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Shallow Moment Happening…Right Now!

17 Jan

Ahahahahahaha I just finished jumping up and down, doing a little (ok, big!) butt wiggle of a dance and aaaalmost silently squealing like a little girl!

Guess whose online purchases showed up in the mail todaaaaaay?

Yay for new stuff! πŸ˜€

This whole delayed gratification thing? Totally worth it! wOOt! wOOt!

My jacket was waiting on the doorstep when I left my place today to go to work, I took the package with me but left it in my car while I was working, drove me nuts I couldn’t open it right away lol When I was off work I drove to a friend’s house, she has a pair of snow pants that she was willing to let me have (provided they fit of course) because she’d bought a new pair and this pair was still in excellent condition but obviously she doesn’t need two pairs.

Purple and green, awesome combo!

Purple and green, awesome combo!

I was kinda worried, ok, really worried I’d be too fat for them. KR is way tinier than me and even though she was replacing these pants because they were way too big for her I was still worried what was way to big on her would be too small on me. I was all prepared to be mad at myself when I tried them on and they didn’t fit but guess what?? Not only do they fit, they are a bit loose! OMG yay!! Even though she didn’t want any money for the pants no way could I not give her something for them (brand new they would cost around $200 and these were in such good shape she could have easily sold them for $100). She finally said $50 which duh, oh course I said yes to but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna give her a bit more than that cause they are so awesome and she’s doing me such a huuuuge favour.

Then, when I got home waiting for me on my doorstep were my new boots from Aldo, sweeeet! They fit perfectly, super comfy, nice n cozy, I can’t wait to wear them out! πŸ™‚

They are finally all miiiiiine!

They are finally all miiiiiine!

So now I am dying to go to the mountain and try out my new gear, I wanna break in the jacket and snowpants and my snowshoes oh-so-badly but alas, I hafta work tomorrow so no going to the mountain for me. Boo! I’ll be going this coming week on my days off for sure!

The boots however are not meant for snowshoeing, nope, they are meant for fashion so I’m pretty darn sure I’ll be finding a way to wear those suckers, oh I dunno, tomoorrow? lol πŸ˜›


9 Jan

Way back before Christmas there were a pair of boots being sold at Aldo that I was lusting after the same way a fat kid lusts after the last chocolate in a box. I wanted those boots!

Yay for boots!

Yay for boots!

See the pic of them? Aren’t they so purdy? πŸ˜€

They were on sale when I looked at them prior to Christmas but were still too pricey for me. Being the girl that I am I then checked the price of the boots during boxing week sales but they were still too pricey! Mean ol Aldo pricing things I want too high! *pout*

Tonight when I was going through my email I had an email flyer from Aldo, I get them all the time, talk about being bombarded from a company but since I love looking at shoes I guess I don’t totally mind lol I of course went directly to these boots to see if they were on sale, well, on better sale then they were the last time I checked and guess what? S.A.L.E!! Way better sale then the previous discount price! Yay! The boots were in my price range! So guess who immediately purchased a pair? Yup, this girl. πŸ˜€ They should be here in 3-5 business days. I am grateful Canada Post is still delivering to houses lol

I was so excited to buy the boots I didn’t check my bank balance prior to making the purchase. Aldo gives you the option of paying online using your debit card so you can avoid using a credit card, I prefer this option because then I can only buy the item if I actually have the money for it instead of putting it on a credit card and pretending I can afford to shop lol Well uh, *clears throat* I didn’t check my bank balance before pressing the “purchase” button, I checked it after and uh, crap, I should not have bought the boots *rolls eyes* I’m soooo happy I already did my grocery shopping lol now I just have to make it to payday without buying anything! lol Hmm, that’s only…8 days away…could be worse lol πŸ˜›

German Christmas Market Part 1

11 Dec

Any outing that involves hot apple cider is a good outing. Crap! I just remembered I didn’t put that in my food tracker, gimme a sec…

Ok, added, all is well lol πŸ˜›

So back to the German Christmas Market…

Don’t go thinking I flew to Germany lol it is an annual thing that is held in the downtown core. This is my third year going and I love it. It is a simple little market but something about it makes me smile. There is a carousel (which I may have kinda forgot to take a picture of, oops!), booths filled with various foods and drinks and even more booths filled with all kinds of things to buy. Almost all the items for sale (food and non food) are imported from Germany or made here but German inspired. Well…except for the booth with the maple foods, which omg yum! I love love love maple flavoured anything! πŸ˜€ They have maple toffee that is delish! I bought it last year and fully anticipated buying it again this year but alas, it does not fit in to my eating plan (plus I have no idea how to get nutritional information for it, yeah I know I can google but not like I can weigh out the toffee so I know how much I ate, sigh).

I can’t show you, or tell you, what I bought at the market cause most of the items are Christmas presents and the people receiving them may read this blog so hush! lol One thing I bought for myself was tea, yeah I know, I’m so exciting right? But remember how I am trying to expand my tea collection?

