Sick: Day 3

1 Feb

For the past three weeks I’ve been getting sore throats, every two to three days I’d wake up with a sore throat and be sluggish all day and I’d think “ok, this is the day I finally get sick”. Frankly, I was getting annoyed with being in the almost sick phase, I wanted my body to either (1) fully beat back whatever bug was trying to get a hold of me or (2) fully surrender, let me get sick so then I could get better. I didn’t think I was asking for much.

Well Friday I woke up with no voice, it was this pathetic painful whisper that I refrained from using as much as humanly possible – which fyi, when your roommate is a cat, totally easy to go an entire day without talking. I emailed in to work saying I was sick and proceeded to do nothing.

My symptoms weren’t all encompassing, if it wasn’t for the fact I couldn’t talk I would have gone in to work, but sadly the majority of my job involves talking sooooo, yeah, can’t really do my job all that well when voiceless. As of Friday I was voiceless and ridiculously tired but otherwise fine.

Saturday was a lot of the same, no voice, really tired, but I had hopes I’d be ok for Sunday. I didn’t want to push my luck though so I told my manager I’d be off sick for Saturday and Sunday. Let’s just say management was not happy…

Then came Saturday night. I started getting sniffly. The later in to the night it became the more I was sniffling. Uh-oh. The upside was that I no longer had to whisper, I could talk a little bit, not that the cat was listening to me lol I was kinda happy, I thought for sure with my throat hurting less by Saturday night I’d be back to normal talking on Sunday and hey, who can’t deal with some sniffles?

Well, no. Just…no. I was not right with my thinking, sigh.

I woke up this morning (Sunday) with so much congestion, so much inability to breath, so much having to be within arms reach of kleenex at all times. Seriously, at. all. times. It was obvious I was getting worse instead of better, lame! Why can’t all the symptoms come at once, then I have one to two horrible days and from there start getting better? What’s with new symptoms popping up on day three of being sick? I call foul! If I didn’t already have the symptom by day two then I don’t think I should be getting it at all! Course, my immune system obviously isn’t listening to me sooooo I guess my opinion on this matter doesn’t count.

So here I am, the night of day three, I can talk for short amounts of time but my poor sinuses! Oh the pain, the pressure, the constant sniffling and sneezing, *groan* I had to make a trip to the grocery store today to buy more kleenex cause that is not a thing I stockpile and I was dangerously low. Oh the humanity!

I also purchased a box of DayQuil / NyQuil in an attempt to bring my symptoms to heal, at this point I was still envisioning myself going to work the next day. I took the DayQuil when I got home from the store and haven’t stopped yawning since, it totally made me drowsy while doing nothing to help my symptoms, what the hell? I don’t buy meds often but when I do I damn well expect them to work! Stupid DayQuil. *pout*

Fyi, I am a whiny sick person, in case you couldn’t tell πŸ˜›

A friend recommended Ginseng Tea, apparently her mom recommended it to her when she was sick and she swears by it so I got some of that on Friday, when I could still taste things it tasted kind of like lemony tree bark…weird…

Don't do it! It's not worth it!

Don’t do it! It’s not worth it!

Other than the Honey Lemon Ginseng tea my new best friends have become:

Black Cherry Flavour Halls, Mmm.

Black Cherry Flavour Halls, Mmm.

Apple Juice - a sick person's best friend.

Apple Juice – a sick person’s best friend.

When I was a kid and was sick I always got Apple Juice, it has stuck with me as a thing to have when sick. It is the one drink that doesn’t taste gross to me when all other foods and drinks start to taste icky.

Homemade chicken veggie soup.

Homemade chicken veggie soup.

Homemade chicken veggie soup, yum! Not homemade by me, obviously lol A couple days before I got sick a friend gave me some frozen homemade soup she had made and what better time to eat it then when sick?

The all important Kleenex

The all important Kleenex

And of course the all important Kleenex, I bought the super soft kind and now have some in every room of my apartment. πŸ™‚

I arranged for someone to cover my shift tomorrow because I feel horrible, like 20 different levels of horrible, can’t breathe, can’t smell, can’t taste, constantly tired, sinus pain, a cough is starting, oh, and I keep having these rather impressive sneezing fits…nobody wants to be around someone like that! However my poor doctor will have to be around me at some point tomorrow cause I’m gonna have to get a sick note lol πŸ˜›


One Response to “Sick: Day 3”

  1. VeeEmm February 2, 2015 at 6:30 pm #

    I hate getting a cold! Always seems to take forever to go away. Hope you feel better soon.

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