Does It Never End?

15 May

I youtube a lot of exercise videos to get ideas for what to do at the gym, to make sure I have the right form for exercises I already do or used to do but haven’t in a while, for all kinds of reasons…youtube is a valuable resource in the journey to lose weight and get healthier. 🙂

Usually the exercises are being performed by someone in ridiculously good shape and watching them can give a person a slightly unrealistic idea of how well they will perform the exercise and also of what they will look like after performing those exercises for a while. Over time I have managed to get over the unrealistic expectations of how well I will perform the exercise when I first start but that doesn’t stop me from thinking if I work hard enough for long enough then maybe one day I will look like the person in the video, or my version of that person.

Well, something that was said in this video made me shake my head a bit and now I am wondering, when is enough enough? When will it be over? When will a person get a body that they can actually maintain instead of constantly trying to improve? When does the critiquing (either personal or from others) stop? Does the pressure to get the perfect body never end?

The convo I am referring to is during the time stamp 1:40 – 1:50. The trainer is talking about the woman who is working out, who from what I can see, is in excellent shape, if I could get in to shape like that I’d be so enamored with how I looked I’d spend all my time in front of a mirror! lol I mean come on, go look at the video, how does she have a flaw?

But the trainer is saying things like “we are trying to attack head on her problem areas” and mentioning her “saddlebags”. O.M.G. Seriously? Seriously??

To give him credit he does also say how she has a “great physique” but to me, that is over shadowed by the other comments. God only knows what he would say if I sauntered in and asked him to train me. He’d probably take one look at my untoned flabby body and run screaming *rolls eyes*

People are constantly judging one another based on looks, it’s just how we roll.  Thing is, I kinda thought if I managed to lose my excess weight, and tone my body, and basically, achieve the body I am  striving for, then it wouldn’t matter what people think or say about me because if they did think or say anything it would be good thoughts and comments, right? But here is this lady, who is in amazing shape, and she still has people saying un-positive things about how she looks. So I’m back to wondering if the negative comments will never end?




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