Self Isolation Day 3: The Organizing Has Begun

17 Mar

Only three days in and I already started organizing.

I’ve decided the best way to go about this whole self-isolation thing is to try to maintain some sort of routine. My normal work shift is 10am-6pm so I’m getting up in time to be at my computer for 10am, which means I’m getting up around 9:45am, puttering my way to the bathroom, then the kitchen for a cup of tea, then to my laptop. At 10am this morning I didn’t have full access to be able to work remotely so while technically available to work I was physically incapable of working, so I sat in my cozy pjs, with a blanket over my lap, my laptop beside me, a cup of tea within reach, and watched YouTube.

Gotta say, it was the best way to start a work day!

Eventually IT called and got me online, sigh. So I caught up on emails, learned there is a glitch with my access so emailed IT for help, was told they will get to me tomorrow, and was pretty much done for the day, thanks to the glitch.

But now what?

The library had emailed me saying an item I had was overdue and I figured that for a legitimate reason to go outside, so out I went. I know I know, not exactly self-isolating but I don’t want a larger fine than I was already getting! I chose to walk to the library, get some sunshine and it was glorious. Warm but not hot, sunny but not sunny enough to burn me, the walk is a decent length so I can get a bit sweaty if I push it but not so long I regret taking it.

When I got to the library I was grateful I went today as there were signs up everywhere that after today the library would be closed. They were also only letting 50 people be in the library at a time and had signs requesting everyone form a line. It was the most orderly line I’ve ever seen. Not only were people standing in a line, but they kept themselves to one side so as to not block the sidewalk, and they all kept minimum an arm lengths away from each other. It was quite polite lol

After that I stopped at Safeway for a couple items I realized I did not have and saw the empty shelves for myself. Every other time I went in to a shop there might be shelves dangerously low on items but not empty. These were empty. Entire sections in the produce area were bare, and the apples they had were nasty looking. I ended up buying two apples from the organic section, desperate times call for desperate measures. Two apples cost me two bucks and change! These better be the best tasting apples I have ever had in my life.

After I grabbed my couple items I enjoyed one last walk in the sun home. And have been stuck inside ever since. sigh.

I hit a level of boredom that resulted in me taking every item out of my pantry, wiping them down, wiping down the inside of the pantry, and reorganizing the whole thing.

Then I did the same with the fridge.

If this is happening on Day 3 how much worse is it going to get? Am I going to start organizing my sock drawer or something?

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And yes I know, it still looks cluttered for something I said I organized, but c’mon, I have a tiny space to work with and two weeks worth of food is a lot, no matter what I did it still looked cluttered…just a cleaner cluttered lol


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