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Land Mines in the Grocery Store

6 Sep

I finally got off my butt and went grocery shopping for the week, normally I go on saturdays so waiting till monday evening seems like a really long wait. lol. I had a really lazy long weekend (as anyone who read my last couple posts knows lol) and it seemed to take all my energy to get there and work my way around the aisles.

Since starting my “healthy lifestyle” I have had to start shopping in areas of the store I usually avoided and now have to avoid most of the aisles I usually took my cart down. sigh. It’s quite the change.

I gotta say, I really miss the bakery section, Safeway has croissants that have been turned in to donuts and have chocolate drizzled on the top…o.m.g. …soooooooo good! Probably all my daily points tho so I just don’t go near them, I am not so sure of my willpower when it comes to something like that. 😛 And why oh why do ice cream and frozen veggies share the same aisle? That is just tortuous cause now I am down that aisle for the vegg and not the ice cream…I never thought that would happen! lol. I noticed today that random things I can no longer buy seemed to be everywhere, everywhere! I was looking at soup and came across Ichiban (which I love but can’t have anymore, sigh) and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese was in the same aisle as…hmm, I can’t remember anymore but it was in an aisle where I was getting something healthier and man did I want to get the KD. Also, I was looking for something I had a coupon for and ended up in the cheese aisle…cheese!! I miss cheese. I was never a huge cheese eater, I know some people who eat it everyday, but I do at times like to have cheese n crackers with some tomato soup or as a snack or somethin. Since I was in the cheese area I took a look and found this one from Cracker Barrel that is pre-sliced to fit perfectly on to a cracker, awesome! I can’t remember how many points it was but I did calculate it at the store and it was quite a lot for just 3 pieces, and I’m sorry but who eats just three tiny slices of cheese? Nobody! I decided to not buy it because it would either (1) take so long for me to eat it would go bad and it’d be a waste of my money or (2) I’d end up eating too much of it at one time and it’d wreck my points for that day. It seemed easier to just not buy it, sigh.

Also, my cart is usually filled with a high ratio of fruit to all my other stuff but fruit season is at an end and almost everything looked bad. ugh. The strawberries were all smooshed and the grapefruit were all really soft…nothing else was looking all that great either. I did escape with a small container of raspberries and a small container of blackberries (they were on a mix n match sale) but that’ll probably be my last of the season, sad. 😦 I think I will have to start looking at canned fruit. I know some is canned in syrup so that’s a no-no but some is packed in um, non syrup, lol, and that might not be so bad. I will have to find something because fruit makes up a huge part of my diet now. I could use frozen fruit on my cereal in the mornings…that should be ok, right?

Oh! Speaking of cereal I tried All Bran Flakes today for breakfast, I only managed one spoonful they were that gross! Cardboard! Total cardboard taste and smell! Never again! So I swapped out that cereal for my normal Special K Blueberry which I am not all that fond of either but least it’s not bran flakes. teehee.

So today I ate:

3/4 cup Blueberry Special K = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

2 pieces toast = 2 points

2 tsp margarine = 2 points

1 tblsp raspberry jam = 1 point

2 prawn salad wraps = 6 points

1 whole wheat tortilla = 2 points

1 tblsp Nutella = 2 points

1 tblsp Light Peanut Butter = 2 points

1 cup 1% milk = 2 points

Total points used today is 22. I did absolutely nothing that could be called exercise today so no exercise points for me but that’s ok cause I ate only my normal daily points. 🙂 I didn’t think I’d manage to eat all my points cause I was up late and didn’t have as much time to eat as normal so I am happy I reached my points – I am also happy I got my peanut butter and nutella wrap with the full amounts of pb and nutella instead of the 1/2 tblsp of each I usually end up with. It was Yummy! 😀

The grocery is filled with land mines that are the foods I used to eat and really like. I know I need to not eat them and I am usually able to look at them and pass right on by without feeling too tempted to look over my shoulder at them as they fade in to the distance but just when I think I am strong I notice something (this week was Ichiban) and I have to really struggle to not buy it. Only by sheer force of will did I manage to leave it in the store, eesh, I sure hope if it’s a low will power day next time that happens I’ll still be able to resist!

Self Punishment aka Exercise

6 Sep

Sooooo, yesterday I weighed in and gained 0.2 pounds, ugh, when I got up today I decided to re-weigh myself (I know, it goes against my rule about only weighing in once a week but I was curious as to what the scale would say) so the scale showed I had lost. hmmm. Which result to take? I decided to take todays number, cause, well, duh, it’s lower. lol. That puts me at a total weight loss of 9.8 pounds…still haven’t reached that 10 pound mark but at least I am closer…I want to be able to say I lost 10 pounds dammit!!

