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Garden Fruit

8 Jul

For all that I like to hike, and dragon boat, and I get so grateful to finally be able to escape being inside when work is done, I am not really an outdoorsy kind of gal. Shocking I know! 😉

This extends to being in gardens. I like gardens in theory, but in reality they are filled with bugs, and spider webs, and wind, and too many icky things for me to enjoy myself. I never relax in gardens because I’m always keeping an eagle eye out for the next bug to wander my way. And yes, I know I am crazy.

My landlords were away for a while and they asked me to water the hanging baskets because the sprinkler system they have set up wasn’t working properly and two baskets were being neglected. They also asked me to keep an eye on the strawberries and pick the raspberries.

Pick the raspberries!

So, not only water some plants but touch them! Touch! Eek!

I put it off for as long as I could but eventually I had to go out there and water stuff, and pick fruit, and you have never seen a person look more uncomfortable than me picking raspberries.

Turns out flowers in hanging baskets are kinda delicate so they may not recover from the time I “forgot” to water them…I am much better with cacti. Indoor cacti that is. I have two and they are doing great, even with the cat chewing on them now and then.

The strawberries, well, I don’t know how to gauge how well the bush is actually doing. It is super tiny but it did create these…


The little one was still attached so I left it. The larger one had come off the bush so I took it inside. I would’ve put it in the compost but my landlady kept texting asking if I had eaten it yet so I scrubbed that sucker so clean there was no way there was any trace of a bug footprint left and I ate it. It was actually pretty good. Smaller than strawberries from Safeway but more flavourful.

Then the drama of the raspberries! I’m in the backyard plucking the raspberries from the bush and every time I slightly change the angle I am looking at the bush by I see more raspberries ready to be picked. They were hidden amongst the leaves, near the back of the bush, generally in harder to reach areas that involved my hand going deep in to the bush to be able to grab the fruit. I was so not ok with this. Then! Oh the horrors! I was picking a raspberry and an ant got on my hand! My hand! I did the whole shaking my hand thing and that ant went nowhere, clung to me for dear life. So then I continued to shake the hand while the rest of my body started to move and jerk around and I almost came in to contact with a spider web! A spider web, just right there, in the open, waiting to ensnare me and make it easier for the spider to creep from the web on to me, *shudder*.

That was when I called it quits.


This was my reward for my dramatic time in the garden. I could have gotten a lot more for a lot less stress at the grocery store…just sayin! They are quite tasty though, and free since all I had to do was pick them and not buy the bush or put effort in to growing them lol.

I am so incredibly grateful that raspberry bush is in the backyard and out of sight…

spider gif


A Vegan Breakfast

19 Jun

Recently, for reasons even I don’t understand, I seem to be watching YouTube videos about being vegan. Now, there is absolutely NO danger of me going vegan but I seem to keep watching the videos about what a vegan eats in a day, or how to eat vegan or how eating vegan helps with weight loss. Topics like that…

There are these two girls, twins, who are vegan and have a channel that just seems to be about them and their vegan-ism. For the most part I don’t agree with what they eat. Not because they are vegan but because they have such a restricted list of food they eat, they basically eat the same things every single day, with very little variation and while they swear they are being healthy I think they can’t possibly be getting all the vitamins and nutrients they need.

I know I shouldn’t judge, and I try not to but when I was chatting with that nutritionist I was speaking with a while back she explained something to me that made perfect sense. She said how you shouldn’t eat the same things daily, even if they are healthy, because there are so many nutrients your body needs that no way it can get everything it needs if you are eating the same foods day in and day out. So, instead of eating an apple everyday, swap that apple out every now and then for a kiwi, or a peach or whatever you can get your hands on. She stressed that she is not saying eat kiwi every day, maybe eat a kiwi once a month, just make sure that you are swapping in to your daily food alternatives so your body is getting supplied with all the various minerals and vitamins and nutrients it needs. Your body will know what it needs and will take it from the foods you eat, as long as you eat them. But if you eat apples everyday for your fruit then you are limiting your bodies ability to get everything it needs. Does that make sense?

So these girls, they eat pretty much the exact same thing daily, and while the foods themselves are healthy, I don’t think following their example is a good one because the food list is so limited.

