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January Fitness Challenge

3 Jan

You may or may not recall that in December I made up a 20 day fitness challenge, 20 Workouts in 20 Days…

I decided to make a new fitness challenge for January, to help keep us all motivated, well, ok, mostly to try to get me motivated lol I got super lazy over the holidays, and combining super lazy with eating ridiculous amounts of food, lets just say I am not so comfy in my body right now. Ugh.

I decided to makeΒ it a bit more do-able of a challenge, since most people I told the December one to thought it wasn’t achievable so instead of another 20 Workouts in 20 Days (which personally I thought was catchy lol) it is…

20 Workouts in 30 Days!

Ok, so not as catchy, but maybe not as scary for people?

Jan Fitness Challenge 2016

The basic rules are the same:

(1) a workout consists of 30 minutes or more of activity

(2) a workout can be any physical activity (ex. 30 mins at the gym, 30 mins cleaning your house, 30 mins packing away Christmas decorations…or whatever else you can think of, as long as it is 30 minutes)

(3) if you miss a day you can make it up another day – so, if you miss your planned 30 minute walk due to life getting in the way you can just add that 30 minutes on to a workout another day. This one isn’t quite as necessary since this time there are 30 days to complete the 20 workouts but towards the end people might be running out of days and I don’t want them to quit because they think they failed.

Thaaaaaat is pretty much it!

I am going to make some sort of cute tracker to put on my fridge to count the workouts, I like to be able to visually track my workouts, I find it helps motivate me on lazy days lol I have also found in the past a good way to keep track is to write on my calendar what exercise I did each day and then highlight it so when I glance at the calendar I can see quite clearly which days I worked out. The more highlighted words the better! It’s sort of like giving yourself a gold star sticker for accomplishing something and weirdly enough it works. Hey! Don’t judge! It’s just how I roll! lol πŸ˜‰ You do whatever works for you k?



Three Yoghurts and a Soup…and Pie

13 Aug

Sorta fell off the wagon with my writing on here, sorry!

So since my last post I have eaten three more of the American yoghurts and one soup.

I’ll just write about these in the order I ate them, ok? πŸ™‚

Harvest Peach

Harvest Peach

The first of the three is Harvest Peach, it is one of the Weight Watchers yoghurts so it was 2 points and does not contain aspartame…not that I actually care about that, I mean c’mon, I drink so much diet coke half my blood is probably aspartame lol πŸ˜‰

Anyways…it was good, not oh-my-god-amazing or anything but good. It tasted like peaches, which is the point of the flavour so points to them for that lol

I think the reason I am not raving about it is because it was my night time snack waaaay back on Monday after I had some totally delicious banana cream pie for dinner.

Yes you read that right lol I’m trying to feel guilty or ashamed by the fact that I had pie for dinner but I don’t, shrug. A friend at work made me a personal sized banana cream pie when she found out it is my favourite type of pie, how awesome is that!

Home made banana cream pie

Home made banana cream pie

I don’t know if you can tell the size of the pie from that picture, the blue dish it is resting on is a dinner plate, the medium sized one that comes in a set, so it wasn’t a full size pie at all. It was pretty much perfect for one person. πŸ™‚

I’m pretty sure anything I ate after the pie would have gotten a review of “ok” cause how do you beat banana cream pie? The answer is you don’t! lol

The next yoghurt was…

Boston Cream Pie

Boston Cream Pie

Boston Cream Pie! Because apparently I was on a pie kick lol Actually I pick them randomly from the fridge so I never know what flavour I am getting next.

Not gonna lie, I had high hopes for this one since Boston Cream Pie is my favourite doughnut. I’ve never actually had a slice of Boston Cream Pie so the only thing I had to compare the yoghurt to was the doughnut and well, no, just no. The yoghurt tasted so fake, it wasn’t at all like the doughnut, just spoonful after spoonful of artificial taste. It is like when you buy a cheap advent calendar at Christmas and the chocolate is the super cheap gross kind and it doesn’t even taste like chocolate even an itty bitty bit, it just tastes like chemicals. This yoghurt was like that. Yuch.

I guess the only way it can redeem itself an itsy bitsy bit is that it is one of the Weight Watcher yoghurts so it is only 2 points.

Things got better though, don’t despair!

Zesty Southwestern Style Vegetable Soup

Zesty Southwestern Style Vegetable Soup

I had a soup, Mmm! I love soup!

