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German Christmas Market Part 1

11 Dec

Any outing that involves hot apple cider is a good outing. Crap! I just remembered I didn’t put that in my food tracker, gimme a sec…

Ok, added, all is well lol 😛

So back to the German Christmas Market…

Don’t go thinking I flew to Germany lol it is an annual thing that is held in the downtown core. This is my third year going and I love it. It is a simple little market but something about it makes me smile. There is a carousel (which I may have kinda forgot to take a picture of, oops!), booths filled with various foods and drinks and even more booths filled with all kinds of things to buy. Almost all the items for sale (food and non food) are imported from Germany or made here but German inspired. Well…except for the booth with the maple foods, which omg yum! I love love love maple flavoured anything! 😀 They have maple toffee that is delish! I bought it last year and fully anticipated buying it again this year but alas, it does not fit in to my eating plan (plus I have no idea how to get nutritional information for it, yeah I know I can google but not like I can weigh out the toffee so I know how much I ate, sigh).

I can’t show you, or tell you, what I bought at the market cause most of the items are Christmas presents and the people receiving them may read this blog so hush! lol One thing I bought for myself was tea, yeah I know, I’m so exciting right? But remember how I am trying to expand my tea collection?

I bought Silent Night Tea which is a “winterly selection of our finest tea blends”, there are four flavours in the box, Winter Delight which is a green tea, Stars which is a black tea, Sun Of The Spirit which is a white tea and Bright Light which is a lemon balm – whatever that means! lol The only tea that doesn’t contain caffeine is the Bright Light (the lemon balm flavour) so I am still failing at expanding my non-caffeinated tea collection – I didn’t even think to read the box or ask the guy working the booth if the tea contained caffeine, arg, I suck at shopping for non-caffeinated tea! lol Later, at a tea store I found loose leaf maple tea which seems like the best idea ever! But I didn’t buy it cause it is loose leaf and I don’t have one of those metal ball thingies to put loose leaf tea in, all my tea is in tea bags lol

My Silent Night Tea

My Silent Night Tea

I wore a ridiculous amount of layers to go to the market, I get cold super duper easy and was mildly terrified of being so cold I wouldn’t be having fun soooooo I wore a tank top, then a long sleeved shirt, then a plaid button up shirt, then a hoodie, then a jacket…count that, minus the coat that is 4 layers! FOUR! All that effort to stay warm, which fyi I so did, but my feet froze, sigh. I have the worst luck when it comes to keeping my feet warm, probably because I don’t own warm shoes lol I own boots, leather and man made but none of them are designed for warmth, they are designed for looks so they are useless at keeping my feet warm. I decided to wear a pair of Keds (sneakers) thinking maybe the canvas fabric would be better at retaining heat in the foot area and also because those particular shoes fit loosley enough I can wear thicker socks with them lol. I was horrifically wrong and my toes were in that pain/numb/frozen state for quite a while, you know, that stage where it hurts to walk because you can’t put pressure on your toes, that stage. Ugh. I’ve been mildly lusting after a pair of Uggs (or a fake pair cause really? that much money on boots? lame!) for those rare times when I need warm boots. I have an old pair that are kind of like fake Uggs but nicer lol thing is they are so old they are way unattractive and the only time I wear them is when I am going to work on my early morning days and want my feet to stay cozy while I am en route to work. Obviously once I get there I switch to cute but completely not designed for winter shoes lol. In case you haven’t figured it out I am not always practical *rolls eyes*

I am actually really tempted to go shopping tomorrow during the day and buy a pair of warm boots because I am going back to the market tomorrow night with a couple friends. The market. The outdoor market. At night. In winter. On a day we are predicted to get snow. With feet in shoes not designed for warmth. I am gonna cry like a little girl. sigh. I can almost justify them because I could wear them when I go home for Christmas, back to Alberta, the land of deep snow and cold weather. My feet may not survive lol

Oh! I finally got some software so I can black out my face in pics which means I can finally post a pic of myself when I am out doing something, yay for remembering to get the software! lol So here ya go, me with a nutcracker, finally a guy taller than me! 😉


The oh so handsome Nutcracker and I

The oh so handsome Nutcracker and I

Aaaaaand here is a pic of downtown from across the water, isn’t it so purdy?

the guay

My picture doesn't do the view justice

My picture doesn’t do the view justice

Part 2 of the German Market post will come tomorrow night after I have gone for the second time this year with my friends. I figure I’ll have better pics cause everything will be all lit up and pretty and my hands won’t be filled with bags because I did my shopping today lol. 🙂 …although I am gonna get another apple cider, Mmm!

