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Simple Things

20 Apr

I don’t know about you but I’m noticing simpler things more than I used to, and finding pleasure in them. Maybe it’s not pleasure but enjoyment? Whatever it is, little things I took for granted I appreciate more.

So I guess I’ve settled on it being appreciation? Lol So many word options!

Here are some silly, not actually important things, that I appreciated this week.

My complete inability to flip an egg on Thursday. I failed spectacularly but who cares? It still tasted good!

British junk food, the best kind! Completely over priced and worth every penny, or I guess nickel since we don’t have pennies anymore. 😜

A delicious bowl of fresh raspberries, my after work snack this evening. Yum!

This little guy still has his hat, too cute!

Striker being a goofball and hiding in the closet. 💜

Nothing riveting or unique, (except Striker, he’s one of a kind!), and mostly food related. Just some little things that had me smiling, or even outright laughing, this week.

Uhhh, to clarify, the laughing was at my egg flipping “skills” and Striker being silly. I haven’t crossed over into crazy enough that I’m laughing at fruit or junk food for no reason lol

I know everyone is going through a tough time, I hope, even when so much around us is hard and scary you’re able to find something that gets you smiling, or maybe even laughing!


A Mouth On Fire

2 Aug

Last night I bit in to a Snickers bar and had the oddest thing happen. As soon as the chocolate was touching my lips it felt as if my lips were on fire. Tingling, painful, fire sensations all along my lips. Being the dummy that I am I continued to bite in to the chocolate bar and the “on fire” sensation spread to the inside of my mouth.


How my mouth was feeling. Super pleasant 😉

For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what was going on. This is not what a Snickers is supposed to do to your mouth!

I paused, read the package to see if maybe it was some weird special kind that is supposed to be a spicy or hot flavour, which yes, I realize makes zero sense, but I dunno, I couldn’t think of what else it might be.

While reading the label I was holding one hand over my mouth, as if that might magically make things better. (go ahead, roll your eyes at me, I’m rolling them at myself).

After I removed my hand I started googling to see if I could figure out what was going on and while reading horrifying articles about nut allergies I scratched at my cheek and rubbed my eyelid and omg fire! The fire sensation immediately started in those two spots also. My eye started watering, my cheek felt like it was under attack, and all the while I still felt like my lips and mouth were on fire.

So I did what seemed normal and messaged some friends, described what was going on, and waited for them to solve the mystery of why I was on fire. They didn’t know either but our best guess was I, over night, became allergic to peanuts.

I say overnight because I almost daily eat peanut butter, don’t judge, to me a day without peanut butter is just sad. Plus a week or so ago I ate some mixed nuts, and well, lets just say nuts and I have always gotten along juuuuuust fine.

The idea I might all of a sudden be allergic was not at all appealing.

My face started being itchy but whenever I touched it to scratch the fire sensation would spread to that spot so I did my best to resist and eventually things calmed down a bit.

By the time I went to bed my cheek had a rash, my lips looked like I had lip liner on because they were lined red, they also still felt tingling and fire like, my eye had at least stopped tearing up, oh, and one nostril felt like it was on fire. So ya know, great shape to easily fall asleep in.

In the morning I was happy to find the rash was gone and my eye seemed fine…don’t you love how my first concern was over vanity issues and not say, the pain issue? 😉

The fire sensation had gone down to tingling and my lips felt like how they do after they have been sunburned, they feel swollen but don’t really look it, and feel stretched a bit too tight when I smile. Something new was the fire sensation was in my throat in one little patch.

Except for the dreadful idea I might now have an allergy things seemed to be getting back to normal.

Well. Let’s just say your girl isn’t always the smartest, and when I got to work I snacked on a mini bar that has as its number one ingredient peanuts. Didn’t even think about the whole “maybe I have an allergy thing and should be careful for a bit” issue. Just bit right in. And what do you know, nothing happened, except my enjoying the snack bar.

Guess who isn’t allergic to peanuts? This girl! Yay!

I even made sure to eat some peanut butter at lunch just to make sure. You know, for science.

But now the Snickers Bar causing all that pain and weirdness is an even bigger mystery. Maybe it was contaminated somehow? Maybe they changed their recipe and some random ingredient in there gave me that reaction? Maybe my body was trying to teach me a lesson about eating chocolate bars late at night?

