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24 Dec

This is a day late but better late than never, right? 😉

Yesterday, December 23rd, was my birthday! Yay! We will not discuss how many years I have been on this planet thank-you-very-much! lol

The day did not go quite as planned but I don’t care, it was my birthday which means no matter what the day will be good. 🙂 Or at least that is my mentality. Logical? Nope! Do I care? Nope!

My flight was supposed to arrive 10:30pm the night before but I got in around 4am the day of. I did not anticipate any of my birthday being spent en route to my parents place for Christmas but not like I could do anything about it. The plane was coming from Montreal, landing, going to Prince George then coming back to take my flight to Alberta. The storms on the Eastern end of the country held up the plane when it was coming from Montreal then when it got to Prince George there was some sort of trouble so all in all my flight was late by 7 hours. Some people were pretty cranky but I don’t see the point in that. Nobody can control the weather, and when travelling in winter you are pretty much guaranteed to have flight delays, and I’m sorry but being passive aggressive to the people who work with the airlines is ridiculous.

Ok, rant over!

I got to my parents place just before 5:30am, chilled with them for a bit then crashed. By that point I’d been up over 24 hours and was in desperate need of sleep. I didn’t want to sleep my whoooooole birthday away though, just part of it! lol, so I got my mom to wake me. She woke me by bringing me a cup of tea 🙂 Best. Mom. Ever.

My birthday gifts to myself were exercising and a new purse. Yes, you read that right, exercising was one of my birthday gifts to myself. Normally when I go on anything I can deem a vacation I slack when it comes to exercise and even if I have the best of intentions I end up eating poorly. Bad habits sure but at least I know myself and know what I’m gonna get up to lol For this trip I brought the Insanity workouts on a memory stick and my laptop with the full intention of working out daily, or almost daily (I’m thinking it won’t happen on Christmas day but who knows?) and so far I am two for two. A Christmas miracle! lol

I got up (eventually) on the 23rd, made a healthy breakfast, digested for a bit, worked out, showered (and pampered myself) then enjoyed the rest of my birthday knowing I had done something good for myself. That’s gotta be a first…and what’s even weirder is I liked it lol

I spent the day with my family and loved it. Got to see my nephews, my bro and sis, obviously my parents since I am staying with them lol All in all, a perfect day! 🙂

Oh, and I got a whole lotta books as presents which made me squeal like a little girl and literally hug the books to my chest lol I looooove reading and haven’t been able to afford to buy a new book in ages so getting a whole stack of books, and all of them the newest book in various series that I read, was amazing! I also got a beautiful silver chain which is perfect for my dragon boat pendant. 🙂

Happy birthday

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