Let The Over-Indulging Begin!

21 Dec

It has officially started for me, ugh, the season of over indulging with our food. My poor stomach is already hurting! lol…I laugh but it really does hurt. *rolls eyes* I got a bunch of goodies in the mail from Australia and from England…ooooh, that chocolate is gonna hurt me but taste oh so good. Yum!

Today I got taken out for lunch to this great Japanese place, heaven in my mouth! I got a lunch box so there was the cold noodle salad with shrimp, chicken teriyaki, sushi rolls (two each of california rolls, tuna rolls, salmon rolls and cucumber rolls), miso soup and mixed tempura. Oh man, so good. In part it was soooo good cause the food was amazing and because it came out of the blue (I didn’t know I was going to be taken out for lunch and surprises are always fun!) and because I never eat like that so it was an uber treat. 😀

Let’s see, yesterday what did I over indulge in? Oh yeah, almond tarts, is there anything better then almond tarts? Doubtful!

I seem to be leaving all my willpower behind, sigh, all that hard won willpower out the window in the face of almond tarts and Japanese lunch boxes. 😛

I had planned to way treat myself tomorrow at the airport and eat…ready for this? Fast Food that isn’t Subway! I know! Crazeeee! However, with the way I feel right now, so not gonna happen. I am lucky and can take a half day at work so I’ll have plenty of time to get to the airport, leaving me no excuse to not get something healthy-ish to eat. I think instead of fast food at the airport I’ll have one timbit or something equally small, lol.

Ooooh! Good news tho! Last saturday when I weighed in I managed to lose the weight I had put on the week before so I am back at my 21.6 pounds lost, phew! I am so glad I got back there but seriously, with how fat I feel right now I might as well not have lost anything. Ick. I hate this feeling and I can’t figure it out. I mean, ok, I ate Japanese for lunch but I’ve eaten worse and not felt like this…and for dinner I had some toast cause let me tell ya, so not hungry after that huge lunch and the lunch totally killed me for points (I am guessing, the tempura alone killed my points really so why bother trying to tally them up for today?) but what’s with this heavy in my tummy feeling? If this is what’s gonna happen everytime I eat something fried (the tempura) or salty (soy sauce) I will so be pissed! 😛

On a totally unrelated note…why can Keanu Reeves look totally awesome in a long black jacket and all black outfit complete with shades (like in the Matrix) but if someone tried to pull off that look in real life they’d just look like a loser? Oh the oddness of life…lol


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