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Day 2 of 12

21 Dec

Alrighty peeps, it is Day 2 of the 12 Days of Fitness and I’m sure everyone has been active today, right? Right!

I was up earlier than any human being should be when on vacation but that is what happens when you are staying with parents who wake up early…and when you are going to a morning WW meeting lol

Today was a happy day, went to my meeting, down a pound, entered a new weight decade, out for brunch with the parents, ate a delish meal at Cora’s. It was a random mixture of healthy and non-healthy foods, as most meals out are.

I got Theo’s Omelette which is an omelette filled with oh so many vegetables, covered in cheese, and served with a side of potatoes, fresh fruit, and toast. I asked them to make the omelette with half the normal amount of cheese because restaurants always seem to drown food in cheese and I think it came out with a pretty decent amount.


After brunch it was errand time, borrowed my Dad’s car for a while and bonus points for me, I returned it in the same condition it was in when I left the driveway. 🙂

This evening after dinner I realized that even though I had parked far away and walked when going to all the shops I hadn’t really done anything worthy of being called exercise so I grabbed one of the exercise dvd’s I brought and started working out.

Tonight I did the 5 Mile Walk dvd by Leslie Sansone, it is a “walk at home” dvd which means you are walking on the spot, or forwards and backwards, or side to side, in random combinations and taking her word for it that eventually you have walked 5 miles. I tend to jog for large parts of it, and incorporate more arm work, so I get a better work out.


The woman, Leslie, is so annoying, ugh. But she keeps you moving which is the important part. Normally I play the dvd on my laptop with the volume down low and watch something on tv while walking but my mom joined me this evening so we kept the volume up high and we kept being told to “walk! walk! walk!” lol  😀

My fear that I would fail this challenge by Day 2 has been relieved. Now on to figure out where to fit something in on Day 3!

Did you work out today?

Toby’s North Shore

12 Nov

Ok, first off I have to apologize at my lack of photograph, I am a bad foodie, sigh, and forgot to take a picture of my dinner. And fyi, I so should have because daaaamn that dinner was good! lol 😛

This past Monday a friend and I met up for dinner and we went to Toby’s, here is the restaurant’s website link:


Now, if I had been a good little dieter I would have ordered a salad but I was cold, and hungry, and tired, and all of those things conspired to make it easier for me to justify splurging on my calories and ordering something based on my taste bud’s preference vs my desire to get a smaller ass preference.

Enter the Pulled Pork Sandwich, or as they call it the Pulled Pork Crunch.

This would be where a picture of it would go if I had one, *big epic sigh*

It is a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and onion rings on a hoagie.

So good. So so so good. As in amazingly good! As in go order this sandwich! Mmm! 😀

The side options are fries, salad or colcannon which if I remember correctly is mashed potato with kale in it. I figured I was already goin to town with the calories in the sandwich no point in pretending to be healthy by getting a side salad lol so I got the fries.

The fries are also delish! They are the type that have a batter of some sort on them that makes them super crunchy, man I love those. 🙂

The sandwich, the epic amazing sandwich, oh where to begin! It is huge, so I cut it in half and even eating just half leaves you full. There is a lot of pulled pork on the sandwich, as there should be, with a good ratio of meat to sauce. So, not too drippy but not dry either. Some sauce ended up on my plate but not enough I felt I was losing all the good stuff lol There is also coleslaw on the sandwich, it seemed to be more for texture as I didn’t really taste it. Again, the ratio of coleslaw to everything else was spot on. Then there were, I want to say three large onion rings but it might have been four, and those are what took the sandwich up a notch.

Who doesn’t like onion rings? Only crazy people! So adding them to an already delicious sandwich is brilliant!…in my oh so humble opinion that is lol 😉

After eating half the sandwich and a little under half the fries I stopped eating, engaging in the trick everyone trying to lose weight knows about where you eat slow (which I sorta didn’t do) and take time after finishing so your brain can realize your stomach is actually full. I really wanted to keep eating but instead engaged in conversation and what do you know, it worked! I was perfectly fine with getting the server to pack up the leftovers to go because half a huge sandwich and a little under half an order of fries really does fill a stomach.

However, some guilt kicked in on the drive home and I started thinking about how I probably really screwed up my calories for the Monday and taking the left overs home would mean I would eat them on Tuesday thereby screwing up my calories for two days in a row which, hmm, yeah, not cool. So I engaged in a little bit of good karma and gave my left overs to a homeless lady I saw on the way home. Don’t go freaking out to me about germs an stuff, I cut the sandwich so the half I gave her I hadn’t even touched let alone bit in to and the fries were unmolested also since I only touched the fries I ate.

