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Looooooong Weekend!

8 Oct

Long weekends have got to be one of the best things ever! I think the only thing better is when you are still in school and get summer vacation and have all those glorious months off. sigh. I guess it’s a little sad to get so excited about having an extra day off…and really, I picked up a nannying shift for saturday evening so I still only get two days off but whatever – I am looking forward to sleeping in for 3 days in a row! lol.

For all of you not living in Canada it is Thanksgiving. Gobble Gobble, happy turkey day an all that. lol. Thanksgiving isn’t really all that big a deal in my family, I mean what is it really? A holiday celebrating the fact that the Native Americans were nice enough to help the settlers learn about the local food? That’d be great if the settlers hadn’t turned around and then attempted to wipe the Native American’s off the planet. *rolls eyes* Seems like a farce to me. And there is my rant about that, lol.  

In my family the thanksgiving long weekend means one thing: Pizza! Yup, that’s right, pizza! 😀 My dad would always go to visit his mom (she lived in a diff province) and my mom and us kids would order in pizza. This may sound boring but we didn’t eat pizza a lot so it was quite the treat. I wasn’t going to do anything different this weekend, well except for sleeping in on monday lol, but then I decided screw it, why shouldn’t I get to eat some kind of treat this weekend? Everybody else will be.

So on Sunday I am getting a pizza! Yup, a real pizza – not one I make (which are yummy but just not the same), not a frozen one from the store but a real, fresh, bad for me pizza. lol. I already know what I am getting, it is from Panago and it’s the Beef Taco Pizza, holy frog on a stick it is goooood! The best pizza out there! I have been looking forward to this pizza for a week now, the waiting has been hard but worth it. It’ll make the pizza that much better I think. 😀

For today I ate:

29 grams honey nut cheerios = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1/2 cup diced peaches = 1 point

1 banana = 2 points

1 Activia yogurt = 2 points

1/2 cup Maple Baked Beans = 2 points

1 piece toast = 1 point

2 triangles light laughing cow cheese = 1 point

1/2 cup mashed yam = 1.5 points

mixed raw veggies = 0 points

1 Fiesta salad = 6 points

1 piece toast = 1 point

1tsp margarine = 1 point

1 coffee crisp single = 2 points

Puts me at a grand total of 23.5 points for the day. sigh. I did it again! I don’t know what is wrong with me lately, argh. I forgot I had the piece of toast right before I ate my salad so when I was writing my dinner down to see if I had any points left I thought I had more then I really did and now I have gone over, double sigh. I hate doing that!

Oh, hmm, ok, I guess I will stop the rant I was about to start, I just took a moment to do the math and see how many flex points I used this week, it was 6 so I am ok. lol. I felt like I had used a lot more because I don’t regulate them I just use a couple here and there as I so choose. Proof right there peeps about how if you don’t keep track of what you are eating you can get a warped idea of how good or bad your food amounts and choices are. It’s so true, least for me. shrug. I would have days where I felt like I ate a lot and when I really thought about what I ate that day it’d turn out I ate hardly anything and vice versa. It’s odd isn’t it? I wonder why people (especially me) do that…

Tomorrow is weigh in day, oh, and new measurement day cause I kinda messed it up last week. lol. I wonder if going for that hike thursday will have any noticeable affect on the scale tomorrow…I know I shouldn’t expect anything since I only exercised twice and one of those times doesn’t really count, lol, but hey, a girl can hope!

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