How Much Is Your Hair Worth?

8 Dec

The cost of getting a hair cut is mildly ridiculous…well, if you’re someone with long hair. I know many guys who go every three weeks to get their hair cut and they spend less over the course of a year then I do and I get my hair done hmm, maybe 4 times a year max? Somehow that just doesn’t seem fair to me. But maybe that is just me?

I have a thing I am going to Tuesday and I wanted to get a quick trim so my hair looks tidy. Just a simple half inch to an inch off the ends and my fringe tidied up a bit. Not a big deal, right? Well ha! To get that done at the salon I normally go to would have cost me minimum $50 and that is if I am lucky! It never costs that little!

There is a salon across the street from where I work that I thought I’d try but they are closed Sundays, lame. However, when I was on the mall’s website checking out the salon I noticed there was one of those basic hair cut places, this one is called Great Clips. I never go to those places because I’m a firm believer of “you get what you pay for” and how good can a hair cut under $20 really be? But this was such a simple little trim it seemed safe.

It was not all that safe. Poor hair.

Because I have a lot of hair whenever it gets cut every hairdresser does the same thing, they pin most of it up, trim the bottom part, then gradually release the layers of hair and trim each layer separately, making sure each new layer matches the layers already trimmed. Makes sense, right? This lady swished some of my hair over my shoulder, cut a bit that still hung down my back, then pulled all my hair behind my shoulders so it hung down my back and started cutting. Ack! Who does that?! She didn’t even put the chair higher so she could easily get to my ends or have me stand up (my hair is that long that I am always asked to stand so the ends can be easily worked on). By this point I was starting to hope she’d forget about my fringe because while errors can be easily hidden with the long parts of my hair if she screws up the fringe (fyi that means my bangs) that is easily visible for the whoooole world to see. Well, she didn’t forget, damn.

I showed her very clearly where I wanted the shortest part of the fringe to be, they are side sweeping so they gradually get longer, and what does she do? Make em shorter, sigh. Not crazy horrible I-am-scary-to-look-at-short but noticeably shorter then what I said I wanted. Why do hairdressers do that? *rolls eyes*

Ah well, not like hair is that important in the grand scheme of life, and when I got home and fiddled with it I learned the hair is style-able which means I won’t look like a weirdo on Tuesday, or any day come to think of it lol

This is the lesson I re-learned though…You Get What You Pay For!

This trim cost me a little under $20, I left the hairdressers with still damp hair, shorter then I wanted hair and minor worries about just how even the back of my hair might be considering how she cut it. Maybe those places are ok for short hair, or kids hair but for my hair? Nope! Never again! Guess I’ll hafta keep coughing up the money to keep the hair looking purdy.

ohpleaseohpleaseohplease don't look like that! pleeeeease!

ohpleaseohpleaseohplease don’t look like that! pleeeeease!


4 Responses to “How Much Is Your Hair Worth?”

  1. thunder2toned December 11, 2013 at 3:52 pm #

    Every couple of years the same thing happens to me. Its just not worth it. Sometimes it takes months for your hair to recover

    • shrinkingwmn December 11, 2013 at 10:40 pm #

      Luckily my hair grows stupid fast so any damage that gets done will grow out quickly but I’d rather not have the problem in the first place lol

  2. 24HRPP December 12, 2013 at 10:25 am #

    Eeek! What a nightmare. You have to be able to trust your hairdresser! We have a beautiful little hairdressers just round the corner from us. They keep our fringes looking vogue. Love 24HRPP x

    • shrinkingwmn December 13, 2013 at 11:04 pm #

      Hi! Thanks for the comment! 🙂
      I agree, you definitely have to have trust in your hairdresser! I learned my lesson that’s for sure lol

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