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Oh Lovely Shoes!

27 Oct

Shooooooes! Gotta love em! Well, to be fair, I suppose you don’t have to, but why wouldn’t you want to? πŸ˜‰

Its amazing all the different types of shoes that are out there, they are all so specialized. It makes sense, you don’t want to wear a cute pair of flats on a hiking trail and who would want to pair hiking boots with a dress?

One thing every single pair of shoes has in common though is the shoes ability to be an evil s.o.b. that makes your feet hurt so badly you want to cry…or at least makes your feet want to cry. πŸ˜›

I wore these Friday evening as part of my halloween costume…

so evil...but so cute...but sooooo Evil!

so evil…but so cute…but sooooo Evil!

…and my feet still haven’t forgiven me lol. Now normally I would put that down to needing to break the shoes in but this is the second time I have worn them and what a coincidence it is also the second time they have killed my feet. Ouch! Don’t they look so cute and innocent? They are like that dinosaur in the first Jurassic Park movie that starts off all cute then sprays Nedry in the face…

I can’t help but still think of that dino as cute, I mean, c’mon, he killed the bad guy, and he is cute in his own way. πŸ™‚ Sorta like the shoes…only my shoes have yet to spray poison in my face then eat me, thank goodness! lol

I bought the heels when in L.A. this past August, I still miss being there! I bought them at Payless, ridiculous to go in there I suppose since I could just shop at Payless here but the exchange rate was good and so were the sales! lol The actual brand is American Eagle, I never buy AE shoes from the website or the actual AE store because I generally don’t trust shoes that are from a clothing brand but apparently when the shoe is being sold in Payless I don’t mind as much lol Oh my random logic. They were super comfy in the store, as all heels seem to be, but they quickly proved they were lying both times I wore them out. They tricked me! Sneaky brats! πŸ˜›

A second pair of new shoes I am currently in love with, and I mean in love with to the point that when I was moving them from one spot to another I hugged them…yes, I’m that girl! Oh, and no, they haven’t been worn outside yet so not like I was hugging ickyness from the out of doors ground, ugh, what kind of girl do you take me for? πŸ˜›

My new boots!

My new boots!

These lovely gems are for snowshoeing this winter, yay! Snowshoeing is going to be my outdoor winter sport, you know, once winter actually gets here (not that I am trying to rush it!) They are waterproof, have a good amount of flexibility and stability, were on sale and I like how they look. All great reasons to buy them! πŸ™‚ I haven’t had a chance to break them in yet, I am hoping they are less painful then the heels! Oh please oh please be less painful! Pleeeeeease! I have decided to use them on a hike sometime this week, see how they are when being worn and not just admired because they are so purdy. I bought them from Sportchek and they are Salomon brand, which to be honest means nothing to me, shrug. I asked a bunch of questions to the semi competent sales guy and decided on these ones…here’s hoping I picked a good pair! πŸ™‚

hmm, is it weird I like my hiking/snowshoe boots more then my cute heels? Man, where have my priorities gone?! Ack!

you like workout boots more than cute heels? you weirdo!!

you like workout boots more than cute heels? you weirdo!!

A Slightly Delayed Thanksgiving Post

15 Oct

So happy belated Thanksgiving from me to you! πŸ™‚

To be honest I am not a huge Thanksgiving Holiday person, it was never a big thing in my family and a lot of times it seems people use it as an excuse to overeat, shrug. Having said that, my Thanksgiving meal is pizza and if that isn’t overindulging in a bad for me food well then I don’t know what is lol. πŸ˜›

Since I work weekends and my family are all a province away (or farther) I spent Thanksgiving weekend doing what I normally do. Working. With a boat race thrown in for good measure. Which, if you consider how much racing I have done this past summer, the boat race this past weekend still counts as what I normally do lol.

It was a different boat race then normal though, a fun race! As in, no medals, no stress, just an end of season festival where instead of racing in dragon boats we race in canoes and the third race of the day is an obstacle course. The races are in a river, a cooooold river! Almost every year a boat tips, teehee, and the shortest race is 1000m. The entire day can be summed up in one word: Epic.