Ok, enough of me being on my high horse! Something they showed intrigued me and I thought I’d give it a try and it turned out to be…interesting…

You take a banana and some water, put them in a blender and blend until you have a smooth mixture. Pour it in to a bowl, add oatmeal, mix it up, cover it and put it in the fridge overnight. By the next morning the oatmeal has soaked up the liquid so it doesn’t need to be cooked and you have a ready made breakfast. They added maple syrup and hmm…something, I can’t remember what right now, to it for flavour. I planned on adding maple syrup and brown sugar but tasted it first and found it was actually really sweet all on its own so instead I added some vanilla and some cinnamon.

2015-06-11 13.52.04

It looks like oatmeal you’d make with water but it sure doesn’t taste like it. The texture was a bit odd, I didn’t hate the texture but it took some getting used to. I think if I had a working blender and had blended it I’d have found the texture more enjoyable because it would have been smoother. But my blender is dead so I smooshed the banana with a fork and ended up with a slightly lumpier version. 😛

Like I said it was quite sweet all on its own so I added a small splash of vanilla and some cinnamon. It tasted quite good, and I would make it again. It was nice having breakfast ready for me when I got up, a definite plus if you are short on time in the mornings! And bonus, if you aren’t a fruit person well boom! one fruit serving done for the day and all before you’ve finished waking up. 🙂

Something else they do with bananas is take some frozen bananas and some non frozen bananas (they didn’t give quantities), put them in a blender and blend. It turns in to a smooth, chilled, soft ice cream type of texture and they swear it is just as good, if not better than ice cream. I want to try that one too but have to wait until I can afford to replace my blender, sigh.

A New Fruit, A New Chocolate

11 Feb

I got given a new-to-me fruit today, I thiiiink it’s a papaya?

What are youuuuuu?

What are youuuuuu?

Luckily I was given instructions on what to do with it, I was told to peel it, cut it in half, scoop out all the black seeds, and enjoy. Sounds easy enough right?

And guess what? It really was easy lol

The poor fruit had an unfortunately hard ride home in my purse so there were some super soft spots but hey, it happens, shrug. I used a carrot peeler, for some reason I was expecting the skin to be thick like an orange but it wasn’t, it was thin and really easy to peel.

The flesh was firm on the outer parts, the parts that were right under the skin but the farther inside you go the softer the fruit. I didn’t handle it very gently so it kinda turned partially mushy by the time I put it in the bowl, hence the unattractive picture below…

not the prettiest looking food...

not the prettiest looking food…

I’m not sure if I like it or not lol At first I was all “hmm, ok, it’s alright” but the more I ate the less I enjoyed it. I also got a tummy ache out of the blue, not sure if it was from the fruit or not but the pain coinciding with the eating of the fruit makes me suspicious. I ate a little under half of it and then quit it. I’m tempted to chop it smaller and put it in oatmeal tomorrow for breakfast, maybe it’ll be better then…or maybe it’ll ruin the oatmeal? Oh the horrors! lol 😛

I also tried a new hot chocolate this evening and Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! 😀

My Uncle (who is all kinds of awesome!) sends me various goodies from England. He knows I am trying to lose weight, actually, I don’t know if he does know that…but he knows I like Weight Watcher products and that every other country in the freakin world has a wider variety of Weight Watcher foods than Canada. sigh. What’s with that??


He sends me these great hot chocolate packages and this evening I tried a new one, it is Caribbean Coconut and holy cannoli did it smell delish right from when the water hit the powder!

2014-02-10 16.04.50


It had a subtle coconut flavour, oddly enough the coconut smell was stronger than the taste but that’s ok cause the taste was still good. They have an orange chocolate that is da bomb! I only have one of those left so I am holding off on drinking it cause once it is gone it won’t be replaced soon and that is all kinds of sadness. 😛 The packages are small, and I like my hot chocolate to be strong so I either use one package and only half a cup of hot water or two packages and a full cup of hot water. This evening I did two packages, to be honest I usually go the two packages route, I mean c’mon, who wants half a cup of hot chocolate? Not me!

Slightly Distracted

12 Jul

I was all ready to start writing a post yesterday when my roomie came in to the living room, sat down and told me she is moving out. sigh.

When I asked her why – in a whiny complainy type of voice, she said she can’t afford rent anymore so she has to leave. She is from AB and has no family here, same as me, so where I wondered (out loud and to her face) is she going to go that is even less expensive rent wise then where we are? Turns out she has a friend from school who has rich parents, the parents are going on a 2 month long trip so my roomie’s friend is going to move in to the main part of the house and my roomie is going to move in to the fully furnished rental suite her friend has been living in…rent free! Nice, huh?