Cold Feet

11 Oct

Brr. It’s been getting chillier and chillier over the past week or so and today my feet really felt it. You might think that’s weird, that it is my feet that are noticing the cold, but it’s not, you just don’t know the context for which the cold feet were happening. 😛

Because of the long weekend Dragon Boating got moved to today (Tuesday) which weather wise turned out to be a great stroke of luck since the weather yesterday was craptastic. Rainy, cold, windy…nasty weather to have to be in let alone be rowing in! Today started off raining but by the time I was going to the docks the rain had stopped and there was no wind, yah! There was a bit of a chill to the air but if you were dressed appropriately all was good. Well, when rowing I wear flip flop sandals, they cost me a wopping $4 at WalMart, I bought them specifically for Dragon Boating, I figured I wouldn’t be upset if the water damaged them cause they were cheap and if the boat tipped and I lost them to the depths of the water well, that’s ok too. 🙂

However, right as we were getting in the boat it started to rain, sigh, and since it had been raining earlier in the day there was a decent amount of water sitting in the bottom of the boat – these two events created the conditions that caused my cold feet cause well, my feet were sitting in water and getting rained on…Brr!

Once rowing it was fine cause you’re so busy rowing you don’t notice that you are cold and getting rained on. lol The only part that I ever notice getting cold is the hand that holds the lower part of the paddle cause that hand gets dunked in water with every stroke. That poor hand, the fingers go numb every time. Luckily part way through the evening we switch what side of the boat we are sitting on so both my hands get the opportunity to freeze lol. 😀

I was fine once I got home and had a hot shower but the weather is starting to affect me in ways that aren’t about rowing…

Everytime I eat I want something hot, salad weather is definitely over, sigh. Today I had oatmeal, soup, cooked chicken breast and hot mixed veg…that’s a lot of hot food! And don’t forget the endless cups of tea lol.

Normally when the weather cools (well, for about the past two years or so) I start making big amounts of soup, stew and chili, then I freeze them in single servings so that whenever I want something hot I have one perfect portion ready to go. I don’t want to do that right now though cause of moving at the end of the month…I am trying to not buy any new frozen foods or dried foods, I will buy milk, bread, yogurt, fresh fruit and fresh veg but that is it, for everything else I am just going to eat what I have and if I run out, well, oh well, shrug.

This is for two reasons, the first is moving is frickin expensive and this will help me save money and the second reason is that I want to move as little food as possible. If I force myself to eat through my food reserves then that is less stuff I have to move and somehow fit in to a smaller kitchen. Makes sense, right?

The only sucky part to this plan is I really really like soup and I don’t have enough canned soup to get me through till the end of the month so I will run out for sure…which, well, will suck. It’s the same with my much loved maple flavour baked beans, I could happily eat those daily but only have one can left, sadness. If nothing else I’ll be having interesting meals for the next few weeks, eating combos of whatever I can find. lol.

Today I ate:

1 pckg Quaker Hearty Medley’s = 3 points

1 can Fiesta Vegetable and Black Bean Soup = 4 points

2 pcs bread = 3 points

2 tsp margarine = 2 points

1/2 pecan tart = approx 4 points

1 chicken breast = 2 points

1/2 Cup brown rice = 2 points

mixed cooked veg = 0 points

1 tbls soy sauce = 0 points

1 Weight Watcher’s lemon cake = 1 point

Total Points Eaten = 21

Exercise Points Earned = 3

Soooo, could’ve done better, could’ve done worse.

After Dragon Boating 7 of us went to this bread bakery/cafe place near the water, they bake “traditional artisan breads in stone hearth ovens”. The place smelled yummy! I was just going to get a tea but one of the guys asked if I wanted to split a tart, he really wanted one but he also over the span of the past year lost a bunch of weigh so he tries to watch what he eats. He knows I have been doing the same thing so I think he figured if we split something neither of us would be eating too too many calories lol. I caved and said yes. *hangs head in shame*

It was a very yummy tart, and at least I only ate half and not the entire thing *I whine defensively* 😉

When I got home I pulled up the cafe website and found that they don’t provide nutritional information, grr, so I have emailed them asking for the info for the pecan tart that we ate and hopefully they will get that to me. For now I had to approximate the points value. I figure that tart could be anywhere from 6-10 points, which means for me since I ate half I’m looking at anywhere from 3-5 points, sigh. I chose 4 points lol. 😛 I hope I get the info from them soon and that I am not too far off…

Slightly ridiculous though, that this is supposed to be my super strict week and I ate half a tart…apparently I lost the full understanding of “strict”.

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