Then, me being me I emailed the contact info from the website requesting the nutritional information buuuut I didn’t really think I’d get an answer. Or if they did answer it would be to tell me they don’t know, which sucks.

Happy surprise I got an answer the next day and he had the nutritional information! According to Chef Chris (he is the one who answered my email) the sandwich was 400 calories and the fries were 225 calories.

Not bad at all!

I was expecting the meal to be well over 1000 calories, and I’m not really sure how it wasn’t, but I also don’t care, I am just happy it was not nearly as high as I imagined lol

Plus, it gets even better when you remember I only ate half!

I sorta wished I hadn’t given my left overs away but I’m sure the lady I gave them to needed the food more than I do so I guess I’m actually still glad I gave them away. 🙂


Jagerhof Restaurant

29 Jan

I went out for dinner with a friend on Tuesday to a restaurant called Jagerhof – there are supposed to be two little dots on top of the “a” but if you think I know how to get them there you are delusional lol 😛 We went on the suggestion of a co-worker of mine who has a second job there and she was definitely right to suggest the restaurant!

It’s a small quaint little place, I can’t say if it is decorated in any sort of traditional German way since I have never been to Germany but it was nice. The lighting was super dim, something I hadn’t really noticed until I took a picture of my dinner and the flash went off making me feel so amazingly conspicuous that even though I didn’t care for the picture I took I refused to take another one lol Which means this is the only picture I have…

Eggplant Ravioli

Eggplant Ravioli

I ordered the Eggplant Ravioli which is eggplant stuffed with camembert, breaded with panko, served with baby arugula and spicy tomato sauce.

It was good. Not amazing, but good. I would have really liked a veal schnitzel but they only had pork schnitzel and I don’t eat pork sooooooo an alternative had to be found lol Luckily I checked out the menu the day before I went and realized I was pretty much hooped when ordering at this place. Apparently German food is all pork, ugh. This and the pasta dish (if I got the ham taken out) were pretty much the only entrees I could order. It is rare that I am so limited at a restaurant but oh well, there are a lot of vegetarian dishes out there, can’t hurt to sample a couple more of them! lol This dish was tasty, just not very filling, I think if it was served with a more substantial salad that would have been better. The actual eggplant portion of the dish was something I would definitely recommend! 🙂

I also ordered the Vienna Apfelstrudel for dessert, which again, was not amazing, but good. This one is my own fault, I didn’t ask if there were raisins in it when I ordered it. I forget that some people put raisins in apple strudels without mentioning it in the food description and I hate raisins. sigh. I was really batting two for two that night lol

Vienna Apfelstrudel

Vienna Apfelstrudel

The above picture is not one taken by me but one I found online that someone else who was commenting on the restaurant posted, this is exactly what my dessert looked like so I feel confident it really is a picture of the Jagerhof’s apfelstrudel. 🙂

Luckily the beer I ordered was great! Yay for beer! The online menu doesn’t have a list of the beers Jagerhof serves and I can’t recall the name of it, it was a light Austrian beer that was recommended to me, which I guess means I can’t take the credit for ordering it can I?

It was a fun night out with my friend, we always have a fun time though so that was a given lol and hey, it’s always good to try somewhere new. 🙂 This place is very popular, we had reservations for 6:15p and before we were done that place had filled up and there was a line up which is a far better review than I could ever give, what with my not eating pork and not liking raisins lol

Their website is:


Food Baby

27 Apr

Oooomph, foooood baby! Right here! Right now! OMG so much food in tummy, ugh.

Why the hell do I over eat like this? There is absolutely no need for the amount of food I ate for dinner tonight, and yet, I ate it! Sometimes I irritate myself, sigh.

A friend and I went out for dinner, we met in my neighbourhood which was awesome cause that meant I walked to meet her and then we walked to the restaurant. I am trying to walk more just in general and it also meant I didn’t use my suv which meant I didn’t use the oh-so-expensive gas that is in the tank (currently $1.53/litre, lovely huh?). My hope is by walking whenever possible I will sneak some extra exercise in there all under the guise of saving money on fuel and parking lol. 😉

We ended up going to Burgers Etc which is a burger/bbq place. Neither of us had been there before and I’d been dying to try it since I moved to this area, that’d be, hmm, a year and a half ago?

