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Sick Days

7 Jan

Staring down a serving of NyQuil is like staring down a shot of Tequila. You know it isn’t going to taste great, but it’ll help you attain your immediate goal, and then you’ll pass out.

sick day 2

We are 7 days into 2019, how is your New Year going so far?

Mine was going great until the evening of day 3 when I went from healthy to sick in the span of around 20 minutes. It is amazing how quickly your body can go from healthy to fevered and sick isn’t it? I assume the pesky germs that took me down had been fighting my immune system for a couple days, silently sneaking through my body and killing white blood cells whenever there was an opportunity, and when there was a weak spot in my defences they charged the wall and squashed a whole lot more of those white blood cells, thereby winning the battle against my immune system.

The battle but not the war!

With the aid of vitamins, Airborne (I swear by that stuff), a lot of sleeping, chicken noodle soup, and of course NyQuil, I am on the mend.

However, having four of the seven days of 2019 being sick days means I don’t have a whole lot of interesting things to write about. Le sigh.

I know it is old news by now but my New Years Eve was a lot of fun, I won tickets to a party downtown and it turned out to be pretty good. There was live entertainment, alcohol, a great view of the fireworks, and it was all inside a not overly crowded space so I didn’t even have to freeze my butt off at midnight. I think a good New Years Eve is mostly dependent on who you spend it with, if you’re with someone you want to be with and you have fun with, odds are you’ll have a good time. We could have done pretty much anything and had fun, it was just a happy perk we had such a good spot for the fireworks. πŸ™‚

Then it was a couple days off from work, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and juuust before I was to head back to work I got sick.

So ya see, not much to talk about.

My mom reminded me to make this dish she used to make me when I was a kid and sick. It is warm milk poured over bread that has been cut in to bite size squares and sprinkled with sugar.

sick day 3

It is so simple, and yet so comforting. It however doesn’t photograph all that well lol I pretty much lose my appetite when sick so when she mentioned this dish I thought it would be ok to make, even if it is just carbs and sugar lol As with all dishes that my mom makes, her version is better, but this wasn’t so bad.

I’m hoping it isn’t raining tomorrow so I can go for a bit of a walk, get some fresh air in to these lungs, and get out of this apartment for a bit, I’m soooo bored, and yet, randomly napping throughout the day, so not quite fit for jumping back in to the swing of things just yet. Soon though, and then hopefully I’ll have more interesting things to blog about!

Hope your 2019 is starting off healthier than mine! πŸ˜€


The Purse Is Innocent

13 Oct

I yelled at my purse today. You read that right, I yelled…at my purse, cause ya know, apparently I’m a psycho. *rolls eyes*


Pretty sure I don’t look this impressive when yelling…

I’m not usually that person who catches every cold bug that floats around. Not saying I don’t get sick, just that when I do it usually hits hard, lasts three days or so, then goes away, and it doesn’t happen frequently.

Except for this fall, it would seem my immune system has chosen a new life path, that doesn’t involve defending my body from germs, and now I am getting sick far more often than normal while my immune system is doing who knows what! Maybe taking a nap on a beach without me? Hibernating? Reading a book? Wherever those little white blood cells are they better be happy because if I ever see them again I’m…I was about to threaten them but who are we kidding? If they come back and start working again I’ll be super grateful for two days then I’ll forget about them and go about my regular routine. sigh.

The end of September I caught a cold that had me off work for a day, and feeling like crap for a bit over a week. Just when I thought I was better it had a resurgence (which I really feel shouldn’t be allowed), and I was sick for another week or so. Eventually I was able to breath through my nose again, not feel like I needed to nap every hour, and my body stopped alternating between being feverish and chilled, basically, I got better. Yay!

Last night I went to bed with a sore throat and a freezing body and a just in general feeling of ick, I was hopeful I would sleep off whatever it was and wake up fine.

Obviously I am delusional.

unicorn meme

The cat woke me up around 8am because he decided puking up a hairball on my bed was a good life choice, the sound had me springing in to action, carting him as fast as possible to a room with linoleum floors so he can be sick there. Lovely way to wake up. Just lovely.

When the cat was on the floor and I was waiting for him to finish so I could clean up after him, (I lead such a glamorous life lol), I realized my throat was still killing me, talking was not a thing that I was going to attempt, and I felt like crap. Again. I texted a co-worker who covers shifts and arranged for her to work for me and crawled back in to bed, so I could be unconscious while I felt like crap.