I wish I had a friend who had rich parents and were ok with letting me freeload for a couple months…altho what she will do when they come back from their trip is beyond me, shrug.

So now I have to start two searches, the first is for a new roommate the second is for an apartment I can afford on my own (highly unlikely) in case I can’t find a new roommate. Arg. Annoying!

As soon as she left the living room I paused my movie (I was in the process of a Harry Potter marathon in preperation for the new and last movie in the series being released this week 😀 ) and posted an ad to Facebook Marketplace for a roommate and then I proceeded to search the FB Marketplace for apartments for rent, I also started searching craigslist and kijiji, always fun *rolls eyes*

Oh how I wish I could afford to live on my own so that I don’t go through this every frickin time a roommate moves out, double sigh.

I am proud to say though that this wonderous added stress to my life has not affected my eating at all, I didn’t splurge on high calorie food after she told me this and I have obeyed my points today. Yah! I didn’t get to exercise today, cause I had to be up and out earlier then normal and by the time I got home it was almost 8pm and I’d only eaten 8 points by that point so no way in hell was I going hiking when I was soooooo hungry and by the time I was done eating it was dark and I can’t walk the path when it’s dark cause the moonlight doesn’t get through to the path so I can’t see where I am going…and frankly, it belongs more to the coyotes once the sun has gone down then to us silly 2 legged creatures. lol. and wow that was a really long run on sentence, eesh. Everyone take a breath now. lol. 🙂

So now it is almost 10pm and I still have 4.5 points left, I love when that happens! I am gonna make toast and put nutella on it, Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!, that will use 2 points so after that I will probably eat some fruit, hmm, now that I think about it I will for sure eat some fruit, I have cherries and a couple peaches so I have the yummy fruit not the boring stuff. 😛

My Apple Pear is MIA!

21 Mar

I like staying inside until the sun has set – sadly, monday through friday that is not possible, sigh, but on the weekends, well, that’s my time!

Yesterday (sunday) I went for a hike around 1pm or so and felt like I was being blinded the entire time…I forgot my sunglasses in my suv, oops! lol. So, until the sun went down I spent the rest of my day inside, protected from the elements. 😛 This means I went grocery shopping around 8:30pm-ish, which really, is an excellent time because not many people grocery shop that late on a sunday. 🙂

The point of all this! I decided to try a new fruit, not new to the world or anything, but new to me – I picked up an Apple Pear. It’s white like a, well, like a pear (go figure lol) but apple shaped. I have absolutely no idea what this thing is gonna taste like but hey, can’t kill me to try something new right? I put it in my cart, put it on the moving part of the till…and that was the last time I saw it! It just…disappeared!

I didn’t realize it was MIA until hours and hours later when I was chilling at home and all of a sudden I realized I hadn’t unpacked it; it’s weird what our brains remember and when. shrug. I went rooting through the fridge, dug out the reusable grocery bags I use – I looked everywhere I could think of in the hopes I accidentally put it somewhere weird. lol. Then I went out and checked the trunk, under the suv, on the grass and path from my suv to my door…I must of looked so weird. Ah well. So then I dug out the receipt and checked to see if I paid for the missing fruit.

I did not. Weird.

I am thinking the cashier thought the apple pear belonged to the guy behind me and that’s why it didn’t get put through with my stuff, sigh. Annoying! I was actually pretty pissed cause I was looking forward to having the apple pear as part of my breakfast today but sadly it was not to be. Ah well, I stopped at the grocery store after work today and bought the last two the store had so I will get one for brekkie tomorrow along with some grapes! 🙂

 My food choices today were (I think) fairly great. 🙂 I ate lots of fruit and vegg and even had some protein in there, woohoo. 🙂

Here is what I ate:

1 apple = 1 point

1 cup grapes = 1 point

1 banana = 1 point

1 can Fiesta Veg and Black Bean Soup = 4 points

1 piece toast = 1 point

1 orange = 1 point

1 Minute Rice Brown Rice Cup = 4 points

stir fried mixed veggies = 0 points

     – 1 carrot, 1 celery stalk, 1 mushroom, handful of water chestnuts, handful of bean sprouts, garlic