I bought Silent Night Tea which is a “winterly selection of our finest tea blends”, there are four flavours in the box, Winter Delight which is a green tea, Stars which is a black tea, Sun Of The Spirit which is a white tea and Bright Light which is a lemon balm – whatever that means! lol The only tea that doesn’t contain caffeine is the Bright Light (the lemon balm flavour) so I am still failing at expanding my non-caffeinated tea collection – I didn’t even think to read the box or ask the guy working the booth if the tea contained caffeine, arg, I suck at shopping for non-caffeinated tea! lol Later, at a tea store I found loose leaf maple tea which seems like the best idea ever! But I didn’t buy it cause it is loose leaf and I don’t have one of those metal ball thingies to put loose leaf tea in, all my tea is in tea bags lol

My Silent Night Tea

My Silent Night Tea

I wore a ridiculous amount of layers to go to the market, I get cold super duper easy and was mildly terrified of being so cold I wouldn’t be having fun soooooo I wore a tank top, then a long sleeved shirt, then a plaid button up shirt, then a hoodie, then a jacket…count that, minus the coat that is 4 layers! FOUR! All that effort to stay warm, which fyi I so did, but my feet froze, sigh. I have the worst luck when it comes to keeping my feet warm, probably because I don’t own warm shoes lol I own boots, leather and man made but none of them are designed for warmth, they are designed for looks so they are useless at keeping my feet warm. I decided to wear a pair of Keds (sneakers) thinking maybe the canvas fabric would be better at retaining heat in the foot area and also because those particular shoes fit loosley enough I can wear thicker socks with them lol. I was horrifically wrong and my toes were in that pain/numb/frozen state for quite a while, you know, that stage where it hurts to walk because you can’t put pressure on your toes, that stage. Ugh. I’ve been mildly lusting after a pair of Uggs (or a fake pair cause really? that much money on boots? lame!) for those rare times when I need warm boots. I have an old pair that are kind of like fake Uggs but nicer lol thing is they are so old they are way unattractive and the only time I wear them is when I am going to work on my early morning days and want my feet to stay cozy while I am en route to work. Obviously once I get there I switch to cute but completely not designed for winter shoes lol. In case you haven’t figured it out I am not always practical *rolls eyes*

I am actually really tempted to go shopping tomorrow during the day and buy a pair of warm boots because I am going back to the market tomorrow night with a couple friends. The market. The outdoor market. At night. In winter. On a day we are predicted to get snow. With feet in shoes not designed for warmth. I am gonna cry like a little girl. sigh. I can almost justify them because I could wear them when I go home for Christmas, back to Alberta, the land of deep snow and cold weather. My feet may not survive lol

Oh! I finally got some software so I can black out my face in pics which means I can finally post a pic of myself when I am out doing something, yay for remembering to get the software! lol So here ya go, me with a nutcracker, finally a guy taller than me! πŸ˜‰


The oh so handsome Nutcracker and I

The oh so handsome Nutcracker and I

Aaaaaand here is a pic of downtown from across the water, isn’t it so purdy?

the guay

My picture doesn't do the view justice

My picture doesn’t do the view justice

Part 2 of the German Market post will come tomorrow night after I have gone for the second time this year with my friends. I figure I’ll have better pics cause everything will be all lit up and pretty and my hands won’t be filled with bags because I did my shopping today lol. πŸ™‚ …although I am gonna get another apple cider, Mmm!

Running On Blisters

20 Mar

I have these totally awesome boots, they are tall, have buckles (two on the foot part and one at the top outside), they are black leather, they have a two inch heel, they are hawt and make me feel sexy when I wear them. Normally I wear them with a skirt so I can dress up a bit without freezing my legs off but on St Patty’s night I wore them with a pair of jeans that went over the boots, not tucked in to the boots cause on me that just looks stupid lol. I tried getting a sweet pic of them but have you ever tried taking a pic of your own legs while wearing a pair of shoes or boots? The angle just doesn’t work lol so I have a pic of one of the boots sitting on my roomie’s futon, trust me when I say they look waaaay better on me then on the futon…

My sexy boot

I bought these totally awesome boots on my birthday in December as my present to myself, such a great present I might add lol. Each time I have worn them they’ve been super comfy, kept my legs warm and like I said earlier, made me feel sexy. I had never really thought about it but I always wore them when I was driving to my location and any walking I did in them was for short distances and usually on the arm of a man. I didn’t think about any of that when I chose them for my St. Patty’s night out, I just wanted to look good – duh. lol πŸ˜‰

By the end of the dancing portion of my night on saturday I wanted to weep my feet hurt so badly, they were practically burning with pain and all I wanted to do was take off my boots that I was now cursing and never look at them again. Of course every girl knows that when you go out for an evening you make a pact with your shoes and never ever ever take them off, no matter what kind of pain they cause you cuz those random girls you see walking barefoot and carrying their shoes? Eewwww! Nasty! Nobody should ever want to be that girl, *shudder*

Once I was home and my feet were once again walking flat on the ground I quickly forgot about the pain my feet had been feeling and was once again in love with my boots lol. But something unexpected happened…blisters! That’s right, the stupid boots gave me blisters on both my feet, on the balls of my feet! Ya know, that nice cushy soft part on the underneath of your foot? That is where I am blistered on both feet, ugh. This didn’t matter on sunday as the blisters don’t really hurt and I easily ignored them but ooooh man, I sure as heck felt them when I was running on the treadmill today, not pleasant!

It was really only during the sprinting part of my run that I truly noticed them, and it wasn’t so much a pain that I was feeling as an “ick”, it’s just a weird icky feeling running on blisters, cause you know that strange squishy feeling is actually liquid sacs on the bottom of your feet that are having pressure put on them and *face grimace* that’s just gross. ugh.

It got me pondering all the other things women do for fashion, or just plain looks. We go through so many little grooming rituals that cause pain, and sure the pain is fleeting and easy to ignore but uh, when did going through pain of any kind for cosmetic purposes become so common place?? And why do we accept the pain high heels bring us, and tight restrictive clothing, and push up bras, and all those other things we do and wear as normal? Acceptable? Some kind of twisted right of passage?

Now, don’t go thinking I’m going all hippy on you, I’m not going to stop threading my eyebrows, or shaving, or wearing those boots or accidentally stabbing myself in the eye with my eyeliner (on an almost daily basis I might add! lol) cause I like the results of all those things, I like how I look (on most days) when all my grooming rituals and clothing choices come together…I just wish there was a little less pain involved…and squishy liquid filled sacs on the bottom of my feet *shudder* Seriously sooooo gross!

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