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Try It Tuesday: Smart Ones Ravioli Florentine

12 Jul

I work shift work which means I get to eat at odd times. Depending on the day my dinner could be at 11pm, 7pm, 4pm…or any other random time, shrug. Because of this I have been trying to stock up on quick and easy meals so when I get home at 10pm I don’t have to do a lot of work to get a meal.

Safeway had Smart Ones Ravioli Florentine on sale last week, it is a frozen dinner that is endorsed by Weight Watchers so I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try.

2016-07-09 22.04.00

Side note, in the Smart Point program this is 7 points.


Well…ok, while it technically didn’t hurt or anything it wasn’t great, heck, I wouldn’t even rate it as good. In fact I am kind of regretting wasting my points on it, sigh.

If you prefer tomato based sauces you might be ok with this one. I prefer cream sauces with my pasta, ya know, the higher in calorie sauce cause hellooooo, so yummy! But yeah, so it isn’t like there was anything specifically wrong with the sauce, I just didn’t like it. One good thing about the sauce was the vegetables that are in it. All the veggies are cut small but not so small they turn to mush once heated up. I really enjoyed the zucchini pieces.

The pasta itself was ok. Good sized pieces of ravioli filled with cheese, can’t go wrong there.

This definitely wouldn’t be big enough to eat on its own as a meal, I was ok because I ate it as sort of a second dinner / later night snack type of thing but if I had taken this to work to have as my real dinner I would of had to supplement it with a salad or something on the side.

I wouldn’t buy it again but only because I am not a tomato sauce type of person and 7 points for this amount of food seems ridiculous to me. I can make a burger and put it on a bagel thin, with cheese, for roughly the same amount of points and get waaaaay more enjoyment out of that meal.

I’ll probably take a look at their other offerings next time I am in the store, see if they have something I might like better cause the ease of heating something up in the microwave can not be overlooked. Gotta love that microwave! 😉

Another Monday

20 Sep

The week has begun and so far nothing all that momentous has happened. lol. Come on, give me a break, it’s only monday! I need another day or two before something interesting is going to happen. 😛

I just finished eating a Weight Watchers Banana Nut Muffin, Mmm! It always surprises me when the Weight Watchers food tastes good and yet, over and over I am pleasantly surprised by the tastes I encounter. While I am very happy to be Canadian I do envy people in the states who have access to way more Weight Watchers foods then I do. sigh. There used to be more up here but for some reason WW stopped distributing most of it in Canada, double sigh. I get a wider variety of WW foods when I go to England for heavens sake! We do have some WW stuff, the muffins for example. There are also cookies…little 3 bite cakes (those aren’t so great, too dry)…um, yeah, stuff like that. If you go to actual WW meetings you can buy more stuff (I know this cause my mom goes) but I can’t afford the meetings so I can’t buy the stuff they have at the locations. Whenever I eat the WW snack packs they are ones my mom got me. 😀 Aren’t moms great? lol

What we do have though are Smart Ones and Lean Cuisines – frozen dinners and desserts that have the points pre-calculated and written on the box. Those are pretty good, expensive, but good. I usually have one frozen dinner a week, but I have it for lunch, cause there always seems to be one evening a week where I just don’t feel like making lunch for the next day. shrug. Whatcha gonna do? I’m lazy, lol, that’s what those frozen meals are for!

So far today I have eaten:

29 grams Honey Nut Cheerios = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 banana = 2 points

1 Salad = 0 points

mixed raw veggies = 0 points

1 light babybell = 1 point

1 tbls three cheese ranch = 1 point

1 Lean Cuisine Chicken a l’orange = 4 points

1 cup Butternut Squash soup = 2 points

1 Sandwich

    – 2 pieces bread = 2 points

    – .07 kg Fat Free Turkey Breast = 1 point

    – 1 tbls light miracle whip, mustard, tomato, lettuce = 0 points

    – 1 light cheese slice = 1 point

1 weight watchers banana nut muffin = 3 points

That puts me at a total of 22 points – still got 2 more points to go! I know I am always saying I don’t feel like eating all my points but today I really don’t feel like it. I blame SI, a guy at work, he came in to work last week (all last week!) really sick, coughing up lungs, sneezing, basically spreading all kinds of nasty germs around and I think I caught it…not quite as bad as what he had but some form of it. Grr! I hate when people come to work sick! They aren’t doing anybody any good, double grr! Sorry, I will attempt to not rant about it, it’s just we work in a closed air environment, I breathe in those stupid germs and then I get sick cause my immune system sucks…and I am starting to rant, sorry! 🙂