Before I ate the mini snack bar with the nuts in it and the peanut butter I was going to ask my doctor to set up an allergy test for me but now I don’t know that I need one. Instead I am going to contact whoever it is that makes Snickers Bars and let them know what happened and see if they know what is going on. Let’s see if they can solve the mystery!


UK Treats

8 Oct

I was downtown Wednesday for a hair appointment, which I would post a picture of since I am enjoying the cut but it was pouring rain and even with my umbrella the hair do didn’t last until I got home, sigh. Trust me to pick the one day all week with rain to take transit! lol

Anyways! When I was downtown I passed this little Scottish/English Shop that is never open when I am in the area and lo and behold it was open! I didn’t really have any reason to go in, but I thought why not, it’ll be full of things I enjoy even if they are all overpriced and completely unnecessary.

Soooo yeah, overpriced? Yup! Did I end up buying? That’d be another yup! lol 😛

2015-10-07 18.37.34

In my defence I did not buy the Snowballs, the shop clerk gave them to me as a present for buying the other items. Which I would say was very nice of him but I figure he probably had too many in stock and was trying to get rid of them, why else would he give away free stuff? I maaaaay have eaten one, strictly out of curiosity of course and it was good, I enjoyed it, depending on the cost I would maybe buy them next time which now that I think of it may be why he gave them to me for free this time, to get me hooked! He is a Snowball pusher! *shock*

I have resisted the Yorkie chocolate bar but am super excited for when I do eat it lol I’m saving it as a treat, not sure what I will have to do to earn it but I’ll come up with something, I’m good at finding reasons to eat chocolate lol

I tried the Dandelion & Burdock drink this evening, I thought I liked it but I was wrong. Let’s just leave it at that shall we? Okay fine, I can’t leave it at that, it was soooooo sweet!

As for the candies they are a variety of flavours, I should have taken a picture of the display so I wouldn’t forget the flavours cause oops, I can’t remember them all lol The yellow and pink ones are rhubarb and lemon…that’s all I can remember and since I’m not going to power eat through the candies so I can tell you what all the flavours are we shall all have to remain in suspense. Cause ya know, I’m sure all of you reading this are just dyyyyying to know the flavours of the candies lol 😉

I went in hoping to find certain treats but sadly they didn’t have them, which reeeeeally, is probably for the best since none of the stuff I was hoping they’d have are healthy, or low calorie, or would remotely fit in to my eating plan but hey, a girl can dream, *big epic sigh*

Surprise Care Package

28 Apr

When I got home the other day I had a surprise waiting at my front door, a package that came all the way from across the pond – fyi, that means  England! 🙂

It is from my Uncle and contained an Easter card and some yummy goodies.



The small red package at the front is a Maltesers Bunny which I have to say is one of the best Easter goodies I have seen this year lol It is basically a large Maltesers and since those are one of my fave treats well, let’s just say good choice Uncle P! 🙂

Oh, and I love that the Jelly Babies became Jelly Bunnies, hey, don’t judge, its cute! 😛

It’s always nice to get something in the mail, to be reminded that someone out there, at some point was thinking about you and put the time and effort in to sending you something to let you know that they care. So many people only send emails or texts nowadays, its depressing. I love getting stuff in the mail, and I love sending stuff, imagining friends or family opening a card or a small package and smiling because who doesn’t automatically smile when opening up something they got in the mail that isn’t a bill?

I could get all moody and ranty and start on about why don’t more people send more things through the mail but instead I’ll enjoy glancing over and seeing the Easter card sitting on display and knowing that each time I eat one of those goodies I am eating something that was sent to me with love. 🙂

Goodbye U.S. (part 2)

17 Oct

So sure, it’s only been minutes since I finished the last post but since it’s now past midnight it is technically the “tomorrow” I spoke about in the last sentence of the previous post so I am writing…it is my blog ya know, I’m pretty sure that means I get to make up the rules lol 😉

Let’s see, I left off with the three of us gorging ourselves at Red Lobster, yum. 😀

