Campbell’s Thai Chicken Vegetable Soup

13 Feb

Don’t do it, just don’t. Avoid the soup, save your tastebuds! lol

I bought one of those meant-to-take-to-work-packaged Campbell’s soups that you can pop in to the microwave for a quick and healthy meal. I bought it because (1) it was on sale, (2) I like soup and (3) I’m lazy and will try anything that means I don’t have to cook. 😛

This evening at work I was supposed to get dinner from the kitchen but my lovely salmon dinner sat out for a couple hours, not heated, while I was busy working and thanks to that FoodSafe course I had to take I now know just what might be growing in the salmon when it is left on the counter…I couldn’t bring myself to eat it. I’m sure I would have been fine but nope, couldn’t do it. I hate I have this knowledge in my head now lol

My unwillingness to eat the salmon and risk food poisoning meant I was super hungry by the time I got home, which sucked because the majority of the food I have in my kitchen requires at least 40 minutes cooking time, well, the protein type foods anyways. Then I saw the soup on the shelf and yay, problem solved! I love soup, this only requires 1 minute 45 seconds to heat in the microwave, can’t get better than that!

campbells thai chicken soup

In theory my plan for having the soup for dinner was great, in reality my taste buds may never forgive me. Ugh.

The herbs, despite the soup being heated, were hard, it felt like I had small sticks in my mouth. The only time I should be pulling food out of my mouth while eating is if I am ridding my mouth of cherry pits/seeds or if I am eating fish and a teeny tiny bone was missed. In a chicken and veggie soup I should not be having this problem…

Then there was the taste. I don’t even have the right words to properly describe the disturbing flavour that is this soup. There were some bites that had almost no flavour, sad. Other bites had a bit of a BBQ flavour, which I thought was odd but since I love BBQ I was kind of ok with that. Then there was the third flavour, the one I tasted most often, the one I don’t have words for…it was, well, not pleasant. Seriously, I don’t have a descriptive enough vocabulary for that flavour lol And before you say I didn’t stir the soup well enough, I did, trust me on this. 🙂

The soup wasn’t all bad though, the pieces of veggies were nice and large, and there was quite a lot in that container. I poured it in to a bowl and it filled my bowl so you’re definitely not getting jipped portion wise. But really, if the best you can say about a soup is the portion is large and so are the veggie chunks well, that’s not saying much.


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