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Jagerhof Restaurant

29 Jan

I went out for dinner with a friend on Tuesday to a restaurant called Jagerhof – there are supposed to be two little dots on top of the “a” but if you think I know how to get them there you are delusional lol 😛 We went on the suggestion of a co-worker of mine who has a second job there and she was definitely right to suggest the restaurant!

It’s a small quaint little place, I can’t say if it is decorated in any sort of traditional German way since I have never been to Germany but it was nice. The lighting was super dim, something I hadn’t really noticed until I took a picture of my dinner and the flash went off making me feel so amazingly conspicuous that even though I didn’t care for the picture I took I refused to take another one lol Which means this is the only picture I have…

Eggplant Ravioli

Eggplant Ravioli

I ordered the Eggplant Ravioli which is eggplant stuffed with camembert, breaded with panko, served with baby arugula and spicy tomato sauce.

It was good. Not amazing, but good. I would have really liked a veal schnitzel but they only had pork schnitzel and I don’t eat pork sooooooo an alternative had to be found lol Luckily I checked out the menu the day before I went and realized I was pretty much hooped when ordering at this place. Apparently German food is all pork, ugh. This and the pasta dish (if I got the ham taken out) were pretty much the only entrees I could order. It is rare that I am so limited at a restaurant but oh well, there are a lot of vegetarian dishes out there, can’t hurt to sample a couple more of them! lol This dish was tasty, just not very filling, I think if it was served with a more substantial salad that would have been better. The actual eggplant portion of the dish was something I would definitely recommend! 🙂

I also ordered the Vienna Apfelstrudel for dessert, which again, was not amazing, but good. This one is my own fault, I didn’t ask if there were raisins in it when I ordered it. I forget that some people put raisins in apple strudels without mentioning it in the food description and I hate raisins. sigh. I was really batting two for two that night lol

Vienna Apfelstrudel

Vienna Apfelstrudel

The above picture is not one taken by me but one I found online that someone else who was commenting on the restaurant posted, this is exactly what my dessert looked like so I feel confident it really is a picture of the Jagerhof’s apfelstrudel. 🙂

Luckily the beer I ordered was great! Yay for beer! The online menu doesn’t have a list of the beers Jagerhof serves and I can’t recall the name of it, it was a light Austrian beer that was recommended to me, which I guess means I can’t take the credit for ordering it can I?

It was a fun night out with my friend, we always have a fun time though so that was a given lol and hey, it’s always good to try somewhere new. 🙂 This place is very popular, we had reservations for 6:15p and before we were done that place had filled up and there was a line up which is a far better review than I could ever give, what with my not eating pork and not liking raisins lol

Their website is:



German Christmas Market

5 Dec

For the fourth year in a row I went to the German Christmas Market that is held in the downtown core. It runs for a month or so and can be a lot of fun. It is based on the large Christmas Markets that happen in Europe and is German themed. I’ve never been to one of the Christmas Markets in Europe so I couldn’t say for certain how this one compares, I’m pretty sure this one is way smaller but the gist of it is the same…I think?

There is a carousal for all ages that my friend and I meant to go on but forgot, we kind of purposefully forgot as it was pouring rain and we didn’t like the idea of sitting on a wet horse lol There is also a massive Christmas tree that every single person there tries to get a picture in front of, for real, every single person lol, we had to wait for people to clear out so we could get a picture without strangers in it lol



My friend

My friend

Close up!

Close up!

One of the main things about the market is the food, I’d say half or maybe a bit more than half of the booths are food. Most of them are German foods but there is one booth that is all maple flavoured foods, we are in Canada after all! lol 😉

For dinner we each got a, hmm, a glorified hot dog I guess, mine was all beef, I think KL got the one that had beef and pork in it but I could be wrong about that. They are topped with sauerkraut and fried onions and if you want there is also ketchup and mustard.

2014-12-04 19.34.03

With your entrance ticket you get a free mug of either apple cider or mulled wine. I know from previous years I don’t like the mulled wine so apple cider it was! Lucky for me I like apple cider lol You get to keep the mug, which means I now have 4 of these mugs lol they are small so normally not a useful size, after all, if you are having a hot drink you want a normal sized mug right? I find them the perfect size if I am having juice though. 🙂

We also got dessert, I got a hot apple strudel and KL got waffle on a stick, which now that I think of it is probably not a German thing since it is at every fair type thing I’ve been to for years now and one of the few booths not manned by an actual German person lol

Hot apple strudel with vanilla sauce on top

Hot apple strudel with vanilla sauce on top

Of the two desserts KL’s was the better option, her waffles on a stick were covered in a strawberry sauce and whipped  cream and I thought it was way better than my strudel…kind of because the strudel was a bit bland and had raisins in it, ugh, raisins, blech.

There was also live entertainment, it ranged from good, to meh, to funny.

When we got there a group was performing whose name I didn’t catch, they performed a variety of songs, all Christmas themed. The lead singer had the cutest little hat on which you can’t see all that well in the picture because she kept standing directly under a light which made my camera unhappy lol

Can you see her hat? It's adorable!

Can you see her hat? It’s adorable!

There was also entertainment provided by some extremely well dressed drag queens who are way better at walking in heels than I ever will be, not even joking about that! There was a Simone Says game, and at least three separate musical performances, lemme see, there was a Celine Dion, a Taylor Swift and hmm, I’m not sure who the other person was supposed to be but she was entertaining! Basically it was a bunch of people having a great time. 🙂 The Taylor Swift impersonator was wearing such a skimpy outfit I felt bad for her lol even with all her dancing she must have been freezing!

The weather was cold, not super cold but cold, shrug, it is December after all. It was raining the entire time so thank goodness for waterproof jackets and boots! lol I bent my head forward at one point to look down and had a whole bunch of water pour off the top of my head where apparently my hood had been collecting it *rolls eyes* The rain is totally manageable if you are dressed for it, which luckily both KL and I were. I’ve gone other years where I wasn’t dressed for the weather and while I had fun I was also freezing which drastically lowered my enjoyment level, this year I was prepared! 🙂

This market has quickly become part of my Christmas season tradition, I really look forward to it and hope to continue going in the years to come. 🙂

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