I took a cooler with me with a freezer pack inside to store the yogurt I was planning to buy so I put our leftovers in there and off we went to the outlet mall. I’ve been to that mall before, with KL actually, but KS hadn’t been so we wandered most of it. Banana Republic was a real wallet killer for the other two, both found multiple clothing items they wanted. I tried some stuff on for fun but none of it fit….I found this cute dress, empire waist and flowy which is usually a win for me cause that style hides a lot of my trouble areas. Well, the bodice part is fitted and made of a non-stretchy material, I couldn’t get the dress up over my hips and when I tried to put it on over my head I couldn’t get it to go past my breasts…barriers at both ends of my body! lol. 😛 Ah well, I couldn’t have afforded it anyways, and where would I wear a dress? It’s winter! *rolls eyes*

I was mostly looking for presents for people for Christmas, I found none, sigh. I was sorta hoping to find a new pair of runners for working out as mine are not very good anymore but the prices weren’t cheap enough to be worth the expense so I left them all behind…so sad, leaving shoes behind, I think there’s a Girl Rule about that and I think I broke it…oops. 😛

We didn’t stay at the mall all that long, KS spent as much as she was willing to spend in the first store so she was ready to leave right after that and KL kept looking then talking herself out of buying stuff lol. Sorry to say we didn’t help the American economy all that much…although, we did give the waitress at Red Lobster a kick ass awesome tip so at least she benefited from us being there lol.

After the mall we went to Wal-Mart for my yogurt splurge! 😀 I was so excited and so nervous – and yes, I am aware of how pathetic that is. I was all excited to finally get this yogurt I’ve been wanting to try for so long but so nervous they might not have it *cringe*

Turns out I had nothing to fear, the Yoplait yogurt section was huuuuuuge! And oh so much of it was the Yoplait Light, wOOt! 😀

Thanks to a link left as a comment on one of my posts I was able to scope out the flavours last night so I already knew what I was looking for. I found even more flavours then was on the site but it turned out that I had veered into the non-light section by accident so I was looking at flavours I wasn’t going to be buying (like Pina Colada). Luckily I realized before getting to the till so the 2 non-light ones I grabbed by accident were replaced by light yogurts.

My Tower of Yoplait Light Yogurt!

I bought ten in total, each a different flavour, and none of them flavours I could get here in a different brand of yogurt (so no mixed berries etc).

The flavours I got are: Cherry Cobbler, Boston Cream Pie, Key Lime Pie, Apple Turnover, Blueberry Pie, Red Velvet Cake, Strawberry Short Cake, Lemon Meringue, Cinnamon Roll and Lemon Cream Pie. phew, just re-reading that is fun, imagine the fun of eating them! *excited giggles*

Walking through the food section of that Wal-Mart was crazy! We didn’t even go up and down the aisles so it was just what we were seeing as we aimed towards the yogurt but wow, lots of stuff we don’t have. I am jealous you have Special K potato chips, and for cheap! I couldn’t justify buying them but don’t think I didn’t stick a box in my cart and push it around for a while in the hopes I could convince myself lol. There was junk food everywhere! The end of each aisle we passed was strictly unhealthy food…I guess all the healthy stuff is in the aisles and they put the unhealthy at the end…which could be smart cause that means you could shop the aisles and kinda pretend the ends don’t exist so you don’t buy any junk. That’s probably not how it works though huh?

Of course it doesn’t help that it’s leading up to halloween so there was lots of extra candy etc all around…we saw this huge container of cheese balls…for halloween, kinda strange. Oh, and these cookies with marshmallows attached somehow and shaped to look like spooky cats, also kinda strange. There was lots of candy and junk food I wish I’d written down the names of cause I wanted to know what it was but didn’t want to pick it up in case I didn’t have the willpower to put it back lol. One thing I couldn’t resist was this big box of Junior Mints for only $1! Only a dollar?!?! Sweeeeet! Oh, fyi, those are like my all time fave chocolate candy type thing and they are kinda expensive here so I don’t buy them all too often and when I do buy them I get the super small box. So this, a big box for only a buck, there was no thought process, there was just my hand reaching out for a box lol. Bad I know…I’ll probably regret it tomorrow…but not tonight! 😛

So yeah, Wal-Mart was like a wonderland for bad-for-me-foods but I was firm and stuck to the yogurts and er, that one box of Junior Mints *whistles an innocent tune*

After that we got some gas (oh my god so much cheaper there, even when you take in to account gallons vs litres! It was a little over $20 for half a tank in my suv, here that’d cost me about $35!) and we headed back to our side of the border.