This is a Progresso Light Zesty Southwestern Style Vegetable soup and so far it has been the best of all of them. It lived up to the “zesty” without being overwhelmingly spicy and the vegetables were cut in to these nice big chunks. It was pretty much awesome and if this soup was sold where I live I would buy it frequently. It is Weight Watcher endorsed and is 2 points a serving, there are 2 servings in a can.

Close Up!

Close Up!

Look at those vegetable! There are kidney beans in there too. πŸ™‚

Then I had the happiness of having a yoghurt that was delish and not overshadowed by a home made pie lol

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie yoghurt, whoever made this was a smart smart person lol I’ve never had Key Lime Pie so I have no idea if this lives up to the actual thing but I really enjoyed it. I find the Yoplait yoghurts taste best when they are citrus flavours. This is a Weight Watchers yoghurt so it is 2 points and definitely worth it! I was sad when I was done this one because it is the only one of its kind in my fridge, sigh. Why oh why didn’t I buy two of them? sigh. Guess I know for next time! πŸ˜›

More Soup and Yoghurt

8 Aug

That’s riiiiiight, more Progresso Soup and Yoplait yoghurt reviews! I know, I know, you are just soooo excited! lol πŸ˜‰

Today’s soup was Progresso Light Chicken & Cheese Enchilada, it is 2 Weight Watchers points on the Points Plus program, one serving is 1 cup and the can has two servings in it.

2015-08-08 13.22.31

Chicken & Cheese Enchilada

Close Up!

Close Up!

So, the same as with the soup from yesterday the chicken was not good, it was dry and chewy but at least it was in large chunks. I like the colour of the broth in this soup more than the one from yesterday, I realized after my second spoonful that the colour reminds me a bit of the artificial cheese colour of Kraft Dinner Macaroni & Cheese which is a tad odd but since this soup is supposed to have a cheese flavour in it I guess it makes sense the colour seems similar lol. There was a decent amount of veggies in the soup, the tomato pieces were a good size (I like veggies in my soup to be cut in big chunks so the soup seems more substantial) but the rest of the veggies were super small pieces, probably so they could fit better in the can but ya know, I’d still rather the pieces be a bit bigger, shrug. There was a bit of a zing to the broth, my first spoonful I was all “wow! spicy!” but then the next however many spoonfuls were not spicy. It was odd lol Every now and then I’d have a spoonful that was spicy and the rest were not, they weren’t bland exactly, just not super flavourful.

All in all I would recommend this soup, the flavour was good (despite being inconsistent) and the tomato pieces were large enough you had to actually chew lol

Today’s Yoplait yoghurt was Pina Colada! Mmm! It is another 25% less sugar yoghurt but not a Weight Watchers affiliated one, which means for that tiny yoghurt cup I used 4 Weight Watchers Points Plus points.

Pina Colada!

Pina Colada!

Those 4 points were totally worth it my friend! All this yoghurt needs is a little splash of alcohol and it’d be perfect! lol πŸ˜‰ I really enjoyed this one, just the right combo of flavours, nice smooth, thick texture, everything a yoghurt should be, imo.

So yay! This puts me at 2 yoghurts being good, 1 soup being good and 1 soup being not good – that’s pretty decent I’d say. Only 2 more soups to go and ummm…7 yoghurts? Yeah, 7 yoghurts! πŸ™‚

Getting Back On Track

30 Sep

Lately I have sucked at many things, the main ones are writing on this blog consistently, writing on this blog about something other than my vacation, following any sort of eating/fitness plan and budgeting. Yeah ok, budgeting doesn’t seem to really fit in there but hey, it’s something I suck at so why not add it to the list? lol πŸ˜›

I’ve decided to stop being an unorganized annoying person who wants to see change but isn’t working towards it, and instead be someone who is actively working to achieve the change they want to see.

Man oh man will this suck! lol Well, at the beginning anyways, but hopefully soon (very soon, pleeeeease very soon!) it will all become second nature and it’ll not seem like so much work.

Officially I am starting tomorrow, I like starting things at the beginning of a month, that way when I look back at what I am tracking I can see a whole month’s worth of information instead of one week, or half a month or however long it has been. The chunk of time not working towards my goal, and therefore not tracked, looks like some gaping black hole to me when I am glancing at my accumulated information and it bugs me. Yeah yeah, I know, I’m weird, let’s move on shall we? πŸ˜‰

Here is what I am starting, as of tomorrow, but technically did today to see how it went:

– I am tracking what I am eating. Every. Single. Bite.