15 grams light shredded cheese = 1 point

1/2 serving chicken = 1 point

4 cashews (split) = 1 point

1 piece toast = 1 point

1/2 tbls Nutella = 1 point

1 pckg Quaker Granola Crunch’ers = 2 points

Total Points Eaten = 20 😀

Perfect! 😀

Let’s count shall we? That is 7-8 servings of fruit/veggie, 2 servings of protein (the beans in the soup and the chicken with dinner), 3 servings of grain (the toast and the rice) and 1-2 servings of dairy (the cheese and the nutella) wOOt! wOOt! 😀

The points for the chicken are a tad weird, lemme explain. 🙂 I used Maple Leaf already cooked and sliced chicken breast; half the package is 2 points and I used a tiny bit over a quarter of the package – I did measure how much I used but didn’t write it down and can’t remember the exact weight. Oops! But that’s why my chicken was only 1 point.

I made a stir fry for dinner, a first for me. I was worried I’d screw it up but it turned out suprisingly yummy. A bonus to the whole stir fry dinner thing is I got a whack load of veggies, a way filling meal and it was low in points. 🙂

So far this week is already going better then last week – work wise and food wise. 🙂 Let’s hope I can continue to eat properly for the rest of the week…oh, and I guess I am also hoping the weather clears up so I can go hiking after work (it rained all day today)…I can’t believe I am hoping for good hiking weather…*rolls eyes*…will wonders never cease? lol 😛

More Fruit and Water!

9 Mar

Lately I have not been drinking as much water (or any fluids really) as I should be and I also cut down on my fruit intake. There are many reasons for both of these situations, none of the reasons are really good ones but, shrug, they are what I have. lol.

Winter hit which means fresh fruit prices shot up and my weight went down which means so did my daily allotment of points so I stopped eating fruit snacks at work cause I wanted to make sure I had enough points left at the end of the day for a good dinner. So, money and less points are what got me in to this predicament…well, for the fruit anyways. lol.

The water? Yeah, I don’t know what happened there…actually, maybe I do. It’s been cold, I don’t want to drink water when it is cold. And yes, I know that it’s not just 8 glasses of water we are supposed to drink a day but 8 glasses of fluid but even with my increased tea drinking that didn’t make up for the water I had stopped drinking. sigh. When the weather was nice and it was still daylight when I got home after work I would go hiking on a trail near my place, I was averaging that hike 3 times a week before winter hit so that’s not bad. On those days I sooooo got all my fluids for the day cause when I got home from the hike I’d drink a huge bottle of water and then shower and then drink another huge bottle of water throughout the evening. Combine that with all the water I was drinking at work during the day and, shrug, I was good to go. 🙂 

But yeah, winter, no exercise, expensive fruit, fewer points – all of this combined to where all of a sudden I realized I had drastically decreased my fluid intake and fruit intake – Not good! In fact…BAD!

Yesterday I started pushing the fluid intake and today I started increasing my fruit…so far, I like it. 🙂

I used to eat a piece of fruit mid morning and mid afternoon at work but I stopped cause I didn’t want to use the points up during the day – I became worried I’d not have enough points for dinner so I cut the fruit. Well, I generally have enough points for dinner plus a good chunk left over for a snack so I figure, cut down on the evening snack and replace it with a mid afternoon snack. I still don’t eat fruit mid morning but that’s cause I am not hungry for it so I have started eating that piece of fruit with my lunch. shrug. It worked today so hopefully it’ll keep working…

Today I ate:

1 package instant Quaker oatmeal = 3 points

1 cup carrot soup = 2 points

1 piece toast = 1 point

1 orange = 1 point

1 pear = 1 point

1 bagel = 3 points

2 pieces deli turkey = 0 points

15 grams shredded cheese = 1 point

baby spinach, mustard = 0 points

1 mini red velvet cupcake = 2 points

57 grams Just Bunches cereal = 4 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

2 digestive cookies = 2 points

Total Points Eaten = 20 😀

I feel like this is the first day in ages where I have eaten all my points and there wasn’t any guessing involved – everything I ate today is countable and I got 2 servings of fruit and 1 serving of veggies, not perfect but better then yesterday! lol

I Need A Bubble!

14 Feb

It’s like my immune system has packed up and left the building (aka body) – not only did it move out it left bait for all the various germs out there letting them know there was an undefended body that they could roost in – stupid immune system! Stupider germs! I want my immune system back!