The Canadian border guard was a lady and asked how long we were in the states, I said approx 12 hours, she asked why we went, I said to eat at Red Lobster. She gave us all this up and down look and said “you were at Red Lobster for 12 hours??” So of course I said no, after eating we hit up the outlet mall blah blah blah. We always get way more questions going back home then leaving…firearms, tobacco, drugs, duty free shopping, how much did we spend, anybody give us gifts, and on and on…I mean seriously, if I was bringing drugs or firearms back do they really think I’d say yes when they ask? *rolls eyes*

I am happy to report my yogurt stayed nice and cold (I put it in the cooler bag) so I am not concerned it will not be safe to eat and I can’t wait till I have an appetite again cause the first thing I’m gonna eat is one of those. I am going to eat them by randomly plucking one from the group instead of carefully choosing, so it’ll be a little surprise each time. 🙂 Hey, let me get my jollies where I can alright? 😛 lol

No more food binges for me though, that was plenty of damage! I know there is no saving this week but I will be careful for the rest of it anyways and hopefully my body can recover from the damage I inflicted in a couple weeks or so…I wish it luck! lol.

Oh! Sidenote, I got hit on in the yogurt section of Wal-Mart…guy offered to buy me the “real thing” when I was holding the Pina Colada yogurt…I said thanks but no…random!

Road Trippin

22 Jul

I am not at home; I am 4 hours or so away from home and on my way to getting even farther from the comfort of my perfect bed and my food routine. Now, this makes it sound like I am a home-body who doesn’t like going anywhere…Not True! I looooove travelling, I will go almost anywhere with very little notice (if I can afford it) and have a blast the entire time. With road trips I usually enjoy the travelling part of the vacation more then whatever I do at the destination, shrug, don’t know why – it’s just always been like that.

There is nothing like seeing the mountains and clouds touch at dusk; watching as the clouds shift colours from white to blue, with purple and pinks thrown in just for fun. It’s like mother nature is colouring and seeing what ‘look’ she likes best…and when she can’t decide she lets the sun finish going down and we get the beauty of the stars to keep us company. I am a prairie girl at heart and can’t wait until I get through the mountains tomorrow and get to see my endless flat plains, fields upon fields growing corn, hay, various crops with all those cows and horses thrown in to the mix. On the prairies it’s as if the ground and sky never meet, the horizon is so far away. I feel as free as I ever can feel when in my suv driving down a highway; I feel like I can go anywhere, be anyone, my mind wanders and I think of all kinds of things. When driving alone on a trip I have my most introspective moments; I learn things about myself I would never think to find out…the things aren’t always good but I don’t care, the act of learning is what I enjoy.

I started writing about the road trip to bring up my routine; lol, sorta strayed there, sorry! 🙂 On days I work my eating is structured; I take snacks and lunch in with me so I know exactly what I am going to be eating, this may seem boring but it is working for me right now. I eat at almost the same time each day – this includes my snacks and meals. Breakfast is at 8:30am,my first snack is between 10:30am and 11:00am, lunch is at 1pm, and my afternoon snack is around 3pm. Then when I get home I eat dinner-dinner has a greater chance of fluctuating times but that is ok. It’s easy to stick to a diet (alright, healthy eating plan) when you do the same thing every 5 out of 7 days.

Today however things changed! I started my road trip! wOOt! 😀 Most of my day was normal, I didn’t start out on the road till after a full day at work so I had all my normal daytime routines with food. Dinner was a little trickier, well, not trickier, I planned ahead of time what I was going to eat so I had something easy to prepare but not high in points, what was trickier was finding time to eat it! lol. I ended up eating my salmon steak and brown rice while standing in the kitchen in between various last minute packing. The salmon steak was one I had before, the dill flavour again, the rice was different though, it is from Minute Rice and is this cup thing. You take the lid off the cup, stick it in the microwave for 1 minute and presto! Rice! I bought the brown rice (of course) and one cup is 4 points…high but doable. I thought this evening was the perfect time to try it out. It is alright, not great or anything. The rice felt a little undercooked and it was freakin hot! Even though I poured it out of the cup and spread it around to help it cool down it took quite a while before I could actually eat it. Course, trying to rush eating and finishing getting ready didn’t help matters. I might buy it again; it’s a handy thing to have around to use as a side dish when you don’t want to bother with yams.

