. I woke up in the morning after a night of crappy sleep to the realization I was too sick to paddle, heck, I was too sick to get out of bed. 😦 I debated still going, pushing myself, I was hoping maybe I would feel better once I was up and moving and there but I know better than that, if I can’t manage to get to the sink to get a glass of water no way I can keep up in a race piece and no way in hell am I going to risk my team winning a race because I insist on being on the boat. Damn self-sacrificing instincts, sigh.

I got text updates from teammates during the day and I was glad to hear how much fun they were having even though I was curled up miserable on my living room chair. Then the best news of all came, they won Silver in B Division! I’m so proud of them! I don’t know what the actual finish time was but I know it had to have been awesome lol 🙂

One of my teammates posted this to our facebook wall:

Of the SIXTEEN teams that raced above us in both A Rec Consolation, and A Rec Championship, there were only THREE times faster than ours — 1 in Consolation, and 2 in Championship. Our time bested 13 of the 16 teams in A Division”

How amazing is it that our time was only beat by three other teams! *shock face*

I didn’t take any pictures of the festival on the Saturday because I was planning on taking them all on the Sunday, a decision I now greatly regret, sigh. So here are some pictures I stole from facebook and the media images that were used in papers and websites…that’s right! We made it in to media footage!

one of my teammates medals resting on his jersey

one of my teammates medal resting on his jersey

that's our caller and the first two rows of the boat (left side) in the final race

that’s our caller and the first two rows of the boat (left side) in the final race

Normally I sit second bench left side but since I wasn’t there on the Sunday I am not in this picture, my good friend KR is though and she looks awesome! 🙂

we are the team with the white sleeves

we are the team with the white sleeves

So there we have it, it was an awesome weekend, the parts of it I got to experience and the parts of it I missed. I’m really bummed I wasn’t there with my team to win the medal but I’m so so so happy for them and proud of how great they did! 🙂

Only 362 days until the start of next years Rio Tinto dragon boat festival…not that I’m counting or anything… 😉

I Missed It

28 Feb

Here I was all psyched for the first dragon boat practice of the season, and I missed it! *gasp* Which resulted in my pouting last evening for a good chunk of time, sigh.

This stupid cold! It keeps getting worse, yesterday saw the onset of an oh-so-lovely cough but none of my other symptoms went away, how is that fair? You’d think with every new symptom you’d get rid of an existing one…at least that is how it would work in a universe run by me…buuuuut nope!

I was torn about going, I didn’t want to miss practice for soooo many reasons. The top three being (1) first practice of the season, (2) I don’t want to make a bad impression on the new coach and (3) see my team of course! But the reasons for not going were pretty strong, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t be more than an arm length away from kleenex, the cough and more, blah. 😛

I texted a friend on the team and told her I couldn’t decide and she said I should stay home, no way being on the water at night, in the cold, getting wet and paddling were going to do anything but make me sicker which was a very valid point. I decided to take her advice hence no practice.

The whole evening I kept looking at the time and thinking “right now they are warming up”,  “right now they are loading on to the boat”, “right now they are paddling and seeing what the new coach is like”…ugh, I was so jealous of all of them! I wanted to be there so badly but I couldn’t deny I would have had a hellish time because of the whole not-breathing-constantly-needing-kleenex-coughing-a-lot situation I was dealing with.

In a lame attempt to make myself feel better I made some comfort food. I cooked a batch of sticky rice in coconut milk instead of water then topped it with sliced mango. It is a Filipino dish that I really like. The coconut milk makes the rice a tiny bit sweet and the mango topping, well, do you need words to describe the yummy value of mango? Nah, course you don’t! Everyone knows mango is great! 🙂 …um, if you haven’t tried mango go grab one from the produce section of your grocery store, totally worth it!

It’s not the prettiest dish, least when I make it, but that doesn’t bother me lol

mango on coconut rice, yum!

mango on coconut rice, yum!