– I am tracking my exercise

– I am tracking my spending. Every. Single. Penny. (even though we don’t have pennies anymore…am I the only one that misses pennies? sigh)

To this end I bought myself a cute three subject notebook…

hoooo! hoooo!

hoooo! hoooo!

One section is for my food, one is for my exercise and one is for money spent. I know a lot of people use smaller notebooks to track things, ones that will be easier to carry around but I tend to lose them in my purse, or forget about them, and I thought why not use a larger book, one that can hold everything, is cute (so I like looking at it), and has pages that are large enough the stuff I write down won’t be cramped or written in super small print so it fits?

Today, with the food tracking, all I did was write down what I ate, I didn’t include calories or convert it in to Weight Watchers points, I just wanted to start the habit of writing down what I eat.

I’m not actually sure what kind of meal plan I am going to follow, which is probably pretty stupid considering I am starting tomorrow but there are so many different ways to go about this and I’m not sure anymore which is the best way to go, sigh.

I could follow Weight Watchers again, but I plan on working on building muscle and that means tracking by following numbers on a scale won’t work out too well. I could follow the version of Paleo I was on before, it worked really well, but it is very strict, there is no wiggle room and I honestly don’t know if I can follow that again. I could follow a basic calorie counting plan, figure out how many calories I should be having a day and make sure that is how many I eat.

Without thinking I’ve already come up with three different ways I could go with this, and that is without research, this is just from what I know already…think how much more confusing it could get if I start doing more research? There are meal plans that take in to account your blood type, your body shape, plans that take away all sugar, all carbs, all meat…too many options!! Arg!

I am leaning towards counting my calories, I haven’t done that before, well, not successfully lol but maybe this time I’ll be better at it…couldn’t be much worse I suppose. πŸ˜‰

The last couple times I have tried to get back on track I find a new app for my phone and try that route but this time I am going old school. I did well when on Weight Watchers and I tracked by writing everything in a notebook, not using the app. While normally I am all about utilizing technology, sometimes I think it doesn’t work as well as the low tech ways. With all the different apps I have used I have had issues, either they are American based so the foods and restaurants etc that are loaded in to them don’t match the foods and restaurants I have access too, they only track you by weight, they are rigid in their definition of meal names, they think that just because it is past midnight it’s a new day even though I didn’t get up till noon and am not going to bed until 3am, they don’t have the exercises in their database that I do…things like that…In the end I find the limitations of the apps so annoying I stop using them.

When using a notebook sure there is a bit more work, I have to look online to find the information (calories, WW points etc) or *gasp* read the nutritional information on the food package but that’s ok, am I so important I can’t find time for that? Pfft, no. Well ok, some days it might be harder than others but I’m sure I can manage it, right?

As for exercising, I will still use apps for tracking if only so I can get accurate distances, calories burned and time of day I exercised. I don’t track all my exercises, when I lift weights for example, but I think it’s more important to be tracking the cardio. Hmm, that sounds wrong, I track weights in the sense I keep a record of how much weight I lifted and how many reps, I just don’t use an app for that.

For keeping track of my success (note the optimism? πŸ˜‰ ) I will be measuring myself in oh-so-many places lol I will also take pictures of myself (front view, side view, back view), I will repeat this on the first of every month. I’m toying with also weighing myself but I find that the number on the scale can have really negative effects on me and I just don’t know if I want to go there…I’ll see how brave I am tomorrow and if I think it’ll be a wise choice to step on to the scale.

BMI Scale Measuring Tape

Doctors Visit

7 May

Sigh, spending any part of my day at the doctor’s office is not how I want to spend my time. I am very anti-doctor. Not for everyone, I don’t mean I shun Western medicine or anything, just that I personally don’t like doctors and would much rather let my body fix itself when it gets sick or injured. I have an immune system right? Might as well let it earn it’s keep! lol

Having said that I have been seeing a lot of doctors since January, ugh, I’m so done with this, and yet, I am not, sigh. Mentally I am done, physically I have to keep going. *rolls eyes* It’s annoying.

Last week I had an appointment with a specialist I am seeing in regards to my hip, if you want a refresher on that lovely little story clickΒ here.