Let me refresh you on the health or lack there of that has been my life lately:

December 28th-ish – I got sick, I thought it was a simple flu/cold thing so I didn’t go to the doctor, I however was bed ridden for a couple days and felt like death

January 4th – first day back at work since xmas vacation, went to the doctors and found out my “simple cold” was bronchitis and I was instructed to go home and rest for the remainder of the week – that meant three days off work 😦

January 13th-ish – went back to the doctors cause my medicine was complete but my cough was still just as bad as ever and now I was wheezing and barely able to stay awake, got sent for chest x rays, diagnosed with pneumonia

January 20th-ish – went back to the doctor cause I was having such bad abdominal pain (I thought due to all the coughing) I wasn’t able to sleep and I didn’t seem to be getting better, was given an inhaler and generally patted on the head

By this point I felt like I was practically living in the doctors office so I decided screw it, my immune system will kick in and eradicate the remaining germs and I will be fine…I was wrong… 😦

Today – went to the doctor cause my cough never went away and seemed to be getting worse, I have abdominal pain everytime I eat or don’t eat (oh, and drink or don’t drink), tired all the time and a bunch of other symptoms…*rolls eyes* I have now been diagnosed with strep throat, possible mono, possible stomach bacterial infection, possible iron deficiency…I think I am forgetting something else but hey, that’s enough for now. lol 😛

So now I am on new drugs, sigh, told to stay off work for sure tomorrow and if possible wednesday as well (it won’t be possible, I am too poor to take two days off work this week) I have to stop taking my daily pantoloc for the next four days and then go get blood work done to check for the mono, stomach infection and iron deficiency, *rolls eyes again* – I feel like a walking germ, ugh.

Oh, and on top of all that, I am pms-ing (yeah, tmi I know) and I want chocolate more then anybody on the planet wants anything! I’d happily kill for chocolate right now…and not even feel guilty about it! 😉 The only problem is that everything I eat and drink causes abdominal pain so even if I decide to go over my points to eat some chocolate it’ll just make me feel  like crap and totally regret the snack…oh and I have to take the new pills on an empty stomach so the later I have a snack the later I have to stay awake until I can down a pill…I wonder if the ginger ale I am drinking counts as filling my stomach…huh, should’ve thought about that earlier. lol. 😛

So yeah, that is me and my medical story as of now. Fun huh? I have been working hard through all these symptoms to stick to my points and for the most part I have been doing ok…I find when I am sick I crave the oddest foods and the foods I crave don’t always work with what my body can handle food wise. Today, for example, I wanted bread, like at every moment of the day…that was it, bread. I had two dinner buns with my soup at dinner and really, if all I had was the dinner buns I’d have been perfectly content. lol. Oh, and of course the chocolate!

I did go over my points today by 1.5 points but I went over in a “it could have been a hell of a lot worse” kind of way…I had a 1 point weight watchers hot chocolate and an apple, I only had a  half point left at that point so really, I should have just skipped the apple and hot chocolate but I had to have something…pms, whatcha gonna do? I can’t fight my hormones as well when I am sick…I count it as a win though cause instead of eating a chocolate bar or something equally worse I had the apple and the hot chocolate…fruit is my friend…maybe that should be my mantra over the next couple days, help me keep the chocolate away from my mouth! lol 😀

Land Mines in the Grocery Store

6 Sep

I finally got off my butt and went grocery shopping for the week, normally I go on saturdays so waiting till monday evening seems like a really long wait. lol. I had a really lazy long weekend (as anyone who read my last couple posts knows lol) and it seemed to take all my energy to get there and work my way around the aisles.

Since starting my “healthy lifestyle” I have had to start shopping in areas of the store I usually avoided and now have to avoid most of the aisles I usually took my cart down. sigh. It’s quite the change.

I gotta say, I really miss the bakery section, Safeway has croissants that have been turned in to donuts and have chocolate drizzled on the top…o.m.g. …soooooooo good! Probably all my daily points tho so I just don’t go near them, I am not so sure of my willpower when it comes to something like that. 😛 And why oh why do ice cream and frozen veggies share the same aisle? That is just tortuous cause now I am down that aisle for the vegg and not the ice cream…I never thought that would happen! lol. I noticed today that random things I can no longer buy seemed to be everywhere, everywhere! I was looking at soup and came across Ichiban (which I love but can’t have anymore, sigh) and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese was in the same aisle as…hmm, I can’t remember anymore but it was in an aisle where I was getting something healthier and man did I want to get the KD. Also, I was looking for something I had a coupon for and ended up in the cheese aisle…cheese!! I miss cheese. I was never a huge cheese eater, I know some people who eat it everyday, but I do at times like to have cheese n crackers with some tomato soup or as a snack or somethin. Since I was in the cheese area I took a look and found this one from Cracker Barrel that is pre-sliced to fit perfectly on to a cracker, awesome! I can’t remember how many points it was but I did calculate it at the store and it was quite a lot for just 3 pieces, and I’m sorry but who eats just three tiny slices of cheese? Nobody! I decided to not buy it because it would either (1) take so long for me to eat it would go bad and it’d be a waste of my money or (2) I’d end up eating too much of it at one time and it’d wreck my points for that day. It seemed easier to just not buy it, sigh.

