My Pants Have Died

4 Oct

A couple weeks ago I had to stop wearing one of my work pants – they just became so big I couldn’t wear then anymore, while I am sad to lose a pair of pants cause I don’t have all that many in the first place I did quite the happy dance when I was able to take those pants off without undoing them. lol. 😀

Well, even better…I was able to take off a different pair of pants saturday without undoing them. 😀 wOOt! I am slowly but surely losing my wardrobe…those pants are dead to me! mwahahahahahaha

It’s kinda too bad cause the pants that became officially too big this past saturday were a pair of my favourite pants, lol, figures right? They were brown cords with some detailing on the back pockets and a slightly distressed look around the front and back pockets. I was grocery shopping and they were literally falling off my hips/ass. Awesome!!

I was going to go digging through my closet this past sunday and retry a bunch of my clothes on, see if there is anything else I can get in to or better yet something I haven’t been able to wear in a loooong time that now fits, or is at least closer to fitting but I decided to wait. In total I have lost 11.6 lbs which YAH!! But I decided to wait to retry all my clothes on until I have lost 15 lbs – it will be my reward/treat to me for reaching a kick ass number.

I have been trying to not give myself treats for losing weight – if I associate losing weight with me getting something I want then what happens when I have lost all the weight I want to lose (man, I hope that actually happens!) and I no longer have a reason to treat myself? So instead of going out and buying a new pair of pants when I have lost 15 lbs I will go through my closet and see if something I already own I can now wear. It’s like a treat but not…least in my head…lol

I think if I do buy something at some point it will be a mirror, a full length mirror. The only mirror I have is the one in the bathroom and it only shows me down to my upper thigh. This hasn’t bothered me all that much since I moved in here cause I don’t think I look good Ev-Er! and I don’t like looking at myself but I think at some point I may not mind seeing myself in a mirror quite so much…I don’t know that that time is coming up right away – after all, there is a full length mirror in the bathroom at work that hates me and makes me look oh so fat, ugh, I hate that mirror. That mirror makes me never want to look at myself in a mirror again! But eventually, when my self-esteem and my wallet are in cahoots I will treck off to Winners and get me a snazzy full length mirror for my room – just like a normal person! lol. 😛

Today I ate:

29 grams honey nut cheerios = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 banana = 2 points

1 nectarine = 1 point

1/2 cup Maple Baked Beans = 2 points

1 piece toast = 1 point

2 triangles light laughing cow cheese = 1 point

1 Activia yogurt = 2 points

salad = 0 points 

1 tbls three cheese ranch dressing = 1 point

raw mixed veggies = 0 points

85 grams whole wheat pasta = 5 points

1/2 cup Primo Thick n Zesty sauce = 1 point

mixed veggies cooked = 0 points

1 corn on the cob = 1 point

1 tsp margarine = 1 point

That puts me at 21 points for the day. I am going to eat my Soft Pumpkin cookie that I saved for my evening treat in just a little bit. It’ll put me over in to flex points because the cookie is 3 points but that is ok because the potluck at work got moved from this wednesday to next wednesday so I don’t have to save all my flex points for wednesday anymore. This doesn’t mean I am gonna go crazy with them or anything but it does mean I get a cookie! teehee

Lately I have realized I am not eating as many veggie servings as I had been in the past and that’s no good! So with dinner I cooked up some mixed frozen veg then put it in the tomato sauce so when I topped the pasta it was with a veggie filled tomato sauce. It was good, the flavour of the veggies totally made up for me not putting the parmesan cheese on tonight – I didn’t put the cheese on cause I wanted the corn on the cob (and margarine to top it with) more – there’s a lot of give an take with weight watchers. Like, ok you can have the cookie but that means you can’t have as large a dinner as you are used to so you may be hungry by the end of the day – stuff like that. Oh, btw, that did not happen today, my dinner was plenty big and tasty and filling and I still get my cookie but that’s cause I learned how to work the system. lol.


4 Responses to “My Pants Have Died”

  1. Katie B October 5, 2010 at 12:42 am #

    That has to be the best feeling in the world that your pants are actually starting to fall off! Congrats that is totally awesome! If you ever are desperate for new pants you should pick out a pair at H&M and I will buy them for you. Maybe even convince MJ to ship them for me (for free of course).

    But keep up the good work! When you sit that 15 lbs mark you deserve to celebrate! (Not that you don’t now.)

    • shrinkingwmn October 5, 2010 at 9:22 pm #

      omg, it really is the most amazing feeling! I keep looking at clothes in store windows and thinking I might actually be able to wear something like that soon. 🙂

      You know what? I have never fit in to anything in H&M, everything I have ever tried on is always too small and it’s the biggest size they have – I will have to give them a try once I decide to stop wearing all my too-big for me clothes. teehee. Something to look forward to! How ’bout we go shopping when I am there in December?

      I am sure I will find something to celebrate with when I hit 15 lbs lost. I try not to count down to a number but I keep thinking 3.4lbs till I hit 15lbs lost! It’s actually do-able! Hoo-ya!

  2. pcos532 October 5, 2010 at 10:33 am #

    Well– why would you stop rewarding yourself once you’ve lost all the weight? haha. I have a rewards system for myself and I think it’s been working.. 15 pounds in a month plus it helps me plan my finances and time better. I figure if/when I lose all the weight, I’ll keep rewarding myself for maintenance or other things like long distance running goals

    • shrinkingwmn October 5, 2010 at 9:29 pm #

      I dunno – I guess I was thinking what would I be rewarding myself for once I have lost the weight? I have been reading your blog and the reward system seems to be doing great for you! 🙂
      I don’t think I can set a goal of 15lbs a month, I’d never make it! lol. I just do my best and hope I lose something every week – that way as long as I lose even a small amount I haven’t failed hehe
      Oh, and it’s totally WHEN you lose all the weight cause you’re rockin the exercise thing and for sure you’ll make it! 😀

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