As a result of that appointment I now have to go to physio, sigh, and get an MRI, double sigh. Then my normal family doc calls me, well her receptionist called me lol, to set up an appointment. I guess the specialist had sent over to her the results of the most recent tests he had sent me for so my family doc wanted me to come in so she could talk to me about it.

I saw the family doctor today, she told me what the test results were and what they mean, then she made a comment about what activities I do. Now, I tend to downplay what I have been up to with these doctors cause I don’t want to be told to not do something but I figured since the BMO Run was already over I might as well make a comment about it, not like she can tell me to not do something when it’s in the past right? πŸ˜‰ lol I mentioned I did the 8km run last Sunday and then went to compete in a dragon boat race and her reaction was “So you’re fit”. Um, what? Obviously from looking at me you can tell I am not fit, eesh. So I commented back something along the lines of “you’d think but doesn’t matter what I do I can’t lose this fat”.

That comment actually got her attention, the rest of the convo went something like this:

Doc: You haven’t lost any weight?

Me: Nope.

Doc: Not even from the run? You didn’t lose any weight from running? Or dragon boat racing?

Me: Nothing. Trust me, I’m trying.

Doc: Have I had your thyroid tested? (she looked at my file) I haven’t had it tested…I’m getting it tested. If you are this active and you aren’t losing any weight you might have a thyroid problem.

Me: Um, ok?

So here is where I am at. I try to shun doctors and all their tests. Buuuuuuut if this blood work shows something wrong with my thyroid she might prescribe some form of treatment or pills that will help fix the thyroid and have a happy result of me losing weight and how awesome would that be?? I am now wondering just how twisted I must be to be sorta hoping I have a thyroid problem…fairly twisted? Or just sorta twisted? Maybe just desperate…not that that sounds any better…

sick and twisted


Stir Fry Sunday: Mediocre Is The Best Praise I Can Give

13 Apr

Hey look at me, making stir fry on a Sunday again! Sadly, it wasn’t that great of a stir fry, but they can’t all be, right?

it doesn't even look good, sigh.

it doesn’t even look good, sigh.

I used vermicelli noodles, topped with a sweet and sour sauce. The veggies are Europe’s Best brand, the Zen Garden mixture (that is code for veggies commonly found in stir fry lol), they were heated in a pan with a stir fry sauce. Then on top of that was half a honey garlic glazed chicken breast and half an avocado (cubed).

The best I can say about it is it was mediocre. Definitely not my best! I wasn’t all that hungry though so there is the possibility that I was all “meh” about it cause I would have been perfectly content not eating anything. I made enough for two meals, the other portion is patiently sitting in my fridge, waiting for tomorrow to come when I will once again eat it for dinner…let’s hope it tastes better warmed up! *crosses fingers*

The reason I made stir fry was because after work I actually had enough energy to workout (shocking I know!) and I figured my body would want dinner since it had been forced to be active, apparently I was wrong. But hey, whatcha gonna do? I already had it made so not like I was just gonna ignore it.

Sundays and Mondays are my chill work out days. If I manage even a walk around the neighbourhood I am happy. I start work at 7am which means I am up at 5:30am and since I’m a night owl and don’t sleep well prior to 3am I usually accomplish those two days on roughly 3 hours of sleep each. Sucky.

Today I was determined to exercise after work so I took my workout gear with me, the plan was to change at work and go for a run in the neighbourhood I work in. I find the drive home lulls me in to a state of “I need a nap” so well that no matter how determined I am to workout once home, it just never happens. The solution seemed to be to avoid that situation completely. Well, let’s just say I’m not always a genius lol I forgot to take my pants…yup, that’s right, I had changed my upper half and went digging through the bag for my yoga pants and hmm, nothing there…oops! I thought I would get home and say screw it, it’s a sign I shouldn’t workout but instead I lectured myself, saying I was half dressed to workout so I might as well finish changing and go, and I did! Yay! πŸ™‚

It was a fairly pathetic workout, I ran (well, jogged/walked) for a little over 5km, then did a bunch of squats, then did some upper body weight work with a set of dumbbells I have, then stretched, then declared it time to hop in the shower. πŸ™‚

I know it’s not a great workout but like I said, on Sundays I am happy if I manage to go for a walk and this was better than a walk! You know that quote about how it doesn’t matter how slow you run you are still going faster than the person on the couch? I hate that quote, making yourself feel better by thinking poorly about some faceless person, not cool. So I changed it, I kept reminding myself while I was running that I may be slow but I’m faster than the lazy me who goes home after work and naps, and that should count for something, right?