burgers etc

We decided to split an appetizer, we almost always do, we wanted the onion rings with bbq sauce but they ran out of onion rings, meanies! lol So we ended up with the pulled pork cheese fries. As soon as they arrived I knew we were in trouble because the plate was huuuuge! Enough for 4 people to share easy! They were quite good though, loved the bbq sauce. There was grated cheese, pulled pork, bbq sauce and I swear some chili on there. Quite the combo. I forgot to take pics so the image below is one I found online, ours was served on a very nice white, fancy serving platter (not the dorky plastic basket shown in the pic) but the food looked the same. 🙂

burgers etc pulled pork cheese fries

Then we each got a burger. You choose beef, chicken or veggie burger, all options automatically come topped with mayo, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, onion and dill pickle. Then you choose any other topping you want, an extra dollar per topping, I chose mushrooms, cheddar cheese and jalapenos. The burgers are more tall than wide so you really have to squish it down to be able to fit it in your mouth lol You can choose from a list of sides: coleslaw, potato salad, macaroni salad, garden salad, fries, corn, soup or baked beans. I chose the macaroni salad, my friend got the coleslaw and we shared. Both were good but I preferred the macaroni salad. According to the server the macaroni salad, potato salad and coleslaw are made fresh in-house, yay!

burgers ect burger

Again with an image from the internet since I forgot to take pics. The above burger isn’t mine but I wanted to give you an idea of what mine looked like. Mine had mushrooms and jalapenos not only on the burger but spilling out all over the plate. Oh! I forgot, I added bbq sauce, so don’t forget that, it made my burger messier to eat but I love bbq sauce, Mmm!

The whole experience was great, the staff were nice, patient, answered all our food questions. The food tasted good and was suitably messy – c’mon, we all know certain foods taste better when they are messy lol 😛

I really enjoyed the macaroni salad, seems weird that the side dish was my favourite part of the meal lol wonder if I can just order that one day as take out…something to think about…

As soon as you walk in you start to drool, the place smells amazing! Well, as long as you like bbq it smells amazing lol I’d really like to try the ribs I think, just to get some more of that sauce lol The sauce is what made the burger stand out, otherwise it was pretty much like any other burger, but taller.

I couldn’t eat the entire burger but didn’t leave thaaaaat much of it behind. I’m really regretting not cutting that sucker in half and bringing half home. The macaroni salad side was small-ish so no way any of that would have made it in to a doggie bag, shrug. Normally I’m semi-decent at bringing food home from restaurants, partly so I don’t overeat at the restaurant and also because eating out generally isn’t cheap and I’d rather the money I spend cover the cost of two meals if possible. Not this time however. Next time though, I swear! Next time I’ll bring half that burger home and heat it up the next day! 🙂

Oh, and if you were wondering, the walking I did to meet my friend, get to the restaurant and get home was not an impressive amount at all and in no way helped to offset the meal lol 😛

I’m Being Frozen To Death

20 Dec

I may not survive the next two weeks, it’s just too cold for my poor body to deal with. As I type this I am staring mournfully at my empty tea cup, I held off drinking the tea as long as I could so I’d have the hot cup to hold but I so badly wanted the hot liquid inside me I of course caved and downed the tea. So now my tongue is a bit singed, my hands are blocks of ice and I have a delicate shivering taking over my body in what I suspect is going to be a permanent manner.

I am not a person meant for winter. I’m sorry to break this to my international readers but just because I was born and raised in Canada and am a proud Canadian this does not mean I like snow, ice, slush, cold temperatures or any of the other winter type conditions we deal with for over half the year. Brr!!! Give me tropical weather anyday!…no seriously, can somebody pay for me to go somewhere tropical so I can thaw out? 😉

The only plus side to dealing with this whole freezing to death thing is that I will die surrounded by my more hardy friends and family, ya know, those who didn’t move away and can still handle the winter weather without wanting to break down in tears. *rolls eyes*

What makes this whole thing worse is…it’s not even that frickin cold!!! Compared to where I live now it is, and it’s a different type of cold (don’t mock me, that actually matters! lol) and the longer I am away from here the less I can handle the cold. I could barely handle it when I did live here, so having even more trouble handling it, well, it sucks. 😛 But global warming is soooo in effect cause the weather that this city is having is nothing compared to what winter weather is normally like…it’s usually way worse…which is why I packed long underwear lol.

