For Absolutely No Reason What So Ever

22 Oct

Alrighty, confession time…I just ate something for absolutely no reason what so ever.  I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t have any points left I was trying to use, I didn’t have a gun to my head and a crazy person telling me to eat or they’ll shoot. I just ate. sigh.

This week has been weird, everyday I feel like I have failed. I am not sure why; when I tally up my flex points I have used 10.5 for the week so more then I would like but not more then what I am allowed. shrug. Maybe it is because I usually don’t use my flex points? I really don’t know – this may remain a mystery which would be so uncool. I almost feel  like I am self sabatoging by eating the flex points and that is bringing me down, I know that I’m not actually self sabatoging, I know I am s’posed to eat the flex points, and yet…I feel like this. double sigh.

I had errands after work and one of them took me to the grocery store, exciting huh? Anyways, they have a section where you can buy sushi made that day and for some reason I really wanted sushi. I haven’t had sushi since this whole thing started (well, ok, I had like three pieces way back in summer when hanging with my mom, so shoot me! 😛 ), the reason I haven’t eaten it is because the sushi I like best are the rolls and those are hard to calculate points for – there is the rice, the filling, the sauces…I could probably get pretty close to the number if there were no sauces on them, but hello? that’s what makes the chef’s rolls so yummy! So I haven’t been eating sushi. I had a nice big salad waiting for me in the fridge at home and was planning to go eat that but somehow I ended up in the sushi section and you guessed it, I bought and then ate sushi. It was pretty good, I got Spicy Shrimp Mayo rolls – I normally don’t eat those cause I don’t go in for spicy but as soon as I saw them that was what I wanted. And who am I to ignore a craving? lol.

I have noticed that this week, that I am craving things I normally don’t and things I normally like to eat are turning me off. Weird, huh? I wonder if I am missing something in my diet and my body is sending me signals I can’t properly interpret in an attempt to get what it needs…thing is though, I have read a couple different studies that say the myth that we crave certain foods because our bodies are missing something that food has is just that, a myth. Someone probably made it up to give an excuse for all the chocolate they eat! lol.

Today I ate:

29 grams Special K Vanilla Almond = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 banana = 1 point

1 BodyWise bagel = 2 points

2 triangles light laughing cow cheese = 1 point

1 cup Fire Roasted Sweet Pepper and Tomato soup = 2 points

1 Activia yogurt = 2 points

1/2 cup cottage cheese = 2 points

Sushi, Spicy Shrimp Mayo rolls = 10 points

1 Thinsations Fudge Dipped Bar = 1 point

So a total of 24 points for the day. I normally try to be more careful on fridays, not use my flex points since I will be weighing in tomorrow but when I was done the sushi I was already one point over for the day and I was still, hmm, I was going to say I was still hungry but that isn’t right, I just still wanted to eat. shrug.

This is the problem that is plaguing me this evening – I am not hungry but I want to eat. Even now, when I know how many points I have eaten, when I know I am not hungry, when I know it is late-ish and I shouldn’t eat I want to eat. Argh!! What’s up with that? sigh. Goes with the week I am having I guess. *rolls eyes* I am gonna watch a bit of tv then go to bed early, pathetic for a friday evening I know, lol, but I have to get away from the kitchen and if I am sleeping I can’t be eating!

Oh! quick side note! That Thinsations Fudge Dipped  Bar I ate, soooo yum! Mom told me about them and I spent weeks looking for them, of course, the week I stopped looking for them is when I found them in the grocery store, lol. They are like an oreo and a cake all wrapped in chocolate – that’s not quite the right description but it’s the best I have, and the best part is each bar is only 1 point! Most Thinsations foods are 2 points per serving so this is a bonus at only 1 point and it’s a really decent portion size too. 😀 If you can find them, and you like chocolate, I say buy them, totally worth the money and points!


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