A New Kitchen Toy

9 May

I bought a microwave. It’s still in the box, sitting on my kitchen floor waiting to trip me tomorrow morning, hmm, maybe I should move it to the side or something…

It’s not some super fancy microwave, it’s not even a brand I recognized lol but it was on sale, and is small, and is black, so there ya go. πŸ™‚

what mine looks like

what mine looks like

I wasn’t intending to buy one, personally, I’d rather a new blender but my dear mom insisted I buy one, her dime, because I have been without one for quite a while lol.

My old microwave died an electrical smelly death randomly one day so I took it to the recycling place, where past their prime electronics go to pass on to their next incarnation. I almost felt guilty as it was a present from my brother, a reeeeeeally nice microwave, and so pretty! Stainless steel with black accents, sigh. Oh, and it was big, as in bigger then anything I would ever need lol but I live in North America so isn’t bigger supposed to be better? πŸ˜‰ I had it for over 5 years though and it moved with me many times over those 5 years so I guess it did it’s job.

But yeah, so, old microwave died, and oddly enough I didn’t jump in my suv and go right to the store to buy a new one. I figured, sometime a long time ago people survived without microwaves right? So, theoretically, I could do that…I could survive without one…This would (1) save me the money of buying a new one, (2) give me one less thing to pack the next time I move and (3) force me to cook more using the actual stove. These are all good things!

Well ha-bloody-ha!

(1) I still ended up buying foods usually heated/cooked in a microwave but instead of stocking up on Lean Cuisine when it is on sale I was buying those pre-packaged at the deli meals at Safeway and Superstore, so even though I saved money on not buying a new microwave, my food bill went up a bit I am sure.

(2) I still own a lot of shit so seriously, packing one more thing is not gonna make that big of a difference lol.

(3) I ended up eating even less if you can believe it! If I didn’t feel like cooking something in the oven or on the stove top well, there was no other way to cook it, so I either ordered in take out or didn’t eat…and of those two options I usually chose the not eating. So by not having the microwave, I actually ended up eating less food because my laziness is just that impressive! *rolls eyes*

It was number 3 that got to my mom I think. She didn’t like the idea of me not eating soooooo she insisted on my buying a microwave. And! She knows me so well! When I said ok I would search to find one on sale she went and did the searching for me and then told me where I could find one for sale…I guess she figured out my “research” could conceivably take a long time cause well, I’d keep forgetting to do it. *looks guiltily at the ground*

I actually got the one smaller then the one she told me about, same brand, mostly the same features, but like I said, smaller and therefor cheaper. I would have automatically got the one she told me about but the friend I went shopping with noticed the smaller one and pointed out the smaller one would most likely be big enough for me. He was right, so smaller I went! With the money I saved I bought a food splatter thingy to put inside of the microwave, I feel so grown up now lol πŸ˜‰

I don’t envision my eating habits changing a whole lot super quickly but I’m sure before I realize it I’ll be using the microwave more and more…if only so I can eat popcorn! Mmm popcorn… πŸ˜›


2 Responses to “A New Kitchen Toy”

  1. VeeEmm May 10, 2013 at 4:28 pm #

    maybe you could talk your mom into a blender too, as you saved on the microwave?

    • shrinkingwmn May 10, 2013 at 10:32 pm #

      she does so much for me already, I’ll wait until I can afford one on my own. πŸ™‚

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