So yeah, to wrap all that up, I don’t feel well. sigh. When I don’t feel well I don’t wanna eat. I know some people when they get sick they eat for comfort, I go the opposite way – I stop eating completely. All day today I ate because it was the time to eat but not because I wanted to eat. I am hoping, by eating my fruits and veggies and protein I will keep my body running at a good level and help my immune system out and maybe this is as bad as I’ll get…it’s worth a shot!

Popeye, gasp, lied to us??

10 Aug

liar liar pants on fire

Oh the betrayal! All those years of being told by Popeye that eating spinach gives you lots of iron and it turns out that’s a lie due to a misplaced decimal. *rolls eyes* The things that get passed through to the general population and then become “nutritional fact” and passed down to the next generations, oy!

I have never actually watched Popeye so maybe he didn’t tell kids to eat spinach cause there is iron in it but he did promote spinach as something to eat lots of – after all, that’s what everyone knows him for. Of course, I linked him with those fake cigarette candies you can (could?) buy that tasted kinda nasty but made you feel cool cause it looked like you had a smoke…hey! at the age of 6 you don’t realize you look stupid instead of cool and neither do your friends when they are all doing the same thing. lol. 😛

Anyways, more of my food research has discovered that spinach isn’t a good source of iron. Spinach has about the same iron content as any other green veggie. Something naughty about spinach is that it  contains oxalic acid which prevents more than 90% of the iron from being absorbed by the body!!! Ack! Spinach does have a good side tho so don’t think all that spinach eating has been in vain! lol. Spinach is a rich source of Vit A, Vit E and several antioxidants, it also has more than a half-day supply of beta-carotene in just a half cup serving. So see, it has ups and downs…like a lot of foods. 😛 In case you are wondering, the idea that spinach contained lots of iron started in 1870 with scientists whose figures weren’t challenged until 1937 when it was discovered spinach actually contained 1/10th of the claimed amount…like I said earlier, the mistake was made by a misplaced decimal point. lol.

Something else you should know about iron, when you do eat it also eat something high in Vit C (like peppers or citrus fruits) because the Vit C increases iron absorption. Most people don’t need to use supplements to get enough iron, we do fine on our own if we eat a healthy veggie rich diet but an iron supplement is recommended for pregnant women, women who are  child bearing age should eat foods high in heme iron (found in lean meats). Men need to be careful, too much iron for them can be dangerous – it has been linked to heart disease and cancer. Oh and my last fun fact about iron, men store more of it then women do in their bodies. Phew, ok, that was a lot of iron stuff, all done!

Today I ate:

2 Weetabix Biscuits = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 banana = 2 points

1 cup Knorr Red Pepper Tomato soup = 2 points

1/2 cup mashed yams = 1.5 points

mixed veggies = 0 points

2 triangles Light Laughing Cow cheese = 1 point

1 salmon in dill sauce steak = 3 points

1/4 cup whole wheat couscous = 3 points

corn = 0 points

1 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Double Fudge Cake = 4 points

So far I have eaten 19.5 points today, I will eat a snack in a bit and end up being under my points by half a point which I think is ok. 🙂 The couscous turned out well, I actually put the corn in with the couscous to make it less dry…I used to put marg in it and mix it together to make it less dry but combining it with some veggies is a healthier way to make it moist and it tastes good.

The Smart Ones however was a bit disappointing. sigh. It was stale. How that happened when it’s a frozen cake you thaw I dunno but stale it was. I followed all the instructions for thawing it out…maybe it was in my freezer too long? shrug, ah well, it was still chocolate and you can’t go wrong with that. 😀

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