Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

25 Nov

Snoooooow Day! My first contact with a person today was when SB from work called to see if I was going to work, I believe her question went something like “what are we gonna do with all this snow?” – at that point I was running a tad late and was just about to leave my place but had yet to look out a window so I didn’t know what she was talking about. lol. Well, I peeked out my living room curtains and yelped, then said something along the lines of “ah fuck, I don’t wanna go out in that…” Ultimately, both of us ended up at work cause “snow days” are only for kids, grr to kids! lol.

brr, snow.

However, while at work we (“we” being the entire office) kept staring out the wall of windows in shock because of how fast and thick the snow was falling…and a bunch of us kept hoping that the snow would get sooooo bad we’d get to leave early. 🙂 I mean really, the snow was not gonna be that bad that we could easily justify leaving work early, but I have been told that is my outlook on it because I grew up somewhere that gets way worse winter weather then here. lol.

The snow kept up all day, at times it was mixed with freezing rain – joy – 😛 at least in order for it to snow it has to warm up, it was ranging between 0 to -4C all day, not bad at all! For all you Americans that’s 32 – 24.8F 🙂 We were told towards the end of the day we could go home early but by that point I didn’t see any reason to so I stayed my normal shift. shrug.

I find the weather is making me want to eat hot more filling foods – I have a salad in the fridge that I was gonna have for dinner tonight but I just couldn’t do it, I ended up having a wrap filled with cooked veggies and scrambled egg. What I really wanted was a burger on a bun, or a big plate of pasta, or toast – yeah, I know, odd maybe, but I am a bread lover and I’d have killed today for toast with either peanut butter or some jam on it. *big dramatic sigh* lol. If I thought toast would have filled me enough as a dinner I so would have gone with that!

Something else I noticed this week, my lunches are bigger then normal. Ok, tuesday makes sense cause I ate out but the other days? shrug. Something went wrong there. Because of my higher pointed lunches I am going over my points for the day or hitting it right on the mark and while hitting my points exactly is a good thing it’s not so good when you are still hungry! Really not good…uber not good…makes for a cranky hungry redhead…foooooooooooooooood! 😉 heh

I blame it on the weather, it makes me want toast or other heated carbs so I have been eating an english muffin at lunch with my lunches and that is making my lunches way higher in points then normal for me. sigh. I have thawed out the remaining veggie soup and will have that tomorrow for lunch so yah! 0 points for the soup I will eat which means I can eat an english muffin with no worries about being able to eat dinner too. 😀 This is important because after my day job tomorrow I have a nannying job and will have enough time to grab a sub from Subway if I am lucky…if the snow hadn’t plopped down on us I wouldn’t be too worried about my timing tomorrow with grabbing a sub and getting to nannying but people in this city are horrible at driving in snow and go sooooooo slow so I will need way longer to get to the job then normal. *rolls eyes*

This week, food wise, has just been bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. ugh. I feel like I have gained weight and it’s not a happy feeling. It’s partially tempered by wearing a pair of work pants this week that the last time I wore (couple weeks ago) were not snug but were fitting just nice around the waist…the legs/butt area were looser then strictly fashionable but the waist still fit so, shrug, I wore em. Yesterday I grabbed them from my closet when getting dressed in the moring and found that they are now too large, I can hold the waist out an inch or so and they are so loose everywhere else they have now joined a bunch of other clothes in the “can never be worn again” pile. Yah! 😀 But still, I feel like the success that made those pants too large happened prior to this week and that this week I screwed up so much I am gonna gain weight, it’s so depressing. Feeling this way makes me want to eat even more, I am at times an emotional eater and feeling for days and days depressed about how many flex points I have used and that I have screwed up royally makes me want to eat! *rolls eyes* the amount of times this week I almost ate cake or cookies or chocolate or whatever, there have been many temptations and I have almost eaten all of them! Horrible! I had gotten to a point where the temptations didn’t even cross my radar and what happens? I totally dip and now am seeing the temptations everywhere and want them! Argh!

Here is what I ate today:

54 grams Fibre 1 = 3 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 banana = 1 point

1 Lean Cuisine Honey Mustard Chicken = 5 points

1 weight watchers english muffin = 2 points

2 triangles light laughing cow = 1 point

1/2 cup cottage cheese = 2 points


    – 1 weight watchers wrap = 1 point

    – 1 scrambled egg = 2 points

    – 15 grams light shredded cheese = 1 point

    – 1 tbls creole dijon sauce = 1 point

cooked mix vegg = 0 points

1 pckg Jolly Time popcorn = 1 point

Total points eaten is 21. 😀 Least I didn’t go over – feels like a frickin miracle! lol. I still have two more days before weigh in so two more days of feeling like I totally screwed up but not knowing for sure by how much…sucky. 😦

I won’t be posting tomorrow cause of nannying after working all day – sadness, but I’ll be here saturday afternoon to let you know the results of weigh in!


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