Don’t Skimp On Your Mac & Cheese

12 Jan

A couple of weeks before Christmas I was in a dollar store and on a whim bought macaroni and cheese. Now, normally I am brand loyal when it comes to certain foods and one of those foods is mac & cheese. Strange thing to be loyal to? Perhaps. But hey, why stray from buying Kraft Dinner when you know it tastes so good? But there I was, at the dollar store, hungry, faced with mac & cheese that was going to cost practically nothing and so I decided why not? How bad can it be?

This is what I bought…

Dollar Store Mac & Cheese

Dollar Store Mac & Cheese

I didn’t eat it that night, just stuffed it in the back of a cupboard and forgot about it. Well, tonight I came across it and decided, meh, why not?

Lemme tell ya, there is a reason this mac & cheese is so cheap, it isn’t good. *rolls eyes* lol

KD has that bright, artificial orange colour when all mixed together, this was more a pale yellow which made me suspicious about the flavour of the final product.

Not quite the bright orange I was expecting.

Not quite the bright orange I was expecting.

My suspicions proved to be on the mark when I finally took a bite and realized I was going to be eating mac & cheese that has no cheese flavour and really just tasted like pasta, which is fairly boring. If I had some cheese I suppose I could have melted it and mixed it in but sadly I do not so I was stuck eating it as-is. Blah. 😛

So heed my warning, don’t be tempted by the cheap dollar store mac & cheese, it isn’t worth the saved money lol spend that whole extra fifty cents and get the brand that has actual flavour to it. Or I suppose you could be healthy and just not buy it at all…yeeeeah, that’s probably the better idea, ya know, if you wanna get picky about these things lol 😉


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