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28 Mar

This is a song called Promise by Ben Howard. I love this song and thought I’d share! πŸ™‚

Changing How I Eat

27 Mar

I’ve been talking with this nutritionist to get help with my eating, I don’t have the best eating habits and I thought getting some professional help might, well, help. πŸ˜›

She’s been really good about teaching me how to make small changes that are sustainable instead of giving me a list of drastic changes I should make that I’d never be able to keep up with. Baby steps people!

One of the things she wants me working on is eating small meals every three hours. That was one of the things I was trying to do this past week and lemme tell ya, it takes a huge effort! I don’t like eating that often, or eating that much over the course of a day but I had promised myself I would try so I started trying to eat something every three hours on Sunday, I thought it’d be easier to do on a work day and yay me, I was right lol

It’s not that I have to eat a meal every three hours, I just have to eat something, preferably a combination of protein, fruit or veg and whole grains. Now, eating that combo didn’t happen every three hours but I almost always managed to eat something at the three hour mark. πŸ™‚ Sometimes it was as simple as eating a hard boiled egg, other times it was veggies and hummus, I varied it so I wouldn’t get bored.

Not gonna lie, I was kinda proud of how well I managed on Sunday and Monday but I totally dropped the ball on my days off, sigh. One thing I have managed to do for 3 days in a row is cook an actual meal each day! And not just something I would consider a meal, like a spoonful of peanut butter or some toast but food that I think almost anyone would consider a meal. Go me go! lol

The meals weren’t always the healthiest but they were better than things I have made in the past. I tried to make sure I had that combination the nutritionist had been talking about and I was trying to do this other thing she taught me which is building your meal. The idea is you take the dish you were already going to make and build on to it so it is healthier and more filling and provides more of the nutrients you need in a day.Β For example, I made a grilled cheese sandwich one day and to build on the meal I also prepped some raw veggies and got some hummus so I ate not just the sandwich but also carrots, baby tomatoes and hummus (the hummus was for the protein). Make sense?

Wednesday I made a dish I don’t have a name for lol it had noodles, asparagus, orange pepper, beefless tips (don’t judge, they are delish!) with a spicy thai sauce. It looked like this…

2015-03-25 18.57.43The beefless tips look burned but they actually weren’t and yeah I know, it doesn’t look that impressive in general but hey, this is me, baby steps! It has veggie, protein and well, not whole grains but a carb type thing so I think it follows the rules I am trying to learn. And sure, maybe I shouldn’t have added a sauce but it needed something to give it some flavour, I may be trying to eat healthy but I’m not trying to piss off my taste buds by depriving them lol

Tuesday I made chicken fingers and veggies which yes I am well aware chicken fingers are not healthy cause they are breaded but they were in my freezer and the meal I made was a better option than the peanut butter and nutella sandwich I was contemplating. πŸ˜›

Tuesdays dinner

Tuesdays dinner

To make up for eating chicken fingers I made a super healthy dessert of Greek Yogurt with sliced banana in it and a side of some sliced up mango. Only problem was I didn’t get to eat the yogurt and banana because it turned out the yogurt had gone bad, something I discovered with my first spoonful, blech. Least the mango was good! πŸ™‚

Healthy dessert

Healthy dessert

The dinner I made on Monday wasn’t from scratch, though I suppose neither are chicken fingers lol I made a stir fry but it is a ready made one that is frozen so all I have to do is warm it up, takes a whopping 18 minutes when cooked on the stove top, something even I can manage lol

Mondays dinner

Mondays dinner

So yeah, I am trying to take what the nutritionist is teaching me and incorporate it in to my daily eating habits. It doesn’t always work but at least I have a bit more structure to my eating. Like today for instance, I had oatmeal for breakfast, well, lunch, umm…late lunch I guess, I ate around 3:30pm so I knew that I should eat again around 6:30pm. Knowing I would be eating again at 6:30pm helped stop me from nibbling on food around 5pm when I was feeling like having a nibble, structure can be your friend! πŸ™‚ Course, you can’t always eat every three hours, life gets in the way, and that messes me up cause if I miss the three hour mark then I feel like I’ve screwed up and that doesn’t feel good at all, sigh. But I’ll get better the longer I try! πŸ™‚


Dragon Boat Shoes!