I can’t decide if this is going to be beneficial to my weight loss or not…on the one hand I am constantly shivering so that might help me to burn some extra calories. On the other hand I find I am constantly wanting to eat something, not out of hunger but out of an instinctive need to put on more body fat to help me survive the cold. Hey man, I didn’t come up with animal instincts, I am just driven by them…to a point lol. I’m drinking lots of tea in the hopes that will help me get warm, instead of snacking away like a crazed barbarian…cause ya know all those crazed barbarians totally had access to Christmas baking. 😉

On the food front, I had the yummiest dinner tonight, my mom made meatloaf and it is one of my fave dishes of hers. Yeah I know, meatloaf? I personally think meatloaf gets a lot of undeserved grief, my mom’s is great and I was so happy when I found out that is what she made for dinner. 😀 Heck, I’m already looking forward to the meatloaf sandwich I am hoping to have tomorrow for lunch. Mmm! It was a nice healthy meal, I had the meatloaf, veggies and two baby potatoes. Look at that, food groups! wOOt! lol

I have decided for this trip that while yes there are a lot of events and occaisions that I’d normally pig out at I don’t have to go crazy at every one of them. I have my birthday, then Christmas, then New Years and I gotta decide which of those events I want to splurge at and which to be more careful at. And really, even when I do splurge at one of those occaisions I can still splurge carefully thereby not derailing my weight loss…well, not completely derailing it lol, I’m aiming for maintaining while on this trip.

I think I should be able to get through the Christmas and New Years season without gaining weight, don’t you? If I make responsible choices and pay attention to what I put in my mouth that’ll go a long way to not gaining and I’m even hoping to get in some exercise while I’m at it, no guarantees on that though (due to access to facilities and my schedule, not due to laziness which admit it, some of you were thinking 😛 )

Course, by midway through this trip I may be saying “screw it, bring on the hot chocolate and cookies!” but for now I am optomistic I can keep a leash on my hand-to-cookie-to-mouth behaviour. 😀



Been Gone A While

9 Aug

So I haven’t written a post in a while, I went to visit my parents and they don’t have wifi so even though I take my laptop I can’t use the internet there unless I actually plug the cable in to my laptop thereby taking the internet away from my parent’s computer. It’s not like I don’t have an opportunity to use their computer and get online, I did just that a couple times while there, but I’m there to visit and don’t want to spend an overly long time on the computer – I’d rather be visiting friends and/or family. Makes sense right?

So there I was in AB for a week and oh man did I make every possible attempt to kill myself with food *rolls eyes* I left here with all kinds of good intentions, I took exercise clothes and my runners, I took my skipping rope and my iPod dock so I could have some music playing while exercising, I intended to ask friends if they wanted to go for walks on trails instead of to restaurants when we hung out…seriously, all kinds of plans! Well, hmm, *clears throat*, I am sorry to report that uh, sigh, none of those intentions actually turned in to any kind of action. The most exercise I got was walking through a large park at a food festival so I could go from one food booth to the next lol. 😛

Oh, and to make it even better, the drive is 13 hours and I was hungover so do you think I wanted to eat the veggies and fruit I had packed for the drive? No, I soooo didn’t! I was that weird hungover combo of feeling sick and feeling starved all at once and all I wanted was fast food, kraft dinner and chocolate milk. lol. Sorta my standard hungover fare. 😛 On the drive to AB I managed to eat a homemade sandwich, A&W onion rings, a muffin from Tim Horton’s…and I think something else but I can’t quite remember…not the best start to a food week I have ever had.

Now, normally, if I have a really bad food day the next day I am extra careful with my food and I make sure I put extra effort into my exercising and while my attempt at righting my wrong may not counteract the caloric damage I did the previous day it makes me feel better and for me, that’s almost as important as the scale. Part of how I gauge how I am doing is how my tummy feels, does it feel hard? bloated? icky? fatter then normal? even more jiggly? or does it feel thinner? lighter? a tad smaller? If I have a bad food day and make it up the next day then usually by the end of the make up day my tummy is feeling good – not bloated or extra jiggly etc. Because of having so many high calorie days and no exercising for so long my tummy is feeling huge! I feel like it is sticking way farther out then it was two weeks ago and it’s for sure way more jiggly. ugh. My clothes still fit the same, sorta, but I swear they are clinging to my fat more tightly – it’s highly distressing since before this uh, let’s call it a binge shall we?, lol, I was doing fairly decently.

But that’s ok, a week of over eating and doing nothing even remotely close to exercise can be overcome, or at least corrected by getting back on track starting asap. I hiked today and ate fairly well…I kinda cheated on my food this evening, I was so hungry while my dinner was cooking I started to just eat anything I could find (a bad habit I thought I had broken, grr) so I ended up taking in some stupid calories but other then that I did ok. While normally I would be kicking my ass for the cheating I look at it as relearning my healthy habits. I had a whole week where I was eating out everyday and eating badly for pretty much every meal – something that goes against all the healthy habits I have spent all this time creating…makes some kind of twisted sense that I can’t just jump right back on to the healthy lifestyle without some sort of slip up. So, I ate healthy and exercised today with one food slip up. Tomorrow I will eat healthy and exercise with no food slip ups, or if there is a slip up it will be on a smaller scale and before you know it I’ll be doing just fine. 😀

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