I gotta say, it didn’t do much to cheer me up lol Which I s’pose means the comfort food didn’t do it’s job of comforting me but my reassuring myself I will be well enough to go next week helped. 🙂

When I bought the coconut milk I decided to try the Light Coconut Milk, which I didn’t even realize existed lol it wasn’t as good as when I use the normal coconut milk, the rice wasn’t quite as sweet but, shrug, it still tasted good and if using light saved me even a teeny bit of calories and/or fat then it’s worth it…I guess 😉 lol

Headlamps an Stuff

27 Feb

I have been sick since Sunday and instead of getting better I appear to be getting worse, arg. It’s not a debilitating illness or anything, just a run of the mill cold but I’m smack in the middle of the symptoms and it’s annoying. Kleenex are my new best friend. *rolls eyes* I’ve been purposefully not letting it slow me down so Tuesday I went snowshoeing, Wednesday (today) I went to the gym and Thursday I will be dragon boating. A nice busy three days off from work! 🙂

I’m so psyched for Thursday, it will be our first time back on the water this season and it’s gonna rock and suck all at once lol. We won’t be on the water till about 7:15pm so it will be dark and cold and this year head lamps are mandatory. Guess who doesn’t own a head lamp? Oh yeah, that’d be me lol

I wasn’t aware until last night we were going to need them so when I was out today I did a little shopping. Silly thing cost me $45! It is a white LED light but if I am in distress I can push a button and it will flash red, interesting huh? I think I will actually get to return it though, yay! One of my teammates found some for way cheaper, only $11, so she bought a bunch and I can just buy one from her. Which means back to the store I will be going to return the head lamp but hey, a special trip to get money back? I’m cool with that!

Since I was at SportChek I also bought an Olympic Team Canada t-shirt. I know, I know, cheesy or what but, shrug, I’ve been wanting one since the collection came out and now that the Olympics are done they are on sale lol. Cheesy and cheap! 😉 The t-shirt apparently has great wicking capabilities blah blah blah, I’m sure it is great, and I did buy it wanting to wear it when exercising but let’s get real, I didn’t buy it cause it’d suck my sweat away from my body quickly, I bought it cause I like it lol 😛

my new t-shirt, hopefully it will inspire me when I work out

my new t-shirt, hopefully it will inspire me when I work out

Then I bought a toque! Ack! I’d say it was like a shopping demon came over me but I already knew I was needing to find a new toque, shrug. All but the Olympic collection toques were gone, winter gear is being phased out because spring is soon to be upon us, wOOt! So I bought an Olympic gear toque, it’s actually really nice, red and black, I didn’t buy the one that says Canada on it cause clothes that scream your country’s name are so vulgar *shudder* Unless you are a spectator at a sport your clothes should not say your country’s name, or unless it is your independence day and you are celebrating your country, then it’s ok. So yeah, toque, t-shirt and headlamp, quite the productive little shopping trip.

Not that you were wondering, but the reason I so suddenly need another toque is because I looooove my toque that I wear for snowshoeing and that means I do not want to wear it when dragon boating cause it’ll get wet with nasty water and I have no idea how to wash my snowshoeing toque. It is a hand made product, not like it has a tag inside saying how to wash it! I gotta be careful, and making sure that toque doesn’t come in to contact with the water I dragon boat in well, that’s just good ownership lol

I’ve got a couple other pieces of gear I need for dragon boating buuuuut have no money to buy them soooooo just gonna have to do without, shrug.

Hmmm, this quickly became quite the post about shopping, oops! Lemme catch you up on other stuff real quick…

– We got snow! As in lots of snow! Three days worth of non stop snow! Lovely! I was so happy while it was falling, every time I went out in it or looked outside it made me smile. Made most other people grumps but whatev. I so desperately wanted to go snowshoeing in the falling snow but was too sick for that, boo!

while snowshoeing, gorgeous!

while snowshoeing, gorgeous!

