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How Much Is Your Hair Worth?

8 Dec

The cost of getting a hair cut is mildly ridiculous…well, if you’re someone with long hair. I know many guys who go every three weeks to get their hair cut and they spend less over the course of a year then I do and I get my hair done hmm, maybe 4 times a year max? Somehow that just doesn’t seem fair to me. But maybe that is just me?

I have a thing I am going to Tuesday and I wanted to get a quick trim so my hair looks tidy. Just a simple half inch to an inch off the ends and my fringe tidied up a bit. Not a big deal, right? Well ha! To get that done at the salon I normally go to would have cost me minimum $50 and that is if I am lucky! It never costs that little!

There is a salon across the street from where I work that I thought I’d try but they are closed Sundays, lame. However, when I was on the mall’s website checking out the salon I noticed there was one of those basic hair cut places, this one is called Great Clips. I never go to those places because I’m a firm believer of “you get what you pay for” and how good can a hair cut under $20 really be? But this was such a simple little trim it seemed safe.

It was not all that safe. Poor hair.

Because I have a lot of hair whenever it gets cut every hairdresser does the same thing, they pin most of it up, trim the bottom part, then gradually release the layers of hair and trim each layer separately, making sure each new layer matches the layers already trimmed. Makes sense, right? This lady swished some of my hair over my shoulder, cut a bit that still hung down my back, then pulled all my hair behind my shoulders so it hung down my back and started cutting. Ack! Who does that?! She didn’t even put the chair higher so she could easily get to my ends or have me stand up (my hair is that long that I am always asked to stand so the ends can be easily worked on). By this point I was starting to hope she’d forget about my fringe because while errors can be easily hidden with the long parts of my hair if she screws up the fringe (fyi that means my bangs) that is easily visible for the whoooole world to see. Well, she didn’t forget, damn.

I showed her very clearly where I wanted the shortest part of the fringe to be, they are side sweeping so they gradually get longer, and what does she do? Make em shorter, sigh. Not crazy horrible I-am-scary-to-look-at-short but noticeably shorter then what I said I wanted. Why do hairdressers do that? *rolls eyes*

Ah well, not like hair is that important in the grand scheme of life, and when I got home and fiddled with it I learned the hair is style-able which means I won’t look like a weirdo on Tuesday, or any day come to think of it lol

This is the lesson I re-learned though…You Get What You Pay For!

This trim cost me a little under $20, I left the hairdressers with still damp hair, shorter then I wanted hair and minor worries about just how even the back of my hair might be considering how she cut it. Maybe those places are ok for short hair, or kids hair but for my hair? Nope! Never again! Guess I’ll hafta keep coughing up the money to keep the hair looking purdy.

ohpleaseohpleaseohplease don't look like that! pleeeeease!

ohpleaseohpleaseohplease don’t look like that! pleeeeease!

I Am A Coke Bottle

18 Jul

I am a coke bottle.

Yup, you read that right. However, do you understand what I mean by it? Probably not…but no worries cause I wouldn’t know what it meant if someone said that to me and I hadn’t been to film school, lol.

Ok, anyone who is in the entertainment industry is a product, products are there to be sold. I should amend that, some of the people in the entertainment industry are there to do the buying and selling of the products (the actors, musicians, writers etc). When one of my teachers told my class to think of ourselves like Coke Bottles and it was up to us and our agents to “sell” us to casting directors and others within the industry it made me really think about what I was getting myself in to. It didn’t disuade me from continuing on my journey towards being a paid actor though cause really, that is all I want to do so if that is how the industry perceives actors, well, that’s fine with me. 🙂

There are lots of things to think about when you start thinking of yourself as a product and not a person – there are things I can’t do to myself without some serious thinking because the changes I make to myself will affect agents wanting me and affect what auditions I can be sent out for. shrug. Soooooo what does this mean? It means that even though I really really really want to get my nose pierced with a little silver hoop and get my upper left ear pierced with a bar that connects two different sections of my ear lobe I will do neither, cause I have a face that can be quite commercial/girl next door if I tone down my makeup but that will be lost if I am covered in piercings.

Also, because my hair has to match what I look like in my headshots once my pictures were taken I became fully committed to keeping this haircut cause I can’t afford new headshots. That is ok though cause I like my haircut…or I did.

I had my first encounter with changing my appearance in a way I didn’t want to but that was suggested (in a very firm, I can’t actually say no to the suggestion kind of way) when I had my first meeting with IQ, the acting coach who is going to film my demo reel. Now you might be thinking, why change your appearance because one person said to, simple, she is crazy good at what she does and not making the change she suggested (in that very firm tone) would be the same as being told by a lawyer “don’t talk!” but you go blathering away when the detective questions you – why would you not take the advice of someone who knows more then you and is only trying to help you?

So, my hair has been changed. I spoke to IQ about my concern about changing my hair since I can’t afford new headshots and she said I won’t need new headshots, at least not for agent hunting, because they will have the demo reel to watch and will see me there with the new look but the new look isn’t soooo drastically different from what they will see in the headshots. It made more sense when she said it to me lol.

I changed my hair in the way IQ suggested…and I don’t like it! ugh. I was fairly certain I wouldn’t, what she wanted done is so not my style but others think it looks good so I’m thinking maybe it looks good but my own prejudice against this particular hairstyle is making me more critical of it then normal. Oh, I should probably say what got done huh? I now have sidesweeping bangs…sigh. I hate bangs!

The reason IQ wanted me to get them is because she wanted to “soften my look”, especially around the eyes. I (according to her) have a dominant forehead and large eyes, uh, duh! lol. This I already knew, shrug. So she wanted the sidesweeping bangs to soften my eye area and make my forhead less dominant. sigh. I would have been more comfie if she asked me to chop all my hair off, or get a piercing, or pretty much anything else but noooooo, she had to ask me to get bangs. *rolls eyes*

They totally change the shape of my face in a way I don’t like, my face looks fatter now! Fatter! I spend all this time losing weight and am working to lose the rest of it and what happens?? I get a stupid hair cut that makes my face look fatter, so Not cool! This whole softening (aka fattening) the look of my face had better work!

Since the haircut on Saturday I have been hiding out in my apartment but I had dragon boating tonight so what could I do but go out in public? I figured I might as well just get everything over with so I hiked this afternoon, came home, showered, ate, then went dragon boating. So now lots of people have seen me with these bangs – since I wasn’t pointed at or openly laughed at I can only assume I don’t look as ridiculous as I think I do, *rolls eyes* no real guarantee about that tho 😛

My first time having to change my look because someone else said so, I went through with it, and am even dealing with the change in a slowly decreasingly bitter way lol, looks like I am ok with being a product! 😀

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