The Old Spaghetti Factory

24 Oct

Yum Yum Yum…that is all that has to be said when thinking about the Old Spaghetti Factory, YUM! 😀

I went for lunch with a friend today and we have known since last wednesday that we were going to OSF so in preparation I went online last night and dug out the nutritional information for the restaurant. It is not the most complete information out there but hey, something is better then nothing. lol. They don’t list the fibre for any of the dishes, *rolls eyes*, so my numbers are approximations…what I did do though was calculate my dish using all the different amounts of fibre, if there is 0-3 fibre the dish is 13 points and if there is 4 or more the dish is 14 points…wow, what a change. lol. I decided to count my dish at 14 points cause I’d rather guess high then low. 🙂

I got the pesto linguine, omg, best dish ever! There are pine nuts in it that just add that little touch of something extra, aaaahhhh, I am having a happy moment just thinking about the dish. teehee. Now, anybody who has ever been to OSF knows that they give huge portions, massive portions…bigger portions then any one person should ever eat! Not only is your entree huuuuuuge, every dish comes with a starter salad or soup, bread and a scoop of ice cream for dessert. Can’t go wrong with that. 😀

Here is how I made my dish as healthy as I could, I got a garden salad instead of ceasar salad. I wanted light dressing but they don’t carry it, grr, so I sucked it up and got the ranch cause really, it’s my fave dressing. I forgot to ask for it on the side though so when I got the salad it was glopped on smack dab in the middle, sigh, I ended up eating the salad that wasn’t covered in dressing and dipping it lightly in the dressing, lol, it was a tad ackward but I made it work. Step two on making it healthier was I got whole wheat pasta – you have to ask for that and the linguine doesn’t come in whole wheat, only spaghetti noodles do so I got the dish with the whole wheat spaghetti noodles. Step three was I requested they only bring out half the dish and automatically box the other half for me to take home. Pretty good all in all. 😀

So, half the entree cost me 7 points, possibly less cause of the whole wheat instead of white pasta but I have no way of knowing. shrug. The bread is hard to calculate, they bring out this mini loaf that is freshly baked and holy crap it’s gooooood! The bonus to it being a mini loaf is the slices you cut off it are small so I am approximating my bread at 3 points. The ice cream is just something you can’t say no to, it is vanilla chocolate and a green colour I have never been able to figure out the flavour of. lol. It is OSF’s signature dessert. You get one scoop in this cute little dish.

Mmm! Ice Cream! 🙂

See there to the right, a scoop of the ice cream in the cute little dish. 🙂 That is not from my lunch however, I got the pic from the internet – how do we know this? Cause I drank water, not wine. lol. But really, how could you say no to that little itty bitty dessert? *shakes head* I surely couldn’t.

I thought going out for lunch would kinda mess me up points wise for the day, and I suppose if I had gotten the full portion served to me instead of the half I might have but I don’t think I would have been able to finish the full serving. As it was, the half serving, with the salad, three small slices of bread and a scoop of ice cream left me quite full…not “omg, I am so full I want to puke or have a nap or something” but full like “I don’t want anymore food but my stomach isn’t poofing out it’s so stuffed and I can go on with my day not feeling disgusting” – I am quite happy with that! 😀
The friend I went for lunch with, MS, she didn’t know I am on weight watchers. I told my friends at work and hmm, maybe 3 non work friends, everyone else I am keeping it hush hush. At first I wasn’t telling cause I didn’t want lots of people knowing if I ended up giving up or failing or whatever, now it’s that (1) I don’t really know how to bring it up, or why I would  and (2) I like seeing if people I haven’t seen in a bit can tell I have lost weight without knowing I am trying to lose weight. That may seem weird but, shrug, the people who know I am trying well, they are practically duty bound to say they see a difference in how I look where as the friends who don’t know what is going on, shrug, if they see a difference they will comment on it but if they don’t see one then I know that I have a ways more to go before I have made a noticeable difference in how I look.
MS, lol, it was funny, after the waitress went away she’s all “why did you only want half your food now, and what’s with the whole wheat?” so I told her about weight watchers. Her first response? “Why are you doing that?!” You’d think that’d be a great response right? But it kinda wasn’t. See, I know what I look like. I know what size I am, I am not delusional about it. So, while I am sure her comments were meant to be supportive cause she thinks I look fine as I am, they kinda made me feel…I dunno, not fine. I don’t know how to explain this. lol. When I told her I am having trouble getting a new agent cause of how big I am and how I’ll do better in the acting world once I am not as fat she got all “don’t talk like that, you saying you are fat makes me mad, you look great as you are” – so, great, I look great as I am but I can’t get an agent cause no one wants to represent someone who looks like me. sigh.
Ah well, enough with that! Lunch was great, that part of the convo aside, I got to enjoy one of my favourite dishes without screwing up my points for the day and bonus, I have enough left over to have for dinner tomorrow. Total Win! 😀
So today I ate:
1 garden salad = 0 points
1/2 serving Pesto Linguine = 7 points
3 slices of bread = 3 points
1 scoop ice cream = 4 points
marginal salad dressing = 1 point ?
1 Root Beer = 3 points
3 cups kettle corn = 2 points
1 Activia yogurt = 2 points
1 Werther’s Chocolate Crunch = 1 point
Alrighty, so I said up there that I didn’t screw up my points, well, oops. I forgot to count the salad dressing and the teeny amount of margarine I put on the bread. I think the dressing and margarine combined will be 1 point at most so that means I am one point over, I ate 23 points today. Still, not bad at all. 🙂
And, to make this weekend even better, I had weigh in day yesterday and lost 1.4 pounds!!! wOOt! This means I am 0.8 pounds away from having lost 15 pounds, sweeeeeeeet! 😀 My treat for reaching the 15 pounds lost mark is going through my wardrobe and trying on my clothes to see what I can get rid of and what I have that I had gotten too fat for that now fits. I can’t wait! I am so psyched to see what I can now wear. 🙂 I have one pair of pants that I tried on on a whim before I thought up this treat of mine and I am so glad I tried them cause man, they fit so well! Pretty much perfect. I remember putting these pants on and having to suck in to get them done up then being so incredibly uncomfie while wearing them and dreading having to sit in them cause they would dig in to my gut and actually cause me pain…I must have been in denial wearing them when they fit so tight! Now, I can do them up with ease and they look soooo good. Yeah, I am being vain, so sue me. In fact, they fit not loose like they are in imminent danger of falling off, but loose enough that I think in another 5 pounds or so they just may be too loose to wear…that will of course depend on where the fat comes off of but whatever. I will miss them when I can’t wear them anymore but I will glad when I am so small that they don’t fit. 😀

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