On a junk food sidenote, I have received two care packaged lately, one from my mom and one from my uncle, both filled with junk food from England. Man-oh-man! My tastebuds are sooooo happy! My waistline? Not so much…This evening I snacked on something called Fruit Salad & Black Jack. Don’t let the name fool you, there is no fruit lol They have the texture of a Starburst, which I love! but the flavour is, hmm, not my favourite. There are black licorice pieces which I thought would be great, I love licorice, but it tastes like licorice combined with fruit and one piece leaves my tongue numb, ick. The other pieces taste fruity, I couldn’t narrow that down to a specific fruit flavour if there was a gun to my head, just a generic fruit flavour, those pieces I kinda like. I’ll be done the bag freakishly fast since I’m only eating the fruit pieces and the bag is mostly licorice pieces, I’m trying to look at that as a good thing, saved calories ya know? πŸ˜› lol

2014-04-13 21.23.02

I will be bombarding you with English candy updates as I graze my way through the two care packages. I would love to be able to say it will take me ages to eat it all but English junk food is way better than Canadian (I’m sorry! I know that is non-patriotic but I love the food from across the pond! Please don’t kick me out of Canada! lol) and it won’t take me all that long to decimate Β what has been sent to me. Guess I’ll have to push the workouts up to the next level or I’ll be doomed! DoooOOOOoooomed! Too dramatic? Nah, I didn’t think so either! πŸ˜› lol


30 Jan

I (quite unintentionally!) have not written in a couple days and it is driving me nuts! lol Not like some huge life altering thing happened in the last couple days just that I feel weird for having not written…go fig! πŸ˜›

So here’s a random mish-mash of thoughts that went through my head lately…

My mail for the day, wtf??

My mail for the day, wtf??

The above shows everything I got in the mail on Monday. W.T.F?!?! All ads for fast food, two are for pizza places, one for Quizno’s (and before you try to say Quizno’s sells subs and is healthy go look at the nutritional information, you might as well be eating at McDonald’s!). Why-oh-why don’t I ever see flyers with coupons in my mailbox for places that sell legit healthy food? Hmm? The ad industry is obviously trying to keep us all fat, *rolls eyes* lol I would go out of my way to use a coupon at a Pita Pit but I’ve never seen a flyer/coupon for them ever...

Which leads me to…Why are all the drive-thru food places only places that sell bad-for-me-food? When I was having all that hip pain I ended up going through a fast food drive thru because I (1) had limited food at home, what I had required being able to stand long enough to prep and cook it and I couldn’t do that (2) had been in the hospital for over five plus hours, was on my home and was really hungry and (3) wasn’t able to bare the pain of getting out of my suv, hobbling around a grocery store and then maneuvering back in to my suv to drive home. The only option for food that I had was various fast food joints that had drive-thru. Subway drive-thru? Nope. (and yes I know they count as fast food but at least you have healthy options there) Pita Pit drive-thru? Nope. Hell, a Booster Juice drive-thru? Definitely nope. Is it because if you are eating somewhere healthy you are supposed to be energetic enough to get out of your car to get your food? That seems discriminatory against people with mobility issues…just sayin…:P

Early Valentine's Day Gift

Early Valentine’s Day Gift

A friend of mine gave me the above slow cooker as an early Valentine’s gift and I am super stoked to use it! I got it Sunday and have yet to take it out of the box cause well, to be honest I haven’t been cooking much on these days off and it seems slow cookers take a bit of fore-thought. Not like pulling out a frying pan, tossing some stuff in it and boom! food! Nooooo, the slow cooker needs me to know in advance what I want to put in it and then use it. I don’t know that I am capable of that! lol πŸ˜‰ I really wanted to use it before I go to work Friday afternoon cause I’ll be seeing the friend that gave it to me and I wanted a story of the epic meal I made in it but uh, I don’t think that’s really gonna happen…shoot…I should really go google slow cooker recipes, there might still be time?

My agent sent out some sides (that means copy of a script), I am to work on a couple scenes for a specific character, really nail it, then go film it at the office (he has studio space), it is to send to casting agents so they can see what I can do using a more recent script. I’m really psyched about it cause (1) it gives me something to work on not just that I came up with but that has a purpose and (2) shows my agent is planning/plotting/thinking which I loooooove!

