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A Loud Empty Lot

22 Oct

How much thought have you ever given to the length of time it takes to tear down a building? Or how loud the process of tearing down a building is?

The house next door to where I live got bought by some guy who decided to tear it down so he could build a bigger better house. The tearing down process got delayed because the house had asbestos and I guess that means special care has to be taken, shrug. I figured with fall here the house would stay with it’s yellow warning tape wrapped around it until spring, I mean, no one starts construction right before winter, right? Um…wrong apparently.

This past Wednesday morning I got woken up niiiiice n early by my landlord knocking on my door (I knew it was my landlord because I am in a basement suite of a house and my “front door” opens to a hallway within the basement of the house so the only people who can knock on my door are my landlord and his wife). So, yeah, super early I get woken up by knocking, which to be honest, I am surprised I even heard since I sleep like the dead lol I go stumbling to my door in mismatched flannel pj’s, crazed hair and my eyes squinting out from behind my seriously outdated glasses and mutter a “yeah?” as I open the door a crack. He found this all very amusing 😛 lol he said the workers for next door needed to bring in a large piece of machinery and they needed me to move my suv. I just sorta stared at him in confusion, said wait a minute, grabbed my keys and handed them over, no way in hell was I gonna go out there in my pj’s with my bed head and glasses to move my suv! 😛 Luckily I have an awesome landlord so he went and moved my suv and I crawled back in to bed, ahhhhh bed, such a good place to be.

I got all comfy, the cat crawled back in to bed and got all comfy, I was almost unconscious and Oh.My.God. the loudest noise in the world started! Right outside my bedroom window! Oh, and yeah, the noise didn’t stop. The cat freaked out and went running, I groaned and tried to bury my head under the pillow but oddly enough I don’t like being smothered *rolls eyes* so I lay there, so comfy, so cozy, so miserable because I was being deafened.

Eventually I decided screw this, get up and watch out the window, how often do you get to watch a building be torn down without leaving your place or having to put on real clothes? Wasn’t till I put my glasses back on and went over to the window I clued in someone had put a piece of wood over the window to protect the glass from shrapnel, which sure is a good thing but to me that just meant I had all the volume but none of the viewing opportunity. Lame!

Turns out it takes all day to demolish a house. A very loud long day.

Thursday, I got woken up bright n early by the sound of horrible horrible machinery because apparently Thursday was clean-up-the-mess-that-was-created-by-demolishing-the-house-on-Wednesday day. Lovely. *rolls eyes* Neither the cat or I were impressed.

I figured for sure it won’t be like that Friday, what else could they possibly be doing over there now that the pieces of the house were gone?

I was wrong. Bright n early Friday morning that god-awful piece of machinery was turned on again. By this time the cat had given up running in to other rooms trying to escape the noise and instead crawled under the blankets, who doesn’t like a blanket fort when they are upset? lol

Day three of this process involved making the hole in the ground even bigger *groan* Stop the madness!

Least they didn’t work Saturday or Sunday, phew!

On Monday when I got home from work I stopped and took a long look at the hole…

This was a house three days ago

This was a house three days ago

That big ol mess used to be a house filled with asbestos.

As I was walking away I noticed this…

random vegetable

random vegetable

A random zucchini. I went and poked it because it seemed so odd to see a zucchini sitting on top a pile of dirt that was part of demolishing a house. I guess there was a vegetable garden in the back that got demolished along with the house…or the earth is randomly spitting up vegetables, and if that is the case I’d like some squash to appear in my backyard thanks, lol. 😉

The noises are still happening but not as loud, or maybe I’m just used to the volume now? Either way, I am now able to sleep through the madness, yay! My ability to sleep like the dead is such a wonderous gift lol

Now the hole is more defined, has straight edges, a flat bottom, and has been lined with a thin layer of some sort of rock, to me it looks like a really large litter box lol

I’m kinda regretting not taking that zucchini…

Back on my points

4 Aug

It is a relief to me that I managed to eat my points today, no more no less. 🙂 Course, one of the things I ate I can’t find the points for so I had to guess so maybe I am off but I am going to pretend I am right cause it makes me feel like it won’t be so hard tomorrow when I am back at work having to eat on a schedule again. lol.

I headed out about 11am or so after a sorta ok breakfast. I ordered 2 eggs any style with toast and hash browns with a side of fruit. I thought the fruit would counteract the hashbrowns and toast of which I was only going to have a bite of; that didn’t really work. The fruit was a bowl of “mixed fruit” apparently mixed now means one bite sized piece of pineapple and a mixture of cantelope and honeydew melon. I happen to hate both those melons, and seriously? One bite of pineapple?!?! Oh, and it was all under ripe, ick.  So, since I didn’t have the fruit to fill me up I ate most of the toast and hash browns. sigh. I had only intended to have a bite, I swear! But I was hungry and the two eggs just weren’t gonna cut it. shrug.

It was tasty but settled as a heavy ball of lead in my tummy that made me not feel well for an hour or so of my drive. Oddly enough I found that drinking water helped ease the feeling so I drank, and drank, and drank and as a result thought my bladder was going to burst when I got stuck in crawling traffic due to construction…soooo much construction! Seriously, I was squirming so much in my seat, lol, I was tempted to pull off to the side and beg the use of the porta potty the construction guys/gals had but decided to tough it out till I got back to my place. Best pee ever! 😛

Let’s get back to normal here…today I ate:

2 eggs = 4 points

2 pcs toast = 4 points

hashbrowns = 4 points

1 raspberry fruit bar = 2 points

1/2 cup Sidekicks Cheddar and Broccoli Rice = 3 points

1 hot dog weiner = 3 points

2 triangles of Light Laughing Cow Cheese = 1 point

1 Thinsations Oreo Mini Cakesters pckg = 2 points

Total points used 23!!! wOOt! 😀 Now I am off to finish putting all my stuff away so I can go to bed…after Law and Order SVU of course. lol.

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