Also, my cart is usually filled with a high ratio of fruit to all my other stuff but fruit season is at an end and almost everything looked bad. ugh. The strawberries were all smooshed and the grapefruit were all really soft…nothing else was looking all that great either. I did escape with a small container of raspberries and a small container of blackberries (they were on a mix n match sale) but that’ll probably be my last of the season, sad. 😦 I think I will have to start looking at canned fruit. I know some is canned in syrup so that’s a no-no but some is packed in um, non syrup, lol, and that might not be so bad. I will have to find something because fruit makes up a huge part of my diet now. I could use frozen fruit on my cereal in the mornings…that should be ok, right?

Oh! Speaking of cereal I tried All Bran Flakes today for breakfast, I only managed one spoonful they were that gross! Cardboard! Total cardboard taste and smell! Never again! So I swapped out that cereal for my normal Special K Blueberry which I am not all that fond of either but least it’s not bran flakes. teehee.

So today I ate:

3/4 cup Blueberry Special K = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

2 pieces toast = 2 points

2 tsp margarine = 2 points

1 tblsp raspberry jam = 1 point

2 prawn salad wraps = 6 points

1 whole wheat tortilla = 2 points

1 tblsp Nutella = 2 points

1 tblsp Light Peanut Butter = 2 points

1 cup 1% milk = 2 points

Total points used today is 22. I did absolutely nothing that could be called exercise today so no exercise points for me but that’s ok cause I ate only my normal daily points. 🙂 I didn’t think I’d manage to eat all my points cause I was up late and didn’t have as much time to eat as normal so I am happy I reached my points – I am also happy I got my peanut butter and nutella wrap with the full amounts of pb and nutella instead of the 1/2 tblsp of each I usually end up with. It was Yummy! 😀

The grocery is filled with land mines that are the foods I used to eat and really like. I know I need to not eat them and I am usually able to look at them and pass right on by without feeling too tempted to look over my shoulder at them as they fade in to the distance but just when I think I am strong I notice something (this week was Ichiban) and I have to really struggle to not buy it. Only by sheer force of will did I manage to leave it in the store, eesh, I sure hope if it’s a low will power day next time that happens I’ll still be able to resist!

Rotting fruit and overly large pants

15 Aug

What did I do today? Let’s see, I ran errands, watched a movie and revelled in the knowledge that my Lulu Lemon pants no longer fit. teehee. happy dance!

Now, I shouldn’t be so happy about this, these pants cost me a mint and they are one of my most comfy casual pants but hey, I like knowing I am shrinking out of my clothes. 😀  I have found that my work clothes are fitting looser, awesome, and a pair of jeans I couldn’t fit in to I can now wear…the jeans admittedly are a bit snug still but I am getting there. The Lulu Lemon pants really made me realize how my clothes are fitting differently. They are longer now, because they don’t have as much to get caught on lol, and  all through my thighs, hips and abdominal area they are noticeably looser. In some areas it’s not so bad, looser but still ok but other areas are loose enough that the pants don’t look all that good on me anymore, sigh. If I was clothes shopping and tried these pants on in this size I wouldn’t buy them because they’d be too big, *slightly psychotic giggle* but since I already own them I wore them anyways cause I just can’t bring myself to not wear them…seriously, they weren’t cheap! Lulu is an investment, if they are treated properly (cold wash, hang to dry) they can last for years and they always go back to their shape after washing (I know this cause a friend wore hers when preggies and they fit perfect after she lost all her baby weight) so even though they are expensive they last for ages…but they aren’t going to shrink down to whatever size I end up…this could be a problem…

Once they for sure become to big to wear I won’t replace them cause what would be the point? Like I am going to buy a pair for each new size I become, ha! I think that new Lulu pants can be my treat for when I lose all my weight…I have been trying to think of what to treat myself with…I was thinking I’d finally allow myself to eat McDonald’s (I am still going to do that! lol) but a new pair of stupidly expensive pants is a pretty good final weigh in prize…don’t ya think?

