Where’s The Wagon??

28 Dec

You know that saying about “falling off the wagon”? Well, I have not only fallen off but that damn horse I am supposed to get right back on has hitched the wagon to itself and gallopped away, bastard. Oh, and it appears it loaded my willpower on to the wagon before bulleting out of here cause I haven’t seen that guy around here for days and days and days. I shake the fist at the lot of you! *shaking fist* grr.

Don’t you just love the holiday season? A time of stores being filled to bursting with all kinds of high calorie treats, a whopping big meal on the 25th, or the 24th…or possibly not at all depending on your religion, but for me, Whopping huuuuge meal on the 25th and of course the days surrounding that day are not exactly filled with meals or snacks that are healthy. Yummy? You bet! Healthy? Not a shot in hell! lol

Let’s do a brief recap to see just how badly I fell off that wagon called weight loss…the 23rd was my bday (Yah!) so there was a big dinner, I got to pick it so it was spaghetti and turkey meatballs, garlic bread and pecan pie (I didn’t feel like the traditional chocolate cake, shrug)…I don’t really remember what I ate during the day that day and that’s just another sign of how far off the deep end I have gone cause I have stopped writing down what I have been eating…tsk tsk to me. So, one slice of that pie was 8 points…*rolls eyes* that was the beginning of the end I think…

Dec 24th is generally finger food nibbly type stuff in our house and this year was as expected. There was egg salad mix on open faced dinner buns, sausage rolls, mincemeat tarts (which I didn’t eat, ick!), various cookies, chocolates etc. I had some of the egg mix on buns, some sausage rolls, some random nibblies I can’t remember, oh my, this not remembering is more scary then knowing…who knows what I did and have somehow blocked myself from remembering?!?!

Dec 25th traditionally starts off with a cinnamon bun, YUM! I had a measured out serving of Life cereal and milk (back to my old school ways, lol.) and an orange…however, I caved and had a cinnamon bun too…I think it would have been better to just eat the cinnamon bun but at least I got some nutrients and food groups from the cereal milk and orange, right? I nibbled on raw veggies during the day so that’s not so bad but dinner…oh man, dinner, Amazing! I love my mom’s christmas dinner, her and my brother do all the work and it turns out frickin perfect every time! So there was turkey (duh!), stuffing, mashed yams, roast potatoes, carrot and parsnip, vienna sausage, fried mushrooms and of course lots of gravy and cranberry sauce…tastebud heaven! 😀 I didn’t even try to pretend I was taking a proper portion of any of that, I just took and ate! My sister kept getting on my case about how many points I am eating but I am trying to ignore her, that’s her sense of humour and altho it’s not funny to anyone but her it’s just the way she is, shrug. One day out of the year I can try to over look it, right? Right…well, maybe…lol. Dessert was Sherry Trifle, omg, so so so so goooooood! My mom makes that (I made the custard this year, so I can officially say I helped with christmas dinner, lol) and the trifle turned out perfect! I had two servings of that…I know I should be hanging my head in shame but I just can’t, it was so good and it only happens once a year…

Normally I have seconds with christmas dinner but my poor tummy is not used to eating large portions or such a mixture of foods anymore so it rebelled at even the thought of it, lol.

Hmm, you’d think after that things wouldn’t be so bad, that they’d go back to normal…well, nope. 😛

Dec 26th I drove my bro to the airport so I ate brekkie late, I had oatmeal and toast, that part was normal at least lol. Then I was out at a movie that a friend let me pick and she paid to make up for not buying me a bday present, nice huh? Well she also decided she was gonna buy me goodies to eat at the movie and I wasn’t allowed to say no so I ended up with popcorn and a root beer, not even diet cause they don’t carry that, evil! I ate way more of the popcorn then I intended but it was so yummy and I found I just kept mindlessly eating, oops, and well, root beer hello? Already established that is a weakness of mine! lol. That evening I baked banana bread and had a Guiness…now the banana bread is not for me so not eaten by me, yah! but that was 3 points worth of beer 😛

Dec 27th I had my leftover christmas dinner, leftovers are better somehow then the original meal, weird huh? So, the full meal all over again except the turkey was on a piece of toast so I could have a hot turkey sandwich…I look forward to that all year! That kept me full for a really long time. That is also the day I started getting a cough and generally not feeling well. I went for a late dinner with MJ at the Cheesecake Cafe, I ordered the BBQ beef burger, it comes with back bacon on it but I took it off (just wasn’t feelin it, ya know?) and I cut it in half cause I still wasn’t all that hungry. Well, for someone not all that hungry I managed to eat half the burger and a lot of yam fries – the yam fries and dipping sauce there are truly excellent. 🙂 The waitress was way delayed getting us our food so they comped us a dessert and even though neither of us really wanted dessert we figured we can’t pass it up if it’s free, right? So we split the Terry’s Chocolate Orange cheesecake. It was alright, I am glad we didn’t pay for it cause it tasted like plain chocolate, none of the orange flavour that is the point of the Terry’s Chocolate Orange. It was funny, we were all “we’ll take a couple bites then get it boxed up” and while talking we managed to eat all but two bites! lol. We left that remaining two bites cause it made us feel better not actually finishing it, lol.

That brings us to today, I am sicker, I actually took Benelyn last night cause I felt that crappy, eek! I hung out with my nephew today so we saw a movie, played mini golf, bought him some sweeeeet skater runners (he’s ten and I just had to do it!), he wanted some Mexi Fries from Taco Time so I got him those and he insisted I eat at least one so I did, shrug, he’s only ten! He doesn’t understand diets! Then when I got back to my parents place I had some homemade turkey soup. I wasn’t really hungry, and still am not, but I ate it cause I know I should be hungry and all I’d had up to that point was some toast and one mexi fry, shrug, I figured give my body some nutrients, right? I have dinner plans for this evening so who knows how that will go…and plans that involve a restaurant tomorrow…this is gonna kill me!

I am really starting to worry about how much weight I have put on…I don’t want to get back home and find I have gained back anymore then 2lbs, cause that’ll suck and really bring me down, but I dunno, every morning I swear I am gonna eat healthy and get back on track and something goes wrong…I really wish that horse would at least bring me back my will power…


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