My little sister and I met with the trainer again yesterday, makes for two Wednesdays in a row. πŸ™‚ We had physical assessment tests done, he is going to email us our results but I haven’t gotten an email yet. I don’t know that I want to know the results lol I mean, I know how many push-ups I was able to do, and how long I lasted in the cardio-endurance test, I know I scored perfect on balance (which if you know me is funny cause I am always off balance lol) and I know how I did on some of the other things but I don’t think I want to know my body fat %, or my weight, or just how low I scored on my core strength (suuuuper low I am sure!). I just want all that to stay unknown to me and then when I get retested in a couple months or so I want to be told I improved…but specific numbers? That knowledge will just be depressing I think…We had homework for the past week, the food journal, I handed it in but don’t know what he has made of it yet, eek! This week my homework is to keep track of what physical fitness stuff I do and tell him next Wednesday, I feel he’ll be disappointed if I say I did nothing so I’m gonna hafta make sure I get off my ass and do something…

Speaking of getting off ones ass, I had wanted to go running today and had the perfect route! I had to go to work this afternoon for a meeting and thought I’d park at a grocery store then run to work, attend the meeting, and run back to my suv, perfect right?! πŸ™‚ It would have been about 8km total (that’s 5 miles I believe) but it was crap ass weather, pouring rain, and while I was ok with attending the meeting being sweaty I wasn’t ok with attending it looking like a drowned rat. 😦 So that didn’t happen. I am just not a do-stuff-in-the-rain kind of person…unless it is dragon boating but hey, that’s a water sport, I’m gonna get wet anyways lol

I managed to steam a spaghetti squash tonight for the first time ever! Soooo happy it worked! I had to call my mom for some help and she very nicely ensured I didn’t screw it up lol I paired the squash with some feta cheese and a red pepper antipasto, it was ok. I also had a cheese and broccoli stuffed chicken breast which was super yum. πŸ™‚ I took a picture but it doesn’t look good at all so I’ll leave you to your imagination on this one lol. πŸ˜›

Buh-Bye 2013

31 Dec

At midnight tonight 2013 will be gone and we’ll be living in the year 2014.

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers


Anybody else’s mind blown?…just a teeny bit? a smidge?…Yeah, mine too when I actually think about it.

I don’t do the whole New Years Resolution thing, I don’t see the point. If there are things I want to do why wait for Jan 1st to start working towards doing them? Also, if I have to actually sit down and think about what I should add to a list to create a New Years Resolution list well, to me that seems I probably don’t want to do those things all that much or I wouldn’t be having to sit and make a list, I’d already be working towards those things.

Does that make sense?

If I were to make a list the things on mine would be (1) work on acting career (2) get in better shape (3) travel more or at least find a way to save money to go towards travelling.

Not that hard. But ya know what? I’m already working on all those things. *gasp* I know, shocking huh?

Sure, I have a new work out plan I am going to be following but that isn’t because tomorrow is Jan 1st, that is because my most recent challenge didn’t net me the results I wanted and I researched to find a better plan to follow. I researched this back on Dec 22nd and would have already started following it except I got sick and I’m waiting till I am better before I go to the gym. Nothing worse then people at the gym sweating like crazy and breathing super hard while sick…why not just cough right in my face? Speed up the spreading of your germs why don’t ya? Ugh.

Let’s look at the other two things on my so called list shall we?

Work on the acting career? Oh wait, I do that already! Am I not the girl who recently (like two weeks ago) signed with a new and totally awesome agent, has new headshots, updated her various online acting related sites and as soon as she is talking normally (stupid congestion, grr) will be making appointments to take care of some other acting related things that will help promote her to casting agents? Yeah, yeah that is me. Coolio. Sooooo, working on that one but not cause it is on any kind of list…

Hmm, the third is travel more or find a way to save money to go travelling. I love love love to travel! Once I started University I sadly became waaaaay too poor to be able to travel anymore. Boo! 😦 For the past 6 years all I do is go between where I live now and where I used to live, until this past summer! I broke with that little tradition and went to Los Angeles this past August and it was awesome! It’s not like L.A. is far away but (1) I hadn’t been anywhere new in 6 freakin years so it felt amazing to go! (2) I got to hang with a friend I hadn’t seen for years for ten whole days! (3) hello? it was L.A., my acting mecca lol and well, it was vacation. Vacation that wasn’t spent jumping from one friend to another trying to make sure everyone got an even amount of time with me, it was ten days where I called the shots (for the most part) about what I did and where I went. Glorious. πŸ˜€ Sooooo, I already started travelling, even if it was a baby trip and yeah, not cause I’d put that on some sort of list….guess I must have really wanted to do that huh?