26 Mar

It seems like every dragon boat season I go through shoe drama. Over the years I have tried wearing converse, flip flops, Skechers walking shoes and going barefoot. None have been perfect, all have had their pros and cons, as most things do.

Last season I was wearing Skechers walking shoes, I was super psyched for them because they seemed like the perfect shoe for dragon boating. They had a normal sole, so good grips in the boat and good for our on land warm-up. The fabric of the shoe was this quick drying, mesh but not mesh stuff – quick drying is important because nobody likes putting on a wet shoe, *shudder*. Sadly though, the shoes let me down. No matter how much I cleaned them they eventually had a stench that was impossible to ignore. The smell was because of the water in False Creek, it is naaaasty! Then, one of our away festivals had the paddlers tents on a beach and I got sand in the shoes. You wouldn’t think it’d be such a big deal but no matter how much I cleaned and rinsed those shoes I could never get all the sand out of that mesh-but-not-mesh fabric. By the end of that festival weekend my feet were destroyed! I had blisters and areas of my feet had been rubbed raw from wearing the shoes when they had sand trapped in them, omg it hurt!

It was so close to the end of the season I didn’t bother replacing the shoes last season, instead I waited, and the waiting proved fruitful! For Christmas my parents gave me a gift certificate to buy a specific shoe that I wanted for dragon boating. Some of my teammates have this shoe and swear by them.

My new dragon boat shoes.

My new dragon boat shoes.

The company that makes these lovely shoes is Native, their website isΒ hereΒ if you are interested. They come in many styles but I didn’t pick them because of what they look like, though, I do like how they look so that’s a bonus lol They are awesome for dragon boating because they are made of rubber. Can’t get better than that for a water sport! They have a great grip in the boat, are comfy, despite the holes my feet stay warm even in rainy cold weather and as a little bonus there are these little bumps inside that sorta massage your feet while you are wearing the shoes. πŸ™‚

The company amuses me, a couple of days after I got the shoes (I bought them online) I got an email from them that started with “Dear Human” lol, an enjoyable sense of humour don’t you think? The email was about proper care for my shoes so they last as long as possible.

Oh and the tags on the shoes made me laugh…

2015-03-02 16.33.26

The tag says: No sasquatch, unicorns, doves, jabberwoks, cows, werewolfs, whales, dogs, mermaids, pigs, yeti, anteaters, cats, antelope, cobras, possums, dragons, porqupines, owls, sloths, ostrich, crocodiles, bears, mice, pegasus, slugs, or any other beast was used in these natives! (the spelling mistakes are the company’s fault, not mine!)

There was another tag that lists one of the features of the shoes as being “beast free” and the third tag gives instructions for how to ride an escalator lol

I know its dumb but stuff like that makes me smile. πŸ™‚

I’ve worn them for a couple of weeks now and they’ve been good. I haven’t gone running in them, because I haven’t been running during warm-ups, I think they’ll be ok for running except for the little problem that the heel of the shoe fits a tad too big so even when walking the back of my foot slips out of the shoe a bit, it’s not a huge deal, just an annoyance at this point.