On another note I seem to be having bad luck with my fruit lately, it keeps going bad before I can eat it, ick! I think it is because of the heat…it’s making everyone lethargic and killing my fruit. Poor fruit. It started with the plums…my landlord gave me two huuuuge bowls of plums from his plum tree that I was going to turn in to jam, well, not gonna happen cause they all rotted, yack! Then today my pineapple was bad, a nectarine had gone soft, some cherries split and were pussing and a section of my grapes were fuzzy and attached to each other. All in all, that’s a lot of fruit to find bad in one day. Obviously I got rid of it all, sadly not before tasting the pineapple and one of the bad cherries, that was oh so pleasant lemme tell ya. lol All of the fruit except for the grapes and the plums were in the fridge so I am not sure what happened there, shrug, I will hafta be more careful though cause fruit is expensive! Ever notice how healthy things are more expensive then the bad for us stuff? So not fair! 😛

I did find a new ice cream snack this weekend, it is Nestle’s The Skinny Cow Vanilla Sandwich. Basically it is an ice cream sandwich that is “healthy”, or at least a healthier option if you really want an ice cream sandwich…

Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Ice Cream Sandwiches for 2 points!

When I told the roomie about them she made an icky face and implied they are not good so I was a bit worried but I really liked the one I ate today. It tasted exactly how an ice cream sandwich should and it is just 2 points; pretty awesome! The packaging actually tells you that each sandwich is only 2 points, I double checked of course with my Weight Watchers points slider and they really are only 2 points each. Sure, someday I will only have 1 point left and really want one of the sandwiches and then I will be bitching cause they are too many points, lol, but for now 2 points per sandwich seems pretty rockin to me. 😀

Alrighty, so today I ate:

2 pieces of toast = 2 points

2 tsp margarine = 2 points

1 Thinsations pckg Chocolate covered pretzels = 2 points

1 small Iced Capp = 3 points

1 chocolate timbit = 2 points

1 grilled cheese sandwich

    – 2 pieces of bread = 2 points

    – 2 Kraft cheese slices = 2 points

   – 2 slices turkey bacon = 2 points

    – 3 tomato slices = 0 points

    – 1 tblsp Light Miracle Whip = 0 points

1 cup cherries = 1 point

1 Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich = 2 points

That puts me at 20 points for the day. I just can’t eat anymore today, it is too hot and too late and I am too full to fit anything else in me but I figure 20 points is ok since I wasn’t all that active today. 🙂 And now I am off to figure out what to put together for my lunch for tomorrow…oh how I miss the days of running out for fast food, sigh.

Attempting…and failing…

27 Jul

Holy crap! It has been days since I have been able to get online, I feel like I am going through withdrawl. eeek! I am staying at my parents place and they have internet but they don’t know their password so I can’t get my laptop online and while I may know a lot about computers my knowledge stops at hacking…I may remedy that! lol. So it is late at night and I am finally able to get on to their computer, phew!

I am not going to cover all the food I have eaten since I have been offline because nobody wants to read that many food lists, lol, but I will give you the ups and down. 🙂

The second day of the roadtrip almost started out with such promise. 😛 I went to the restaurant attached to the hotel I stayed at and ordered the one healthy breakfast item they had, can you believe that?? One item!! It was eggs with fruit salad on the side…I think there was toast too. Not the greatest meal but ya gotta work with what ya got. lol. The waitress comes back to my table after I place my order and informs me (very nicely) that they have no fruit…no fruit?!?! The supplier didn’t bring them any…so no fruit. huh. That’s a new one, and wtf am I s’posed to do now? I took a quick look through the menu again while the waitress hovered over my shoulder making me feel very pressured and picked such an amazingly unhealthy dish I surprised even myself. 😛 It was eggs benedict but without the ham, instead it was an english muffin topped with sliced tomato, bacon, poached egg and of course the hollondaise sauce. Yum!! I haven’t had something that rich for breakfast in longer then I can remember. It also came with hash browns (home made diced hash browns) and I ate some but was too full to have more then a couple bites of them. I really savoured every bite of that breakfast, it tasted sooooooo good. again…Yum! lol