Alternating between sleeping and sort-of sleeping is how I (and the cat) spent most of Saturday. When I (and the cat) eventually got out of bed it was to sit in the living room, still in pj’s, and cuddle under a blanket while mindlessly watching YouTube and wishing for the energy to make a cup of tea.

I really like living alone but would definitely appreciate someone being around when I am too sick to want to function…when will personal robots finally be a thing? I need a robot…

Hibernating all day, while tempting, wasn’t a thing I could do because I had to go buy cat food. The world of pet care doesn’t stop just because I don’t feel well after all, so to the store I went!

If I was going out I was going to run more than one errand so I stopped at two shops for various things as well as returned some books to the library…during all this was when my patience snapped and I yelled at my purse, like a loon.

It was so stupid, I was just back in my car after being in shop number one, feeling frustrated because I’m tired and having trouble staying focused on what I’m doing (so a super safe driver obviously πŸ˜‰ ) not getting all the items I needed from that store because they don’t carry everything advertised in their flyer (it is a small location) and I was trying to put my phone back in the little pocket in my purse, where it lives, in the dark while not looking. Something, fyi, I can normally do. Well, tonight I couldn’t. For some reason it didn’t matter how much I tried I couldn’t find the pocket and instead of just looking, or turning on a light, or doing any of the number of things that would make this task easy, I yelled at the purse. Not like a full on screaming match at it or anything, just a couple words yelled in frustration.

Frustration that isn’t actually aimed at the purse, it was just a handy target, but frustration that is aimed at me, and being sick again, and not functioning as well as I normally do, and thinking of how being sick yet again is going to impact my coming days. There goes some social plans I had, won’t be going to the gym, or for any hikes in the last of our nice weather, my brain is foggy so my focus is sucky which makes everything seem harder, my energy levels today were barely existent so all my daily tasks (like dishes) will tire me out more than normal leaving less energy for fun stuff, I’m missing two shifts at work so my pay cheque is going to suffer, a lot.

I know its petty, and such a whiny first world problem kind of thing to be complaining about. Oh woe is me, I’m sick again so I won’t be going on a hike. Life could be so much worse, and I know that. Right now however, in this moment, in my little section of the world, my being sick is what is affecting me the most, and that it is happening again, so close to the last time I was sick, is really pissing me off.

And apparently I’m taking out that anger on my purse, by yelling at it. Good thing the purse doesn’t have feelings or I’d be feeling sick as well as contrite for taking my anger out another.

For now though, the cat and I are going to crawl back in to bed, and try to sleep our way through my being sick…well, I’m going to try to sleep my way through being sick, he is just going to enjoy having an inert body around more than normal that he can lay on.

striker on back

He is laying on my back.Β  As long as he’s comfy, right?

Sick: Day 3

1 Feb

For the past three weeks I’ve been getting sore throats, every two to three days I’d wake up with a sore throat and be sluggish all day and I’d think “ok, this is the day I finally get sick”. Frankly, I was getting annoyed with being in the almost sick phase, I wanted my body to either (1) fully beat back whatever bug was trying to get a hold of me or (2) fully surrender, let me get sick so then I could get better. I didn’t think I was asking for much.

Well Friday I woke up with no voice, it was this pathetic painful whisper that I refrained from using as much as humanly possible – which fyi, when your roommate is a cat, totally easy to go an entire day without talking. I emailed in to work saying I was sick and proceeded to do nothing.

My symptoms weren’t all encompassing, if it wasn’t for the fact I couldn’t talk I would have gone in to work, but sadly the majority of my job involves talking sooooo, yeah, can’t really do my job all that well when voiceless. As of Friday I was voiceless and ridiculously tired but otherwise fine.

Saturday was a lot of the same, no voice, really tired, but I had hopes I’d be ok for Sunday. I didn’t want to push my luck though so I told my manager I’d be off sick for Saturday and Sunday. Let’s just say management was not happy…

Then came Saturday night. I started getting sniffly. The later in to the night it became the more I was sniffling. Uh-oh. The upside was that I no longer had to whisper, I could talk a little bit, not that the cat was listening to me lol I was kinda happy, I thought for sure with my throat hurting less by Saturday night I’d be back to normal talking on Sunday and hey, who can’t deal with some sniffles?

