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A Mouth On Fire

2 Aug

Last night I bit in to a Snickers bar and had the oddest thing happen. As soon as the chocolate was touching my lips it felt as if my lips were on fire. Tingling, painful, fire sensations all along my lips. Being the dummy that I am I continued to bite in to the chocolate bar and the “on fire” sensation spread to the inside of my mouth.


How my mouth was feeling. Super pleasant πŸ˜‰

For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what was going on. This is not what a Snickers is supposed to do to your mouth!

I paused, read the package to see if maybe it was some weird special kind that is supposed to be a spicy or hot flavour, which yes, I realize makes zero sense, but I dunno, I couldn’t think of what else it might be.

While reading the label I was holding one hand over my mouth, as if that might magically make things better. (go ahead, roll your eyes at me, I’m rolling them at myself).

After I removed my hand I started googling to see if I could figure out what was going on and while reading horrifying articles about nut allergies I scratched at my cheek and rubbed my eyelid and omg fire! The fire sensation immediately started in those two spots also. My eye started watering, my cheek felt like it was under attack, and all the while I still felt like my lips and mouth were on fire.

So I did what seemed normal and messaged some friends, described what was going on, and waited for them to solve the mystery of why I was on fire. They didn’t know either but our best guess was I, over night, became allergic to peanuts.

I say overnight because I almost daily eat peanut butter, don’t judge, to me a day without peanut butter is just sad. Plus a week or so ago I ate some mixed nuts, and well, lets just say nuts and I have always gotten along juuuuuust fine.

The idea I might all of a sudden be allergic was not at all appealing.

My face started being itchy but whenever I touched it to scratch the fire sensation would spread to that spot so I did my best to resist and eventually things calmed down a bit.

By the time I went to bed my cheek had a rash, my lips looked like I had lip liner on because they were lined red, they also still felt tingling and fire like, my eye had at least stopped tearing up, oh, and one nostril felt like it was on fire. So ya know, great shape to easily fall asleep in.

In the morning I was happy to find the rash was gone and my eye seemed fine…don’t you love how my first concern was over vanity issues and not say, the pain issue? πŸ˜‰

The fire sensation had gone down to tingling and my lips felt like how they do after they have been sunburned, they feel swollen but don’t really look it, and feel stretched a bit too tight when I smile. Something new was the fire sensation was in my throat in one little patch.

Except for the dreadful idea I might now have an allergy things seemed to be getting back to normal.

Well. Let’s just say your girl isn’t always the smartest, and when I got to work I snacked on a mini bar that has as its number one ingredient peanuts. Didn’t even think about the whole “maybe I have an allergy thing and should be careful for a bit” issue. Just bit right in. And what do you know, nothing happened, except my enjoying the snack bar.

Guess who isn’t allergic to peanuts? This girl! Yay!

I even made sure to eat some peanut butter at lunch just to make sure. You know, for science.

But now the Snickers Bar causing all that pain and weirdness is an even bigger mystery. Maybe it was contaminated somehow? Maybe they changed their recipe and some random ingredient in there gave me that reaction? Maybe my body was trying to teach me a lesson about eating chocolate bars late at night?

Before I ate the mini snack bar with the nuts in it and the peanut butter I was going to ask my doctor to set up an allergy test for me but now I don’t know that I need one. Instead I am going to contact whoever it is that makes Snickers Bars and let them know what happened and see if they know what is going on. Let’s see if they can solve the mystery!



22 May

I love Ikea, I am that weirdo that genuinely likes putting Ikea furniture together so buying something from Ikea is fun for me, not just because of getting new furniture but because I get to build it! πŸ™‚

I got a gift card for Ikea a couple of years ago for Christmas. It was initially going to be used to buy a new dresser but the one I wanted got discontinued and I didn’t want to use the gift card on just anything so I waited, and waited…and waited some more! Until eventually there was something else I wanted aaaand it was on sale lol Lucky for me Ikea has been having a sale, all bed frames 15% off which meant that after the gift card was used my out of pocket cost for the bed frame was not quite forty dollars, oh, and that is including the chocolate bar I bought lol

Patience is a good thing my friends! πŸ˜‰

I broke the first rule of the Ikea instructions, it showed a picture of a person by themselves and had that crossed out (like a no sign), then they showed a picture of two people with a check mark, they seemed to think it would take two people to build this piece of furniture, silly Ikea. Its like Ikea doesn’t realize that having someone help you build the furniture isn’t always an option *rolls eyes*

It took dare I say, some ingenuity, on my part, plus some muscles, to get the frame put together – serves me right, buying a metal bed frame lol but in the end the sweat was totally worth it. The bed frame went together perfectly, it looks great and I’m super happy with my purchase.

The cat however is traumatized from the disruption to his routine by my building the bed frame – oh, and he doesn’t seem too sure about how high the bed is now either lol.

2015-05-21 22.47.37

Voila! My new bed! πŸ™‚

And yes, that is an Eeyore on the side, don’t judge, he’s cute and he is a comfy pillow. πŸ˜›

2015-05-21 23.40.58

The next time you are at Ikea, if you see this chocolate bar you should grab one, it was yummy. It is milk chocolate with hazelnuts in it, can’t go wrong there! For the possible Weight Watcher in you, half the bar is 7 points (in the Points Plus Program) which some people might think is ridiculous but hey, good chocolate is always worth it. πŸ˜‰

One final thought, I feel putting furniture together should count as exercise, by the time I was done I was sweating, it was gross. πŸ˜›

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