After getting the suv all packed up off I went with a huge bottle of water to tide me over. I figured since I only had 4 hours in the first leg of the trip I didn’t need any snacks nearby, the water would be enough. It was too! 🙂

Tomorrow though, hmmm, what to do about tomorrow…the routine will be shot to hell! Heck, the routine is gonna be booted so far out the window it will rebound out of hell and end up somewhere in space. eesh. I should be fine with breakfast; there is a handy little restaurant attached to the hotel so I will attempt to get something healthy there but after that…sigh. I always eat when on road trips, one of my favourite parts of being on a road trip was loading up on all different kinds of junk food and munching away while driving at fast speeds and listening to loud music – it’s a perfect combo! Tomorrow will not have the junk food aspect though and I fear that. I bought some 100 Calorie goodies so I can have some chocolate or something if I really need it but those just aren’t the same. sigh.

My plan (cause heaven forbid I not have a plan!) is to eat the veggies and fruit I packed and when I want lunch I brought a nice big salad that…oh crap! I was gonna say I brought a tupperware bowl to put the salad in to (it is one of those salad kits so everything is in a bag) and I just realized I left the bowl on my counter at home…now what am I supposed to do with the salad?? Eat it from the bag?? Maybe the restaurant will let me have a take out container…

Well, ok, the plan if I can get a container is when I get hungry pull over at one of the many beautiful spots along the way and sit outside by a lake or little waterfall and enjoy my salad. I am not going to wolf it down, I will eat it like a normal person…as if I was at home and had time to indulge. That way I will realize I am full and I will enjoy the process…I am hoping the enjoying of eating will help me get over the fact that I won’t be getting back in the car and chowing down on Starburst. lol.

I do have an indulgence planned though and man is it a big one! I am going to Peter’s Drive In when I hit Calgary and getting a milkshake! They only have like the absolute best milkshakes ever created and I am gonna get one! Yum! 😀 The thought of that milkshake has gotten me through some rough points these past couple weeks. When someone at work was eating something completely unhealthy but that I really wanted I kept reminding myself that I have a Peter’s milkshake in my future and it made it that much easier to resist the temptation of the moment. My mouth is going to be in heaven! That milkshake however, is one of the main reasons I will be eating salad and veggies and fruit while driving instead of starburt, malteesers and chips. I can’t get any nutritional information on them! There is nothing on the website and when I emailed them asking for the nutritional information I heard nothing back, rude. 😦 I figure it means they are just that bad, lol. I don’t care though, I am getting one no matter what! 😀

Here is what I ate today:

1 whole wheat bagel = 3 points

1 tbsp light cream cheese = 1 point

1 banana = 2 points

1 6″ Subway sub = 5 points

cheese on sub = 1 point

salmon steak = 3 points

Minute Rice cup = 4 points

2 Triangles Light Laughing Cow cheese = 1 point

1 cup pineapple = 1 point

That puts me at 20 points and I am still a little bit hungry; I will either eat 1 cup of fruit and only use up 1 more point or I will eat 1 of the 100 calorie packages and use 2 points. Neither option will have me actually use all my points but I am tired and want to sleep and while hungry I am not that hungry!

Quick side note, I didn’t have a chance to post yesterday so here is what I ate July 21/10:

3/4 cup honey nut cheerios = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 banana = 2 points

1/2 cup honey garlic noodles = 3 points

salad = 0 points

1 cup butternut squash soup = 2 points

1 cup blackberries = 1 point

1 cup blue berries = 1 point

1 medium iced capp from Tim Horton’s = 3 points

1 timbit =1 point

1 peanut butter and jam sandwich = 5 points

1 cup 1% milk = 2 point

I used all 23 of my points yesterday. Yah! 😀

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