I’m trying not to be too excited for these shoes, since every year I end up replacing what I’ve been wearing, but I’m hopeful these ones will last longer than one season! πŸ™‚


25 Mar

I am not a huge fan of going to the dentist, is anybody? Having someone poke around in my mouth with sharp metal instruments is not my idea of a fun filled afternoon buuuuuuut eventually you’ve gotta go, right? Right…sad sigh…


I haven’t been to the dentist since 2008-ish and when I did go it was for a regular check-up and cleaning, no biggy. But since then I haven’t had dental coverage and wasn’t interested in paying out of pocket to have a sadist cause me pain and discomfort lol The job I currently have has excellent benefits though, that kicked in at the three month mark, since I’ve been with the company 2 years (oh dear god, has it really been two years?? *shock*) I figured I might as well take advantage of having such good benefits and ya know, use em. Since I have no idea how to pick a good dentist I asked a friend of mine who has kids, which means she must have a dentist lol, and I was right, she does have a dentist and she recommended them cause she doesn’t mind sharing. Turns out her dentist isn’t one specific dentist but a large dental office, it is like nothing I have ever seen. It’s massive, and has an unknown number of dentists, and dental assistants and hygienists. I’m used to going to a small dental office where the staff has a low turn over and they remember you from the previous years visit and ask how classes are going, or the job, or how the bf is, or did I go on that trip I was planning last time I was there…really personalized. But that is not this place, though the people were very friendly so that’s nice. πŸ™‚

I went last week for what I thought would be a simple appointment, a regular check-up and cleaning, oh and that gross fluoride stuff, ugh. This super friendly hygienist started using those super pointy metal tools of torture to do her thing but she went slow so she didn’t actually finish before my appointment was up, weird huh? The dentist came in (fyi, very yummy, I momentarily lost the ability to get words forming in my brain and am fairly certain I came across as an idiot, sigh) he did his thing and informed me that a filling I have had since the dawn of time has a crack and needs to be taken out and replaced and that I had a small cavity forming on a different tooth that should be taken care of now before it gets bigger.

Just. Great.

This means that my one visit expanded to 4. Four!! I feel like I should just move in there lol I was there yesterday and the dentist took care of the small cavity that just started forming. I thought they’d do everything at once but he says he likes to take things slow, not have the person in the chair for any longer than an hour so they don’t get stressed. I told him to do as much as he can in one visit, I can take it, he wasn’t convinced and the appointments have stayed spread out. I have another tomorrow, that’s the regular cleaning, and then one next week for the removal of the cracked filling and the replacement.

It was funny yesterday, they used so much numbing stuff that from just under my eye to my jaw was frozen, including my nose! I kept poking at the right side of my face cause it simultaneously felt like it was huge and felt like nothing at all. I had to eat before the numbing had worn off because I had to go to dragon boat practice, let’s just say I am oh so very glad nobody was watching me eat! lol I had to put teeny tiny amounts of food in my mouth, keep it in the left side, tilt my head back, chew and swallow. The tilting of the head was very important in this process because I was unable to keep food or liquid in my mouth if my head wasn’t tilted back. Oh, and when I went to the washroom there was food on my lip that I wasn’t aware of cause ya know, the lip was numb. Oh! And you should have seen me trying to drink water when on the boat during practice, at one point I dribbled water down my chin cause I just couldn’t keep it in my mouth, well, on the right side anyways lol Thank goodness the left side of my mouth wasn’t frozen!

So all in all the dentist visit is turning out to be an ongoing saga that I’m not enjoying all that much, except for the cute dentist that is! πŸ˜‰

Oh, and quick tip, don’t get told you need to have fillings then go home and YouTube videos about how they are done, it just amps up your anxiety level before your own appointment. Oh, and don’t watch videos titled “6 Things You Didn’t Know About Dentists” before your visit either cause that won’t make you feel aaaaaany better. Did you know that one of those drill head thingys came loose and got lodged in someones lungs one time? Yeah…these are the things I was learning before my cavity filling visit…not wise!


14 Mar

Alrighty so I’m a tad behind, oops!

Last weekend, thanks to daylight savings time I got to go to Sunday Brunch. πŸ™‚

This may not seem like a big deal, but you’re probably also a person who has the option of going to Sunday Brunch most Sundays and you decide if you go or not. I never get to go because I work 7am-3pm on Sundays. No brunch for moi.