Most of the rest of that day I was really good; I ate my veggies I had packed for a snack and somehow wasn’t hungry for anything larger so I didn’t bother with my salad. I did however stop at Peter’s Drive In for my milkshake and onion rings, I can’t believe what happened ! It was horrible! Not the milkshake or rings-they were perfect, but my stomach, sigh, I only drank about half (at most) of the shake (oreo flavour btw) and had about 7 of the rings and was full to the point of feeling sick…I wasn’t even out of friggin cow town yet before I had to stop! (yes I was eating and driving at the same time, it’s AB, they let you do that! lol) I was actually mad at myself, here I had been waiting for this milkshake and I couldn’t even enjoy the entire thing? Know what I ended up doing for the last 3 hours of the road trip? Drinking…water! Water! Horrendous! I left the milkshake alone and drank water…what’s the world coming to? ugh.

The only plus side to not being able to drink the whole shake or eat the rings is that I saved points which is good considering my breakfast. *rolls eyes*

My next day started off not too badly, I had Weetabix for breakfast topped with some fruit…back on track right? And when I needed a snack later I ate fruit, so good choice again…and then I went out for dinner with a friend. I tried deluding myself the salad I was ordering was healthy but let’s get real, it so wasn’t! I ordered the Top Sirloin Steak Salad with Goat Cheese (the description is: seared medium-rare top sirloin steak, mixed greens, roma tomatoes and quebec goat cheese, tossed in a spicy tomato vinaigrette with a hint of tomato clam cocktail and served with banana bread) It was really tasty! I didn’t eat the banana bread (it wasn’t very good, dry, shrug) but I ate almost every bite of the salad. Mouth heaven. There was very little goat cheese and about 6 thin slices of steak, I should have got the dressing on the side but totally forgot so I think the dressing took away from the healthiness of the greens and veggies in the greens. sigh.

If you can believe it the next day was even worse! How they keep escalating I am not sure but they do. lol. I went to a friend’s kid’s birthday party; it was a bbq and to be honest I thought we’d just be eating veggies, chips, snack type items but nope, full out bbq. I had a hot dog (I can’t believe how long it’s been since I ate one of those!), some homemade potato salad and some homemade beans (they had pork n beans, bacon, brown sugar, ketchup and onions in it – put it all in a crock pot and let it do it’s thing). The beans were really excellent. 🙂 The entire time was great but I kept thinking wow, this is so not healthy…oh and then there was the big slab of cake we all had, oy! Then, just to make the day even better I had a family dinner (which admittedly wasn’t as unhealthy), there was brocolli pie with cheese on top, baby potatoes, salad, veggies, a tiny bit of roast chicken and strawberries for dessert. Luckily my mom is also on weight watchers so she made a healthy dinner. 🙂 Go mom go! lol

Today I decided I have to get back on track, I can practically feel myself getting fatter, ugh, and my tummy is not happy with such a drastic shift from healthy stuff to not so healthy stuff, it’s been having some pain and general discomfort today, not fun!

I started the day with, you guessed it! Weetabix. lol. It’s the healthiest cereal here, and some fruit then when I was out I hit up Extreme Pita, I love this place. 😀 I got the Maple Dijon Chicken (it has grilled chicken, blend of greens, red grapes, grape tomatoes and maple dijon dressing all in a pita) I got the small and it was only 4 points, it tasted like it should have been way more points it was that good. 😀 I also just had to hit up this sushi place in the mall that does this roll called the Alberta roll, it has beef in the middle which is very un-sushi like but it’s so good and only at this one place. I got two as a treat. I then felt so bad cause I felt like I had eaten a ton that I didn’t eat again until quite late when I drank a can of Guinness (only 4 points!) and some chips my uncle brought us from England when he came to visit, my mom portioned them out so they were another 4 points but I had the points to spare. I ended up under my points today and don’t feel bad about it in the least considering the last 3 days. lol

I would like to say I am going to eat healthier from now on but tomorrow I am eating dinner at Red Lobster (my fave place!) and the day after I have dinner plans at the Cheesecake Cafe, and the coming weekend is going to be food hell but that I will explain in a different post since this one is becoming a novel. lol.

Suffice to say I fell of the wagon and hard the beginning of this trip…hopefully I can find a way to salvage my diet cause I sure don’t want to gain my weight back. It took a lot of work and weeks to lose the weight so far, how much would it suck to gain it all back on one vacation?

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