Preparing for Snowmaggedon

8 Dec

Apparently we are about to be hit by snowmaggedon which of course means the stores were full of people today…buying Christmas present lol

Depending which weather report you believe the snow is going to start within the hour, continue on all night and tomorrow, be combined with strong winds, which will create white out conditions and basically tomorrow will be ridiculous.

The other main weather report says it will start snowing around 2am, snow throughout the day Friday, and then turn in to freezing rain around 2pm.

Gotta say, if I have to choose between white out snow conditions or freezing rain I choose white out.


Either way, it is looking like there is going to be a lot of snow to deal with. What comes along with snow? Power outages. Crazy driving conditions. Restricted body movement because of wearing so many clothing layers. Ya know, normal winter stuff. 😉

So, in preparation for possibly losing power in my place I stocked up on food, in a sense. I bought a foot long sub from Subway, got them to cut it in half, and saved half for tomorrow.


One for today, one for tomorrow.

Look how organized and in planning mode I am! Seriously, it is a wonder I have survived in Canada this long lol

Last time I lost power I went to Tim Horton’s, ordered a tea for my travel mug so it would stay hot longer, a tea in one of their to-go cups, a sandwich and I believe I even got a doughnut. Then I hunkered down in the apartment with a throw blanket, the cat, a flashlight that I borrowed from my landlord and a book.

This time I at least got some ready to eat food in advance!

I still haven’t gotten a flashlight though…



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