– The avalanche warning was high but I like to think that makes things more interesting lol. It was so sunny you could hear the snow melting and a couple times I got pelted with snowballs that were actually chunks of snow falling off trees. 🙂 I ass-tobogganed part way down the mountain which was epic and I sooo want to do again! lol I went off trail on the way down so I could walk through some fresh snow, it’s way more fun, well, I got to a part that was super steep and no way could I climb down it, instead of going back and finding the trail again I sat down, had my knees bent, snowshoes on the ground in front of me (feet still strapped in them) and let myself slide down using the snowshoes to steer me, clear the path so my butt slid smoothly and also act as breaks when needed. Seriously, most fun ever! There was a minor issue of not being able to stop in time at this one section and becoming a tad airborne but meh, I landed on soft snow so who cares? Just made it more fun actually…I’m really hoping I get to do that again lol

– Some not so cool stuff, I keep getting sick! My immune system is really taking a beating this year, I am not impressed at its lackluster performance in the germ kicking business.

– I bought a piece of fish I have noooo idea how to cook, sigh. It is coconut encrusted, sounded interesting and was on sale. Perfect combo! I am going to (most likely) attempt to cook it tomorrow so we’ll see how that goes *worried face* I really hope I don’t food poison myself before practice, that would suck!

– I skipped Stir Fry Sunday this week cause I was too sick to want food Sunday or Monday and by Tuesday it just seemed like I was destined to not have stir fry this week. I will be back to my stir fry madness this coming weekend though, no worries!

– I discovered the deliciousness that is cherries in a cherry sauce put on top of ice cream, trust me, this is something you should try, Mmm!

– The cat got mad at me and purposefully peed on the floor right in front of his litter box to show his anger. You’d think I’d get mad, instead I realized that because I’d been sick when I’d been home the past couple days (this was on Monday) I was unconscious so I made a concentrated effort to stay home and conscious more and since then he’s been much happier. Yes I am aware he has me well trained. 😛

– Lastly, I missed three days in a row of my Squat Circuit Challenge because of being sick. Sunday and Monday I got home from work and basically crashed. Then Tuesday I forgot, which is weird, I think because I was out of the rhythm of it. So starting tomorrow I will pick up where I stopped. I hate that I inadvertently took a bit of a break in the middle but whatcha gonna do, can’t control being sick, shrug.

There we have it, my catch up of the last couple days. Food, exercise and shopping…apparently that is my life this past week lol 😛

Sick Day

29 Dec

I officially declare today a sick day. *aaaaaachooooo*sniffle*

I’m grateful I’m not coughing, that would just be cruel. So far I am sneezing, having sinus issues, exhausted and have no appetite.

Lovely don’t ya think? 😉

I am oh so lucky to have an awesome manager who went in on her day off to cover my shift since our casual-supposed-to-be-there-to-cover-these-types-of-situations-person said no she wouldn’t work my shift when called and told I was sick. Otherwise I’d be at work right now, spreading germs, feeling miserable and most likely pouting to some degree since when I am sick I get kinda pouty. Luckily I also become a hermit and haaaate being around people when sick so generally my poutyness isn’t inflicted on others. lol.

I haven’t done much of anything today, everything I have thought of (reading, working on a puzzle, unpacking, knitting, tidying up etc) seems like too much work so instead of recounting something interesting/funny/odd from my day I shall leave you with some hockey jokes the flight attendant told on the plane yesterday, enjoy!

(1) How are the Calgary Flames and a tea bag the same?

They are both only good for one cup!

(2) How are the Edmonton Oilers and the Titanic the same?

They both look good till they hit the ice!

(3) Whose the fastest player on the Vancouver Canucks?

That Sedin guy, he’s so fast it’s like there are two of him!

and lastly…

(4) How do you know it is spring in Toronto?

The leafs are out!

bahahahahahaha 😀

hockey collage

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