Something great that came of that trip was I decided that this no travelling thing can’t go on! I don’t care if I have to backpack everywhere I travel, I haaaaave to travel! My master plan was to alternate years. So, since I travelled summer 2013 I would spend 2014 saving money and travel again in 2015 but I have a family wedding summer of 2014 in England and if I am gonna spend all that money going to England for a wedding might as well check out a country I haven’t been to yet that is in the area, right? I mean, makes sense to me…I had been planning on going to Germany but have decided to switch that to somewhere else, I haven’t decided where yet. The only condition is it has to be somewhere I haven’t been before. I love that condition. πŸ™‚ The trip will definitely be a low budget one but who cares as long as I am seeing a new part of the world? πŸ™‚

where to go? where to go? hmm...

where to go? where to go? hmm…

Perhaps you are someone who does make a New Year’s Resolution List? If so I hope that works for you and whatever you put on that list happens for you in 2014! πŸ™‚

If you’re like me and you don’t make a list don’t let that stop you from thinking of a goal and aiming for it!

2014 can be your year, I sure as hell plan on making it mine! Booyah! πŸ˜€

Forgotten Food Prep

7 Dec

I thought I was doing oh so well, I cooked chicken in advance so I would have meals for Friday and Saturday at work, I have all my stuff to make salads in my fridge, lots of frozen veggies in my freezer and yet…sigh, I forgot about Sunday and Monday! Ack! lol

Which means this evening when I got home from work I immediately went to the kitchen and started cooking, not how I generally like to spend my nights when I get off work! I didn’t have too too much to do, mostly cause I cheated lol but I still wish I’d remembered earlier in the day and gotten it taken care of before I went to work.

I hard boiled some eggs and cooked some turkey bacon and should have cooked some chicken or fish but that is where the cheating came in πŸ˜‰

I was too busy to eat dinner at work this evening so I opted for leaving my chicken and vegg in the fridge at work and use it for lunch tomorrow. I will take a salad to put the chicken and vegg on top of and have a super tasty lunch. Is it sad that I like home made salads so much? I feel it might be…


The eggs are sitting in cold water, the turkey bacon is cooling so I can put it in Tupperware and soon it will all be in the fridge, placed beside the containers with my salad and dressing and I will be hightailing it to bed, somewhere I should have been a while ago but I’ve been dealing with computer stuff (upgrades an stuff, boring but necessary, shrug)

There were Girl Guides visiting at work today, caroling and visiting with the residents, they brought cookies to share and man were they tempting! They left extra boxes that anyone could take and I was thisssssss-close to plucking a box from the bag and bringing it home. I could practically envision myself sitting and mindlessly eating cookies while watching tv or doing stuff on the computer or whatever. I don’t even particularly like Girl Guide cookies, but they were still super tempting. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t really know how I managed to avoid taking a box and gorging on them…except that even while I could envision myself eating them I also couldn’t envision myself eating them…I know that doesn’t make sense but that’s the only way I can think of to say it…

I have my goal, and I so want to reach it! I couldn’t envision myself eating the cookies because then I’d feel horrible about myself for days for taking three steps back when I’d been doing so well going forward. Which means if I brought them home I’d have put them in my pantry, not eaten them and ended up throwing them out in a month when I wanted to clear the space and if I did that I’d just be annoyed with myself. Seemed easier to save myself the trouble. πŸ˜›

Mmm! Cookie! I like the vanilla ones best!

Mmm! Cookie! I like the vanilla ones best!

Insanity: Day 5, 6 and 7

24 Jul

Ok, now don’t freak out at me, I’ve been busy and haven’t been able to update about my Insanity workouts and foods but I’m back so all is good again. lol. πŸ˜‰

I do that!

I do that!

