January Fitness Challenge

3 Jan

You may or may not recall that in December I made up a 20 day fitness challenge, 20 Workouts in 20 Days…

I decided to make a new fitness challenge for January, to help keep us all motivated, well, ok, mostly to try to get me motivated lol I got super lazy over the holidays, and combining super lazy with eating ridiculous amounts of food, lets just say I am not so comfy in my body right now. Ugh.

I decided to make it a bit more do-able of a challenge, since most people I told the December one to thought it wasn’t achievable so instead of another 20 Workouts in 20 Days (which personally I thought was catchy lol) it is…

20 Workouts in 30 Days!

Ok, so not as catchy, but maybe not as scary for people?

Jan Fitness Challenge 2016

The basic rules are the same:

(1) a workout consists of 30 minutes or more of activity

(2) a workout can be any physical activity (ex. 30 mins at the gym, 30 mins cleaning your house, 30 mins packing away Christmas decorations…or whatever else you can think of, as long as it is 30 minutes)

(3) if you miss a day you can make it up another day – so, if you miss your planned 30 minute walk due to life getting in the way you can just add that 30 minutes on to a workout another day. This one isn’t quite as necessary since this time there are 30 days to complete the 20 workouts but towards the end people might be running out of days and I don’t want them to quit because they think they failed.

Thaaaaaat is pretty much it!

I am going to make some sort of cute tracker to put on my fridge to count the workouts, I like to be able to visually track my workouts, I find it helps motivate me on lazy days lol I have also found in the past a good way to keep track is to write on my calendar what exercise I did each day and then highlight it so when I glance at the calendar I can see quite clearly which days I worked out. The more highlighted words the better! It’s sort of like giving yourself a gold star sticker for accomplishing something and weirdly enough it works. Hey! Don’t judge! It’s just how I roll! lol 😉 You do whatever works for you k?



One Response to “January Fitness Challenge”

  1. Rachel Bachman January 29, 2016 at 6:48 am #

    Hello! I’m a reporter and am hoping to talk to you about your 30-day challenges (and the 20/30 one you invented). You can reach me on Facebook. Thank you! — Rachel

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