Well, no. Just…no. I was not right with my thinking, sigh.

I woke up this morning (Sunday) with so much congestion, so much inability to breath, so much having to be within arms reach of kleenex at all times. Seriously, at. all. times. It was obvious I was getting worse instead of better, lame! Why can’t all the symptoms come at once, then I have one to two horrible days and from there start getting better? What’s with new symptoms popping up on day three of being sick? I call foul! If I didn’t already have the symptom by day two then I don’t think I should be getting it at all! Course, my immune system obviously isn’t listening to me sooooo I guess my opinion on this matter doesn’t count.

So here I am, the night of day three, I can talk for short amounts of time but my poor sinuses! Oh the pain, the pressure, the constant sniffling and sneezing, *groan* I had to make a trip to the grocery store today to buy more kleenex cause that is not a thing I stockpile and I was dangerously low. Oh the humanity!

I also purchased a box of DayQuil / NyQuil in an attempt to bring my symptoms to heal, at this point I was still envisioning myself going to work the next day. I took the DayQuil when I got home from the store and haven’t stopped yawning since, it totally made me drowsy while doing nothing to help my symptoms, what the hell? I don’t buy meds often but when I do I damn well expect them to work! Stupid DayQuil. *pout*

Fyi, I am a whiny sick person, in case you couldn’t tell πŸ˜›

A friend recommended Ginseng Tea, apparently her mom recommended it to her when she was sick and she swears by it so I got some of that on Friday, when I could still taste things it tasted kind of like lemony tree bark…weird…

Don't do it! It's not worth it!

Don’t do it! It’s not worth it!

Other than the Honey Lemon Ginseng tea my new best friends have become:

Black Cherry Flavour Halls, Mmm.

Black Cherry Flavour Halls, Mmm.

Apple Juice - a sick person's best friend.

Apple Juice – a sick person’s best friend.

When I was a kid and was sick I always got Apple Juice, it has stuck with me as a thing to have when sick. It is the one drink that doesn’t taste gross to me when all other foods and drinks start to taste icky.

Homemade chicken veggie soup.

Homemade chicken veggie soup.

Homemade chicken veggie soup, yum! Not homemade by me, obviously lol A couple days before I got sick a friend gave me some frozen homemade soup she had made and what better time to eat it then when sick?

The all important Kleenex

The all important Kleenex

And of course the all important Kleenex, I bought the super soft kind and now have some in every room of my apartment. πŸ™‚

I arranged for someone to cover my shift tomorrow because I feel horrible, like 20 different levels of horrible, can’t breathe, can’t smell, can’t taste, constantly tired, sinus pain, a cough is starting, oh, and I keep having these rather impressive sneezing fits…nobody wants to be around someone like that! However my poor doctor will have to be around me at some point tomorrow cause I’m gonna have to get a sick note lol πŸ˜›

Sick Day

29 Dec

I officially declare today a sick day. *aaaaaachooooo*sniffle*

I’m grateful I’m not coughing, that would just be cruel. So far I am sneezing, having sinus issues, exhausted and have no appetite.

Lovely don’t ya think? πŸ˜‰

I am oh so lucky to have an awesome manager who went in on her day off to cover my shift since our casual-supposed-to-be-there-to-cover-these-types-of-situations-person said no she wouldn’t work my shift when called and told I was sick. Otherwise I’d be at work right now, spreading germs, feeling miserable and most likely pouting to some degree since when I am sick I get kinda pouty. Luckily I also become a hermit and haaaate being around people when sick so generally my poutyness isn’t inflicted on others. lol.

I haven’t done much of anything today, everything I have thought of (reading, working on a puzzle, unpacking, knitting, tidying up etc) seems like too much work so instead of recounting something interesting/funny/odd from my day I shall leave you with some hockey jokes the flight attendant told on the plane yesterday, enjoy!

(1) How are the Calgary Flames and a tea bag the same?

They are both only good for one cup!

(2) How are the Edmonton Oilers and the Titanic the same?

They both look good till they hit the ice!

(3) Whose the fastest player on the Vancouver Canucks?

That Sedin guy, he’s so fast it’s like there are two of him!

and lastly…

(4) How do you know it is spring in Toronto?

The leafs are out!

bahahahahahaha πŸ˜€

hockey collage

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