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Tales From the Clumsy Side

28 Nov

Alrighty, so, in case you don’t know this about me, I am clumsy. Not tripping over my own feet can’t function on a daily basis clumsy, but I’d say a tad more clumsy than other people…ok fine, maybe more than a tad *rolls eyes*


The other day I was trying on pants in a store’s dressing room and the tag got caught as I was pulling the pants up. No biggy right? Happens sometimes, *shrug*. Well! As I was pulling the pants up, I felt the tag scratching me but ignored it, not like it could actually hurt me, right?

Oh how wrong can a girl be?

My leg hurt, quite a bit, and me being me I ignored it. But eventually I got in the shower and then experienced a new pain level on my leg, always fun! I took a look and what I thought would be a tiny scratch is actually quite a long, mean looking, cut.

Guess that pant label was sharper than I realized. lol

Later that night I was prepping my hot water bottle, don’t judge, I am cold all the time so I take a hot water bottle to bed, there’s no shame in that!

I either boil water in the kettle, let it cool a bit, and pour that in to my hot water bottle or I put water in the kettle, turn the kettle on, but listen for when it is almost but not quite at boiling, I turn it off and put that water in the hot water bottle.

You might think that is too hot of water but I don’t, and since I’m the one using it I’m gonna stick with my preference here k? 😉

This particular evening I stopped the water before it reached boiling point and was pouring it in to the hot water bottle when oops! I slipped and poured near boiling water over my fingers. I made that sound you make when all of a sudden pain due to extreme temperature happens but did I immediately stop what I was doing so I could put my hand under cold water?

No. Don’t be daft. Of course I didn’t. I finished pouring water in to the hot water bottle then closed the lid, then dried the outside of the bottle, then I tended to my hand.

Cause ya know, priorities! lol

I put my hand under cold water.

That was not pleasant.

I decided I couldn’t stay like that forever, there was a bed calling my name and a hot water bottle that was getting cooler with every passing minute to think about.

So I grabbed an ice gel pack thingy from the freezer, a small towel to put between my hand and the ice gel pack thingy, and headed to bed.

I sit and read or watch YouTube videos while laying in bed and why mess with routine just because your hand feels like it is on fire?

Try your best to picture this…

Me, laying in bed, partially upright so I can read, my legs bent so I make a tent with the blanket so the cat can go under the blanket (that is his night time routine), the hot water bottle on my tummy area (cause it is cozy), a book in my left hand, my right hand resting on my chest area with a cold gel pack wrapped around it.

Super normal way to cuddle in bed, right? lol

The gel pack didn’t seem to be helping all that much. It caused more pain, or maybe that was the burn just getting more painful…hard to tell, *shrug*. Two of my fingers were red and swollen and had that glossy look to the skin that burns tend to get and I thought for sure I was going to wake up with blisters.

Luckily I didn’t! Yay! I did wake up with fingers so sore they didn’t want to bend and skin that felt like it was on fire. Such a great sensation to go through my day with. 😛

Ah well. Just part of the trials of being a clumsy person! Let’s hope the cut and the mild burn heal quickly and I don’t have another clumsy day for a while *crosses fingers*



5 May

That OW is not a simple tiny little ‘ow’, it’s not a ‘I stubbed my toe’ or ‘I have a hangnail’ ow it is an OWWWWWWWWWW! I am hurt! Even typing is causing me pain. *pout*

I have a slight leaning toward whiny-ness when sick and/or injured. I am not as bad as some people but I do have my complaining moments – consider yourself warned! 😉

The building I work in offers these bettering yourself courses once a year to all the tenants so my friends at work and I signed up for the self-defence class cause well, duh, it’d be fun! lol. I went last year and had a blast so an even bigger group of us went this year. The way they run the hour long session is first you have warm up, then you pair up and go to a punching bag. The guy running the session shows you what move he wants you to work on and one person holds the bag while the partner performs the move on the bag – then you switch. Easy peasy right?