Anyways! Because of daylight savings my shift and the person who usually works the evening shift on Sunday swapped…I just realized the reason behind why we swapped isn’t self-evident lol I also work Saturday nights until 9pm. I am a night owl so I get home Saturdays, have a cup of tea and a snack, watch some tv or go online or read or whatever. I go to bed between 12am-2am and if I am lucky am asleep by 2:30am, usually I am not lucky and I toss and turn until my alarm goes off at a ridiculous 5:30am. This means on an average, non daylight savings time Sunday I am going about my day with approximately 3 hours of sleep, and not a deep restful sleep but a crappy sleep. I am fine with this, I am used to this, I can totally handle this. Try to take away one of my measly hours of sleep though and I will call out the hounds of hell and make everyone in my little section of the world miserable. Miserable! Hence, the lady who normally works Sunday evenings taking my morning shift, so I don’t kill people from lack of sleep. πŸ™‚

I didn’t want to squander this rare chance to go to brunch so I texted a couple of friends and off to brunch we went. It was so nice to have a relaxed Sunday morning where someone was serving me instead of me running around like a crazy person because Sundays are busy at my work – and woefully understaffed. *rolls eyes*

We went to toby’s…the lower case ‘t’ is their doing, not me being disrespectful, or ignorant of the rules of capitalization lol


The description on the website says:

“Toby’s, a new and exciting Gastro pub-style restaurant. Industrial style dΓ©cor donning old Guiness Factory murals and modern yet nostalgic feel, Toby’s offers Irish and Celtic inspired dishes with an influence of eastern spices along with many vegetarian and gluten-free options.”

I can’t say that it struck me as being overly modern or nostalgic, and I didn’t notice any dishes on the brunch menu that seemed Irish or Celtic inspired lol but that’s just me being difficult. I actually like toby’s. πŸ™‚

The waitress was a tad slow but friendly, it had a lot of windows so great lighting, a random combination of people (as you’d expect in any restaurant), in general a fun relaxed atmosphere.

I tried to be good and ordered off the “healthy” section, or as they call it “Light Fare Breakfast”. My meal was deeeelish but there was nothing light about it lol

I ordered the Banana Pecan Buckwheat Pancakes – it came with 4 turkey bacon strips and 2 scrambled egg whites for $8.75.

Banana Pecan Buckwheat Pancakes with turkey bacon and scrambled egg whites

Banana Pecan Buckwheat Pancakes with turkey bacon and scrambled egg whites

I drowned the pancakes in syrup cause that is my way and oh man was the whole thing amazingly tasty! I ate the eggs and turkey bacon first, figuring I should fill up on the healthy part of the meal before chowing down on pancakes lol I am a sucker for pancakes, Mmm! I enjoyed how the addition of the sliced banana let me delude myself in to thinking the meal was healthy. πŸ˜›

Buckwheat pancakes, go figure. I had no idea what I was getting in to, I had horrible visions of super dry gross pancakes, but if you hadn’t told me they were buckwheat I can’t say for certain I would have noticed anything different about them. I’m not entirely certain what buckwheat is, I have to find time to google it, and I’m not sure why using buckwheat makes the pancakes miraculously healthy but hey, I’ll take it!

Should You Exercise When Sick?

9 Mar

My work is swarming with germs lately…by lately I mean the past two weeks. There is some nasty bug that is making the rounds and whoever catches it basically is doomed. It’s nothing horrible like the noro-virus, it’s just a nasty cold. Whenever a resident is sick we request they call the front desk and have their meals delivered so as to not spread their illness to everybody else. It doesn’t seem that unreasonable of a request in my opinion but you’d be surprised at how many people come down, sneeze and cough their way through their meals, through the various fitness classes, through the movies, through all the different social activities we have going on and then are surprised to find a couple days later we have a huge increase in the number of sick people. sigh.

