Stupid Germs, blarg!

23 Nov

Last Friday I was chillin with KL and she had a sore throat, not a big deal right? But then we spent a bunch of time outside freezing our arses off, then I was dressed all skimpy that evening in the even colder weather and by Saturday what did I have? Yup, a sore throat. grr. I tried to convince myself that I wasn’t getting sick, my throat just hurt cause of having to talk louder in the bar…makes sense to me! Course, it didn’t explain my throat still hurting Sunday but oh well…that’s just a technicality. lol.

Monday I felt awful (jingle*Yesterday was plain awful!~ you can say that again!~ Yesterday was plain awful, but that’s. not now. that’s then!*jingle) – little bit of Annie anyone? – so, back to the topic at hand, Monday I felt like crap. Sore throat, fever, chills, runny and stuffed nose, achey joints, nausea…so basic ickiness. I didn’t even go to Zumba after work I felt that sick! That pisses me off for many reasons, the first is I spent money on those classes – it’s about ten bucks a class and by not going I wasted ten bucks, grr, also, it is the only exercise I get each week so this could very likely negatively affect my weigh in on Saturday, double grr. Today of course I don’t feel as bad, if the class had been Tuesday night instead I totally would have been able to go, triple grr anybody? Oh, and yup, you read that right, I don’t feel anywhere near as bad today, I had a headache for a while and my appetite is nowhere near as high as normal but I figure the smallness of appetite helps make up for the lack of exercise I got (am getting) this week. Cause let’s be honest, I am not gonna do anything during the remaining week that will make up for the lack of Zumba class…that’s why paid classes are the best bet for me – I gotta go, I’ve made a commitment. Leave it up to me and what do I do? I sit…and chill on the comp or watch tv or read a book…shrug, it’s how I roll. lol.

Today was lunch with AC and peeps from work, it was really great. The first time there has been a work-food function and I have taken part in it since starting weight watchers…man, the food was goooooood! We went for Japanese and there were these awesome lunch specials, all under $8 and all kinds of combos, you could basically have anything. I got beef teriyaki with Philadelphia rolls, it comes with a bowl of rice and a bowl of miso soup and a couple veggies (literallly a couple, I had one small piece of broccoli and a carrot stick, lol) there was also a salad but it was drowned in dressing so I left it alone. lol

Today I ate:

54 grams Fibre 1 = 3 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 banana = 1 point

1 bowl sticky rice = 4 points – per 1 cup

1 bowl miso soup = 2 points – per 1 cup

1 serving beef teriyaki = 7 points?

8 philadelphia rolls = 7 points?

2 cups vine ripened tomato soup = 2 points

2 pieces toast = 2 points

2 tsp margarine = 2 points

I am scared to add up that total…sigh…ok, here goes…aw fuck, I ate 31 points today…just shoot me now, eesh. ugh. This weeks weigh in is gonna suck balls. argh. 😦

Some of those numbers are approximates so it could even be worse…this is why I don’t eat out at the work functions! Talk about learning a lesson! sigh.

With the Philadelphia rolls according to the book 2 large rolls are 3 points, my rolls weren’t large, I am not sure if they’d be described as small or medium but I know they aren’t large. shrug. So I figure 3 rolls equal 3 points, one of the rolls was uber small cause it was the end piece so I don’t feel that one should count as 1 point hence my 7 points for 8 rolls.

The beef teryaki, sigh, I thought I would never eat this again cause when I was reading the weight watchers dining out companion one day I noticed how bad that particular dish was so it immediately went on my “never again list”, and yes, I really do have a list like that! But when I was out today I thought what the heck, treat yourself! Moron that I am, eesh. 2 slices, or 4 ounces is 7 points – can you believe that?!?! What I want to know though is what constitutes a slice? I had a small pile of beef on my plate and I’d say maybe one piece of it could be called a slice, the rest was just small randomly sized pieces…uh, no for sure “slices” there. So maybe try to gauge the 4 ounces you may be thinking…well, as much as I weigh all my food at home I don’t carry a scale around with me, lol, and I don’t know what 4 ounces of cooked meat looks like, shrug. I decided to count 7 points for the beef cause sure, I might have eaten more but I really don’t know, shrug…

The soup and rice were easy to look up so I didn’t have to guess about that at least. lol.

I wasn’t going to eat dinner, I thought I’d skip it to save myself some points but my place is so frickin cold all I could think about was getting something warm in me. I decided to eat some Campbell’s V8 Vine Ripened Tomato soup, it is 1 point for 1 cup which is pretty awesome. I don’t know if I would recommend it though, I mean yeah, the points per serving is great but it was a bit bland, and chunky, and there were a couple spoonfuls that had something crunchy in…weird. Personally I prefer smooth tomato soup for starters…and what’s with the crunchy bits? I couldn’t figure out what that was…I should probaby regret the soup, or at least the toast since they put my points for the day up in to the frickin 30’s but I needed something warm, and a bit bland actually cause my stomach is still kinda off. I love toast. Mmm. I should have just had the toast…course I only think of that now! Ah well, least I got a couple veggie servings from the soup. 🙂


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