The section where you’re working on the bag is fun, and tiring, and works your muscles and did I mention fun? teehee. Anything where you get to punch and kick and basically pummel something without getting in trouble is truly awesome! I apparently have “violent tendancies” but I think it’s just that most people bury their feelings of violence, not that I have stronger feelings then others in that regard. lol.

After the punching bag part a guy comes in dressed in one of those huge padded outfits so that we can all take turns fighting him. hehe, Sweet huh? Well, we were supposed to use the moves we’d just learned on him and basically survive an attack, oy! It appears I have a tendency to fight instead of just hurt the attacker and run away which is what we are supposed to do, huh. You fight for 30 seconds, then get told what you are doing wrong, then go for another 30 seconds. I know 30 seconds doesn’t sound like long but it’s long enough to get incapacitated, thrown to the ground, trapped from behind, knocked over…it’s long enough for all kinds of stuff to happen. erg.

I ended up slammed to the ground, hitting an open drawer that was full of hand weights on the way down. Nice huh? The high point is I took the guy down with me! Oh yeah baby! Go girl power! I was so in to it I scrambled up quick and went to kick him in the nuts but managed to stop myself before I actually did – in real life I would have but this is some guy in a protective suit not a real danger. shrug.

After all that I got told what I should do better and was put back in for another 30 seconds, in the dude who ran the sessions defence he did ask if I wanted to sit out my second round cause I was hurt but I said no – like I am gonna let some guy best me?!?! Hell No!

Ok, I just went to go switch over my laundry and discovered new injuries…greeeeaattt. 😛 Both knees, both! Can you believe it?!?! omg I hurt *groan* Told you I’d get whiny!

I’m kinda pissed that the guy managed to get me to the ground, you’re not supposed to let him do that cause in real life if that happened well…bad! All kinds of bad!

My tally of injuries (so far lol) are: 1 skinned elbow, same elbow is swelling up and so far looks like a golf ball is attached to it lol, the joint/bones also hurt so I wonder if I did more then surface damage but can’t say for sure, my left knee is bruising and swelling and makes me limp also, I think there is fluid forming under the bruise, eewwww!, my right knee is skinned, bruised and the muscle or tendons or something hurts and the more I use it the more it hurts – wouldn’t be so bad but the left knee hurts the more it stays still, it stiffens up ya know?, so whether I sit still or move around I am causing more pain to one of the knees…oh, and it feels like a mild sprain in my right ankle.

Seems I am totally weak cause can you imagine if it had been a real trying-to-hurt-me guy and not some guy in a padded suit?? Must toughen up!

Today I ate:

3/4 C Vanilla Almond Special K = 2 points

1/2 C 1% milk = 1 point

1 C Maple Baked Beans = 4 points

1 piece toast = 1 point

85 grams whole wheat pasta = 5 points

1/2 C Hunt’s Thick n Rich premium pasta sause, original = 1 point

2 pieces bread = 1 point

2 tsp margarine = 2 points

Total points eaten = 17

Exercise pointes earned = 3 – 7 ??

I am not sure the best way to calculate the exercise points I earned, yeah I have my slidy thing so that’s not the problem, the problem is what intensity was it? Moderate or High? Moderate is you sweat after 10 mins and high is you sweat in 3-5 minutes…I was mildly sweating by the 5 minute mark due to the warm up and had a steady glow happening the entire time we worked the bag but my hike seems more strenuous then that work out…and the fighting part with the guy was probably High intensity but that didn’t last very long so doesn’t really count…I will probably count 3 exercise points and leave it at that, better to be a bit low then to calculate high and over eat right?

This means I have 6 points left to eat and I am so grateful since I am hungry! 😀 I haven’t figured out what I am gonna eat yet but I’ll find something tasty, you can count on it lol. Oh, sidenote! Last night, remember my dilemma about what to eat to use up that last point? I found a happy middle! A 1 point healthy snack, yah! I ate a banana, don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner…

I know I bitched about my injuries a lot and made the self defence class sound not all that great but I would do it again in a heartbeat cause it was fun, it was active and it taught me things that are good to know – don’t let my whining put you off taking one if ever you get the chance!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go ice my knees…or maybe apply heat…I’m not really sure…

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