I stupidly thought I wouldn’t catch it because hey, I’m not a senior, my immune system is strong. Ha-bloody-ha! I got sneezed on, as in, directly sneezed on last Sunday and woke up this past Tuesday incredibly sick. This bug just flattens you. With how poorly I was feeling, and how hard it was for me to do anything, I can only imagine how much harder it is for the residents who get it.

I was so sick I missed both my dragon boat practices this past week, which sucks! 😦 …and is a true indication of just how sick I was/am.

When you’re sick, do you wonder how much, if any exercise you should be doing? I always do. I always think I should be pushing through, forcing myself to exercise, to go to my practices, to go for a hike, because exercise is good for you, right? But sometimes you are just sooooo sick that it feels like exercise just getting your butt up off the chair to get a glass of water.

So I went searching and I found this handy dandy visual aid to help me figure out if I should be exercising when sick, and if so, what types of exercises I should be doing. And of course I am sharing the visual aid with all of you because I am friendly like that. lol πŸ™‚

page one jpg

page two jpg

page three jpg

page four jpg

page five jpg

In case the words are too small to read just clickΒ hereΒ and it should open a new tab with all five pages in a larger size. *crosses fingers the link works* lol

Hopefully you all stay healthy and don’t need to know this for a while! πŸ™‚

Hot Cross Buns From Cobs

8 Mar

I have been trying to publish a different post but due to technical difficulties it just isn’t happenin, and hasn’t been happenin for a couple days now so let’s change topics shall we?

I don’t go to Cobs. Not that I have anything against the company it’s just, all they sell is bread, and why would I go to a store that only sells one thing when I can buy that item, along with all my other groceries in one store, like Safeway? I like to manage my time and in doing so I choose not to go to a whole bunch of little specialty shops. Also, those little shops tend to be pricier so hey, one more reason to avoid them right? Right!

Well, I got a coupon from Facebook saying if I bought a six pack of hot cross buns I would get a free loaf of bread at Cobs. For some reason this appealed to me, even though I wouldn’t normally be buying hot cross buns lol Before work today I popped in to Cobs and holy hannah, Cobs is soooooo much more than just bread. It’s like bread heaven. Mmm!

I stuck to my plan and bought the six pack of hot cross buns and received my free loaf of bread but lemme tell ya, there were many a tempting item in there. When I got to work I was informed I should have caved and bought a cinnamon bun because they are the best ever so I may go back one day when I want a treat since cinnamon buns are one of my favourite things. πŸ˜€

How are cinnamon buns not one of Maria’s favourite things?

Back to Cobs! lol

Did you know there are different types of hot cross buns? I didn’t know this. I had only ever seen the one kind, the semi-ok-not-my-fave-thing-trying-to-teach-myself-to-like-kind. You know what I’m talking about, dried fruit inside and the line of frosting on top in the shape of a plus-sign?

But the lady at Cobs asked me what kind I wanted and my hot cross bun world expanded, just like that, boom!

They have: chocolate chip, cranberry & orange and traditional…there might be more, those are the ones I remember. To be honest, my brain kinda stopped reading the different types once I saw chocolate chip lol πŸ˜›

I could mix and match so I got 4 chocolate chip and 2 cranberry & orange. The plan is to wrap them individually and freeze them so I can bring them out randomly for treats but of course I ate one this evening, it’s practically an obligation to eat one the same day as purchase for quality control. πŸ˜‰ teehee

Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Bun

Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Bun

It doesn’t look much like a hot cross bun, there is no frosting of any type on top – they probably figured the chocolate made it sweet enough…and it wasn’t as soft as I am accustomed to. Maybe all this time I had been eating sub-standard versions and they are not normally so soft? I dunno. shrug. I popped it in the microwave for 15 seconds and Mmm! Tasteeeeee! πŸ™‚

I would say if you like chocolate, aren’t married to the idea of what a hot cross bun has to be like and enjoy bread type foods you’ll probably like this little creation by Cobs, and hey, if you get a coupon from Facebook you can even get a free loaf of bread when you buy a 6-pack of them!

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