I decided instead of waiting one more week to see how my next weigh in is and therefore having 4 weeks of proof I have plateaud I am taking action now! Why wait another week when I can do something now? My course of action is exercise…I am already watching what I eat so I can’t really adjust that, means the only other thing I know that I can change is my activity level. sigh. I like my activity level! I like being lazy and spending most of my time sitting with a book or watching tv or being on my computer…some people just prefer being sedentary. Active people don’t seem to get this. They think that because I am sitting on my couch I am unhappy or unmotivated or depressed or something – they don’t get that I like being this way, this is how I am! Sadly though, in my quest to become skinny I am going to have to change and become a more active person. I won’t ever become that person who wants and enjoys getting up early to go running before work or that person who gets some sick pleasure out of pumping weights but I think I can manage to become a person who finds time in her schedule to fit in exercise and sticks with it. After all, if I can manage to change my eating habits maybe I can manage to change my activity level?

What I want to know is who came up with exercising anyways? Who thought people should plunk themselves on to cardio machines thereby sweating their way over long distances but not ever going anywhere? Who thought hiking a path that is just going to get you back to where you started was a good thing? Have you noticed how exercise seems all about completing a circle of some kind? An eternal loop that tricks you in to thinking you are going somewhere or doing something when really all you are doing is running in the same spot? We are all hamsters in a wheel…depressing.

My form of self-punishment today was a 3.8 km hike; this would be the hike I mentioned in yesterdays post. It is a hiking trail that is labelled medium to strenuous and goes around a golf course. There are multiple paths in to it so you can start anywhere – this is good because that means there are also multiple exits so if you really want to escape the human version of the hamster wheel you can, course, you’re still gonna be stuck outside and away from home so getting off the wheel doesn’t get you anywhere but on a sidewalk by a busy street so strangers driving by can look at you and wonder what the hell you’re doing but hey, least your off that beaten path!

The first half of the hike was fine, I pushed myself so I was really earning my exercise points but hey that’s the point, right? The second half…well to be honest I was wishing for death. My chest and throat hurt from breathing so hard, I had side cramps that were not only on my sides but my front as well so my entire abdomenal area hurt and at one point I felt like throwing up my breakfast. Pleasant, no? God I hate exercising. By the time I got home I was sweaty (ew!) tired and ready for a nap but instead of napping I became my own drill sergeant and did some streches in the hopes I don’t tighten up overnight and wake up tomorrow barely able to walk. Have I mentioned I hate exercising?

The only plus side to this whole exercise thing is you earn points, the same way your food is worth points in weight watchers so is your exercise. I earned 8 exercise points, wOOt! You have options with these points. You can eat them or not eat them, up to you. I figured I would not eat them cause then I would lose weight faster but mom (who actually goes to the weight watcher meetings) says the people there tell you to eat the exercise points because if you don’t you are not taking in enough calories for your activity level that day. Hmmm. I don’t know, I am not sure I totally agree with that. So I am compromising, I am eating some of my exercise points but nowhere near all, heck, not even half of them…today I ate 2.5 of them. 🙂

Today I ate:

3/4 cup blueberry special k = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

2 pcs toast =2 points

1 tsp marg = 1 point

1/2 tbls raspberry jam = 0.5 point

2/6 Delissio Grilled Chicken, tomato and spinach pizza = 10 points

1 medium slush = 2 points

37 grams Maltesers = 4 points

1 thinsations choc covered pretzels = 2 points

A grand total of 24.5 points with 8 exercise points earned. 😀 Not so bad for a Sunday.

I feel I should explain about the pizza, I bought it last week cause it was on sale and I thought 1/6th of the pizza for 5 points wasn’t such a bad thing…I should not food shop when I am hungry, it ruins my reasonability. lol. The only days I will be able to eat this pizza is on weekends cause that’s the only way I will be able to find a way to fit in the points. I cut the pizza in half and put half back in the freezer. The other half I baked, duh. The pizza is roughly a square and I needed to divide it in to sixths. Does that make sense? So with the half I had I cut it in to three pieces and at two of them, hence my 2/6 of a pizza serving. 🙂 Hey, it makes sense to me. 😛 I gave the third cooked piece to my roomie thereby saving me the dilemna of eating the cold piece tomorrow for breakfast cause hey, who doesn’t love cold pizza? The other half I will eat maybe next weekend so I can get it out of the fridge before it freezer burns, we shall see! It was pretty good. I bit in to my first piece too quickly and burned the roof of my mouth but that’s my problem, not the pizzas. I would not say it is the same as delivery (you know, that’s the slogan for delissio, “not delivery, it’s delissio”) but it was decent for a frozen pizza.

All in all, eating pizza and chocolate all in one day seemed to make the pain of exercising not worth it but a bit more bareable. But don’t get thinking I like it! 😛 lol

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