Let me describe the awesomeness of the obstacle course to you, or at least try…

We start off facing a bridge but are a fair distance away from it, the race starts! Everyone battles to be the first to get to the bridge because from the bridge pumpkins have been dropped in to the river, you have to scoop a pumpkin out of the water before passing under the bridge. Harder then it sounds! After getting your pumpkin you complete a 1000m Y-shaped turn, go back under the bridge, do a loop around a buoy then beach your boat, one person gets out, takes their paddle with them, balances a cup of juice on the end of the paddle and runs/walks from Spot A to Spot B without spilling. Once they get to Spot B they are given a bag of cranberries. Then they run back to the boat, hop on in and you are off! We then do another loop around the buoy, go back under the bridge and paddle till we cross the finish line. The entire length of the race is (I believe) 3000m…I’m always a little unsure about race lengths in this festival. Suffice to say, this race is long, and oh so much fun! Because there are turns during the races at this festival, and we are all in canoes instead of dragon boats, there are crashes on the water, boats getting tipped, general mayhem and minor levels of violence, but all in good fun! πŸ˜€

The pumpkin scooped outta the river after being dropped from a bridge. This pumpkin has had quite the adventure!

The pumpkin scooped outta the river after being dropped from a bridge. This pumpkin has had quite the adventure!

By 7pm Saturday night I was exhausted lol A long day racing, with longer than normal race lengths, all I wanted was my bed. πŸ˜› I heated my muscles a bit when I got home since they were already seizing a bit then crawled in to bed, oh man that felt good lol. Sunday though I woke up for work and did not feel well. 😦 I thought it was just cause of being tired from the day before but alas, I was wrong. I seem to have caught some sort of bug, I’m not sure what it is. I had no appetite all day Sunday but ate breakfast and lunch when at work cause I kept thinking if I don’t eat I’ll be hungry when I no longer am on break and then I’ll be screwed. When I got home from work I had a nap, a freakishly long nap, started at 3:30p and lasted till about 8pm! Who does that?! I got up for a bit, had tea and toast (my cure for pretty much everything), felt sicker because of it and went back to bed. Slept till I had to be up for work at 5:20am Monday…that is a lot of sleep! Despite all that sleep I spent Monday tired and not hungry and headachey and just not feeling well. My main thought during all that? “Crap! No Thanksgiving pizza for me if Β feel like this! Sadness!” I was really looking forward to my pizza but just the thought of food made me feel sick, let alone having to actually eat it, ugh.

Luckily today was a day off, yay! I let myself sleep till my body chose to wake up, which anybody who knows me knows that means I slept in lol helped a friend for a tiny bit of time with his move then spent the rest of the day alternating between staring like a zombie at the tv and dozing off in my living room chair while attempting to get fluids in me by sipping ginger ale and water. I know I am unwell when I don’t drink endless cups of tea! I’ve only had two cups today, and the second one I didn’t really want, I just felt weird not having drunk a lot of tea so I made it and forced myself to drink it cause duuude, you can’t waste tea! πŸ˜‰

I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll be better, I don’t want to waste my days off not having the energy to do anything!

Despite catching whatever the heck it is I caught I had a good weekend. Any weekend I am on the water racing is a good weekend in my world. πŸ™‚ Β Saturday night, as I was moving slowly around my apartment because my muscles were already letting me know just how sore they were from the day I realized something I was thankful for, which seemed pretty well timed considering it was Thanksgiving weekend.

