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A Winter Wonderland

9 Dec

I live in the one part of Canada that gets almost no snow. When I first moved here I loved and hated that. I’m still pretty torn on it to be honest. I think if I had to shovel it I’d flat out hate it again but since I never live in places that require me to shovel, the snow never gets deep or lasts beyond 4 days and it is more a dusting than a snowfall I can safely say I generally look forward to the snow. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I was at work when the snow started and I was so happy and cheerful about it you’d think I was a child on Christmas morning looking at a huge pile of presents lol. But hey, if you can’t find joy in the little things how will you ever find happiness? I was told if I kept referring to it as pretty I’d be the one who had to go outside and shovel it from the work driveway lol I promptly stopped cause, uh hello? Me? Shovel? Pfft! So not happening! I didn’t bring a jacket to work! ๐Ÿ˜›

It is supposed to keep snowing, although really it is flurries at best, until sometime tomorrow which means we might actually have snow that stays! ๐Ÿ˜€ Better yet, it might fully cover the grass! Ooooooh exciting! I’m not looking forward to the driving tomorrow, people here suck at driving once our little amount of snow arrives. It’s embarrassing on behalf of all Canadians from other provinces *rolls eyes* I have to be somewhere at 1pm which would normally take maybe 20 minutes to get to, I will be leaving an hour in advance just in case traffic is that slow. Sounds overly paranoid I know but last year I had to drive somewhere that normally took about 30 minutes and it ended up taking more than 2 hours. Told ya people here don’t know how to drive in snow! lol

I had other stuff I was gonna blog about today but the snow has taken over my thoughts lol It is the perfect evening to sit inside with a cup of hot chocolate a book and a view of the snow…if only I had windows that gave me a view of the snow! lol

I highly enjoyed making footprints in the snow!

Proof I walked through the snow lol


Still a lot of grass but I have hope the grass'll be covered by tomorrow!

Still a lot of grass but I have hope the grass’ll be covered by tomorrow!


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