Day 5 (Friday):

Was supposed to be a Pure Cardio day buuuuuut I was so busy getting ready for my trip that even though I got up earlier than normal that day I just didn’t have time to fit in the workout. Bummer. 😦 I followed the eating plan as best as I could – we all know so far I have been sucking in that area lol πŸ˜› I had all my meals planned out, ate fairly close to schedule before going to work and at the beginning of work was doing well but then I got so busy I just didn’t have time to eat, hey, it happens! After my shift was over (at 9pm) I had to go buy some stuff for the trip that I of course forgot *rolls eyes* then hightail it home to get my gear and hug the cat then I had to hightail it over to where one of my team mates was waiting so I could pick him up and we could head on out. We got to Harrison around 11:30pm-ish, met up with the team and of course by that time I was hungry and wishing I had one of my missed meals from when I was at work earlier lol. I didn’t have them, duh, so I drank some water and crashed…don’t go thinking I’m lazy, the whole team crashed lol we had to be up early Saturday!

Day 6 (Saturday):

Saturday was RACE DAY!! wOOt!! πŸ˜€ It started early, at 7am, and went till about 2am Sunday lol. No, the racing wasn’t that long, just the day! We had four races that day and we killed it! We qualified for A Division, which is awesome, normally we are B Division, and we got offered a spot in the Hong Kong dragon boat festival in 2014!! Holy crapola dude! How amazing is that?!?! πŸ˜€ We missed out on a medal by 3/100th of a second but we aren’t bummed about it. I mean sure, we wanted a medal, but we earned a spot in A Division and we were sooooo close to getting a medal that obviously we deserved our spot in that medal race. It would have been so embarrassing to qualify for A Division then be way far behind the other boats in the race, eek! Races were done around 6pm or so, after everyone had a chance to shower (it was so windy that day we were all covered, literally covered, in sand!) we all ate then partied. πŸ™‚ What else would we have done? lol That day I didn’t do my Insanity workout (case you hadn’t already figured that out lol) and I also didn’t follow the eating plan. On race day we eat little bits that are high protein high sugar between races but you can’t eat a lot because racing when full is not pleasant, or advisable. When I finally got to eat a meal I had a personal sized pizza topped with a mixture of super yummie veggies but I regretted ordering it because I really wanted some protein. My team mates got burgers and I was so jealous of them lol Oh, I also had an ice cream cone, in a waffle cone!…a waffle cone dipped in chocolate and skor pieces! omg sooooo good! I drank my share of alcohol after the ice cream but didn’t get ridiculously drunk…I’m pretending the amount of racing and the sheer energy used during the day is helping to offset the ice cream and alcohol lol πŸ˜‰

Day 7 (Sunday):

The day started off in Harrison where the team went to this little place that had been recommended to me and had brekkie. I got the french toast, it also came with two eggs and two sausages, a ridiculous amount of food if you ask me. I gave the sausage away since I don’t eat pork but I ate the eggs (over easy) and the french toast, which uh, had caramel drizzled over top and sliced banana. It was quite tasty. πŸ™‚ By the time I got home I was exhausted. I had intended to exercise when I got home, or soon after getting home but ha! like that happened?? Nuh-uh! I unpacked, partially, sat my butt down and immediately wanted a nap. I actually did end up napping, oh the shame! πŸ˜‰ I ate Insanity approved meals after that, as well as a bit of fudge I brought back from the trip lol so the day wasn’t a total loss. It sucks I didn’t manage to get off my lazy ass and exercise but it just wasn’t happening. sigh, so lazy. 😦

So, let’s recap shall we?

Out of three days I followed the food portion of the plan 1.5 days and the exercise part of the plan 0 days. Not exactly a great way to finish off my first week of the Insanity Program huh?

I’m mad at myself for messing up so badly so early on in the program but at the same time I knew something like this would happen. I was so uncertain when to start the Insanity Program because I knew I had trips that would be happening during the 60 day program that would mess with my ability to follow the eating plan and would most likely cause trouble with the exercise portion as well. I decided to start anyways because I didn’t want to put the new phase of my healthy lifestyle on hold because of life. I mean, even if I had waited, and had 60 days where I wasn’t going anywhere there will always be things that pop up and have the potential to throw a program off track, right? I have to learn to make Insanity fit in to my life, not completely alter my life to work around the program. If I can’t make it fit in to my life then (in my opinion) the Insanity Program takes on the qualities of a fad and fads are no good, you may have success when on a fad program but as soon as you finish the fad you lose all your progress because you can’t live your life long term following the rules. What would Β be the point of that? I don’t want to lose what I manage to accomplish, does anybody? I’m thinking no! πŸ˜›

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