I am so thankful that I am physically able to take part in the various activities I take part in. I may bitch because muscles hurt, or I’m lazy and don’t want to go to the gym or it’s cold on the water but I am well aware not everyone can take part in dragon boating, or hitting up the gym, or zumba, or boxing, or hiking or any of the other stuff I do because of physical limitations. I had a long amount of time where I was one of those people. I couldn’t walk. My knee was messed up too badly, my entire left leg was useless. I used to have dreams of being able to walk again, that was it, just walk, without my crutches or a cane, it seemed like it was never going to happen. Now I run, I hike, I do squats, I dragon boat, I dance, I snowshoe, I do whatever I want. And while everyday I take a moment to be grateful for being able to walk I don’t think I ever really took a moment to be consciously grateful for being able to do all the other activities I do. I forgot. I took for granted that I could do all these things.

But not Saturday.

Saturday, when both my knees were barely working because of how badly bruised they got from the boat, when my butt, my back, my shoulders and my arms were all in intense pain and any movement caused me to wince and swear, when stretching made things pop in my back, that is when I had a moment of clarity. That is when I realized I am lucky beyond belief that I was able to be feeling that pain. I am so grateful my body works as well as it does. I am so Thankful I have a loving family and amazing friends who stuck by me while I was injured and who cheer me on now that I am able to be active again.

I will make sure I don’t forget, just like I don’t forget to be grateful I can walk. πŸ™‚

RePost: The Gym is to Women as Lingerie Stores are to Men

15 Oct

This is such a great blog post about the weight room! Enjoy! πŸ™‚

5km…But Not Really

9 Oct

I participated in the Run For the Cure this past Sunday. It is a 5km run/1km walk to raise money for breast cancer research.

Here is a link to the site:

$27 million was raised nationally at this year’s Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure, how amazing is that?! πŸ˜€

There are runs all over the country and while I can’t speak for the runs in other locations I can tell you the one I went to is fun! fun! fun! πŸ˜€

It’s only a 5km run so nothing impressive to brag about, especially since so many of the blogs I read that are by people who are also working to get into better shape show they are training and running full marathons – that’s 42 km! (26.2 miles) How is that even possible?! *shakes head in wonder*

While at this run I saw:

– multiple dogs wearing pink tutus

– lots of pink feather boas, pink wigs, basically pink everything lol

– a cheerleading squad along the route chanting we are “G-R-E-A-T…Grrrreat!”

– men, women and children all coming together to support a totally worthy cause

I would have liked to attempt running the entire route but I was with a friend and we ended up alternating between jogging and walking…mostly walking. Ah well. I used my Runtastic App to track us so we’d know exactly how long we took and realized that not only would it track our speed but it would map the route we took so I can go back another day and run the route again, see if I can do it. Yay!

When we were done I took a look to see our time and discovered that the route was actually only 3.49km, I feel jipped. 😦 I’m not sure how a route that is officially supposed to be 5km measured out at only 3.49km, not like we missed a turn somewhere…The shorter distance makes me want to redo the route even more so I can measure it again, see if it was a glitch with my App that time, I can’t think of what else it would be…

I know this run doesn’t have the seriousness of a full marathon, it is meant to be a stress free enjoyable experience. There is no pressure to be first (that I was aware of anyways), there isn’t even a big clock at the end to tell you how long you were (there was two years ago when I participated, but not this year). I can’t say for sure how this run compares to a full marathon since I have never been in one of those but I know if you are looking for an event that involves getting out, having fun, raising money for a good cause and being active this is a good one to start with.

Participating in this has made me think that maybe I could train to do a longer run, not a full marathon, lets not go crazy or anything, but maybe a half marathon? Or a quarter marathon, is there such a thing? I feel that if there isn’t there should be! πŸ˜‰ lol

And in a move that is sure to go down in blogging history (dramatic much? lol) I, for the first time ev-ah! Β am putting a pic of me in a post…well, of a side of my face anyways lol to show you the face painting I had done before the run started. I enjoyed having it but I had to go to work after the run and lemme tell ya, gold glitter does not like to come off my face with ease! I was glittery the whole rest of the day *rolls eyes* lol

Yes it is my face, horrendously close up, eek! But how else can I show off the face painting?

Yes it is my face, horrendously close up, eek! But how else can I show off the face painting?

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