Supplements and Additives

25 Aug

I used to try every new supplement that came on the market – if it promised to help me lose weight that is. I never cared about side effects, health risks, if it was healthy or not – I just wanted results. FYI, I never got those results. Such a waste of money, sigh.

This time around I was planning on staying away from all those things but that doesn’t mean they don’t crop up from time to time. In fact, I had some left over from before I started Weight Watchers and I have recently been using it again, now don’t freak out, it isn’t a pill and it doesn’t promise me that I will lose massive weight uber quick (as long as I am willing to damage my liver and heart lol), it is called Benefibre Shape Management.

doesn’t change the flavour of your drink and adds fibre to your diet, can’t go wrong with that!

It is a Vitamin B complex that is supposed to boost my metabolism of fats and carbs. I don’t know if that is real or not but I do know it adds fibre to my diet and that is a good thing. Before Weight Watchers I know I didn’t eat enough fibre, I also didn’t eat enough fruits, veggies, protein…all I ate more then enough of was fat and carbs. lol. So back then I bought this Benefibre cause I thought quick easy way to get fibre in to me and it has the added bonus of supposedly helping me with my weight.  I should have researched before buying it though, we are supposed to get about 25 grams of fibre per day, each rounded teaspoon of Benefibre provides approx 3 grams of fibre and you’re only s’posed to have 3 teaspoons a day…not quite your daily amount. lol. At least it increases my intake by a bit…and every bit counts!…right? 😀

I have never had any side effects from taking it, it really does completely dissolve in my drinks and doesn’t alter the texture or taste of them. Really, it is an effortless way to get a bit more fibre. I usually don’t manage the 3 teaspoons per day, I only use it in the evening and I used to only put it in my tea but over the past week and a half I have also been dissolving it in to my evening water. Because of putting it in the water I now (usually) have 2 teaspoons per day…sometimes I manage the 3 but that is still rare.
I think a lot of the benefits from items like this are psychological – when I drink my tea that has my dissolved fibre powder in it (and doesn’t that just sound soooo appetizing) I feel like not only am I getting fluids in me, I am also doing something positive for my weight management. It gives me a sensation of trying harder even though all I am doing is sitting on the couch blogging or watching tv. lol. I don’t really mind if the benefit is mostly psychological because even if it isn’t helping me metabolize my fats and carbs any better then I normally would it is getting that little bit of extra fibre in me, and the fibre isn’t a lie.
So there we have it, I am not supplement/additive free. Oh the horrors! lol. Are you gonna tell on me to the healthy police? 😀
I have always been a believer in supplements, I always felt like I just hadn’t found the right one for me yet but if I kept trying eventually one of them would magically work and bam! I’d be thin. I think deep down I knew better, I also think that maybe I figured it didn’t matter if I damaged my body trying to get thin. If I didn’t get thin then I knew I was gonna be miserable – sort of a die trying attitude. shrug. Not the best attitude I grant you but I managed to stop myself from taking them so what does that matter? Now I just take one and it is for the fibre not the weight loss help it may or may not give me. I s’pose I could just take a fibre pill or something…I am assuming there is such a thing…but I already own this so I am gonna stick with it. We’ll see what I decide once it runs out…who knows, maybe then I really will stop with supplements! But don’t count on it… 😛
Today I ate:
3/4 cup Blueberry Special K = 2 points
1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point
1 banana = 2 points
1 cup grapes = 1 point
1/2 Fresh Express Fiesta salad =4 points
1 cup Tuscan Bean soup with Sweet Basil = 2 points
1 light babybell = 1 point
carrots = 0 points
85 grams whole wheat pasta = 5 points
1/4 cup Alfredo Roasted Tomato sauce = 2 points
grilled veggies = 0 points
1 grapefruit = 1 point
1 tbsp sugar (for the grapefruit) =1 point
I used my 22 points today! 😀 It was a real toss up between the grapefruit or a thinsations oreo cakesters package. lol. The cakesters nearly won, the idea of cake was so so so tempting but I figured the grapefruit was the healthier choice – even if I do sprinkle sugar on it. lol. It was a nice change, I don’t eat grapefruit often, and I am glad I chose it for my evening snack. 🙂 How weird is that?!?! Getting close to my daily dose of fibre in, choosing fruit over cakesters…the world is a changin! 😀 

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