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Food Huggers Review

20 May

I bought this weird Food Huggers thing ages ago for avocados and then stopped buying avocados, so it has been sitting in my kitchen all this time…depressed, alone, not being used, adrift and without meaning in it’s life…its sad really. To make it up to the little avocado Food Hugger I did the only humane thing I could think of…I bought avocados.

Oh the sacrifices I make in life *big epic sigh* πŸ˜‰

So this is what it looks like…obviously.

It comes with two sizes in the package, the light green is the more realistic size, the dark green is to make you envious of places in the world that apparently get gigantic avocados in their stores. I have already donated the dark green one because no joke, I have never seen an avocado that would be large enough for that hugger, especially since these things are supposed to have a snug fit. Don’t think yoga pants snug, think leggings snug.

The idea behind this creation is that you can keep half your avocado fresh for longer than without. I didn’t really believe that claim but I will admit to being a sucker for tupperware and similar items that are shaped like the food they are meant to hold so really, I was doomed the moment I saw this thing. I am after all the person who bought a tomato shaped tomato holder and who keeps convincing herself she doesn’t reeeeally need the onion shaped onion holder even though it would look so cute in my fridge!


The avocado food hugger has some limitations, the main one being finding an avocado that ya know, fits. The hugger is supposed to be super snug on your avocado, it needs to make a seal. The first time I tried it my avocado was too small so there was no actual seal made and this was the result…

2016-08-27 12.58.29

Not exactly what you want your over priced avocado to look like the next day. I would have done better to wrap it in saran wrap but hey, ya gotta live and learn right?

Next time I bought avocados I managed to find not one, but two avocados that fit in to this thing, yay me!

Here is how it looks when it is properly fit on to an avocado…

You can see where I push in with my thumb there is actually quite a bit of space where the pit is. The Food Hugger itself got a really good seal around the peel of the avocado, thought it was a bit of a battle getting it on there. I say battle like it was this big epic thing when really it was me, cursing under my breath as the avocado kept almost slipping completely out of my hands while I tried to cram it inside a green sorta stretchy avocado condom.

I guess the air in the pit area didn’t matter too much because the next day that half of the avocado looked like this…

avocado 3

Not bad at all. Sure, I lost some of the avocado to the inside of the hugger, but not too much, and yeah there is some browning of the avocado but c’mon, you can’t expect magic to happen, this is just a green silicone food hugger, not a fairy sprinkling fairy dust over everything.

The second avocado I ended up leaving in the hugger, in the fridge, for a couple days. Oops! It didn’t end well. When I took the hugger off the avocado there was mold around the edge of the pit where it meets the flesh of the avocado, there was excessive darkness to the avocado, basically, it was not edible and in to the compost it went.

That was a sad day for me. *sniffle*

In general I think the Food Hugger for avocados is fine, it sure makes the half of the avocado you put in the fridge look cuter than if you wrapped it in saran wrap, and there is less waste since it is washable and I don’t know about you but I tend to throw out saran wrap once I take it off of whatever I wrapped it around. So yeah, environmentally, it is probably the better option, but sadly it didn’t extend the life of my avocado past what the saran wrap was able to do.

It did however give me a good excuse to buy avocados; for that alone I think I am happy I bought it! πŸ˜‰

The Returned – 2013

16 Mar

The random perk of working odd days and hours from most people is you end up seeing things on tv you would have normally never seen. That is, if you are watching tv at some point during those non-working hours when it seems most everybody else is slaving away…

Today I saw a movie on tv called The Returned. I have noooo idea why I decided to watch it, it is a zombie movie and that isn’t really my thing, ya know? That and I had other things I should be doing…theoretically…

the returned

I figured I’d watch a bit at the beginning, it would prove to be dumb and not hold my interest, and I’d go back to my book buuuut that didn’t happen…

Two hours later I am staring at the screen in horror, but not scared horror, in anger horror, emotional horror, life is unfair horror, and amazed at how good a zombie movie could be when it doesn’t focus on gore, or violence, or any of the standard zombie movie cliches.

Probably people who love traditional zombie movies don’t like this one as much, so maybe that is why I liked this one, because it is different?

Without giving away any spoilers, in case you decide to go watch it, in this movie people who get infected and get the zombie virus can take a once daily injection to hold off turning in to the stereotypical zombie. They are called “The Returned” because they returned from the horrible fate that awaited them if they hadn’t gotten the medication and responded to it…that fate of course being a transition into a traditional zombie and then a bullet to the head.

The main characters are a married couple, he is a “Returned”, she is not. They face a crisis, as does the rest of the world, when the medication needed to keep all the “Returned” as humans is running out.

It is one of those great movies that lets you analyze a situation that is happening in the world and debate what you would do, what would those you know do, what do you believe should be done by the government, the military, the medical professionals, all without making you feel threatened because it is just about zombies not something real, like say, an outbreak of Ebola, or Avian Flu, or H1N1…you know, those pesky outbreaks that had people freaking out about closing borders and not sending aide to other countries for fear of the disease then being brought back.

Sorta like how District 9 could inspire conversations that in actuality were about how to treat refugees, but since in the movie the refugees were aliens there was less chance of people freaking out about having a conversation around the rights that are awarded to refugees because it is just aliens, right? πŸ˜‰

I love movies like that, movies that can open dialogue about topics usually shunned because they are uncomfortable to talk about.

In case you hadn’t gathered by now, I liked the movie, I even recommend the movie…just don’t go in to it expecting all the normal zombie movie stuff or you’ll be disappointed. Go in to it expecting some zombie gore type scenes, but mostly expecting a drama about relationships, a movie that will make you question what could cause you to change your views on how to treat your fellow man, how much do you think society should do to care for those who have un-treatable illnesses that could spread and kill quickly, how long do you think your humanity would last when faced with unbearable decisions?

Ooooh, look how quickly a zombie movie got deep and thoughtful! πŸ˜‰

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