My Lungs Make Noises – weird…

5 Jan

Ok, when I was still at my parents I wasn’t eating all my points per day once my bronchitis started up cause I had absolutely no appetite. I liked this cause I thought “Hey, this means I will lose the weight I put on at the beginning of the vacation while eating all that amazing food!” Well, today was day 2 of being back in the real world and I am still having trouble eating, sigh. I don’t want to undereat so much my body holds on to everything and refuses to lose weight cause it’s freaking out I am gonna starve it – I just don’t have an appetite. sigh.

Today I stayed home from work, I know! Only my second day back and I called in sick, *rolls eyes* but hey, I was dealing with side effects from the drugs the doc put me on and I was quite busy trying to cough up both my lungs – I wasn’t able to deal with work as well. 😛

Did you know your lungs can make noises? I so didn’t know this…lungs can gurgle and make wet noises and they wheeze and whistle…oddness. It’s kinda entertaining in a “I wonder if I am going to drown in my own body” kind of way…

So yeah, today was spent trying to sleep, reading, watching tv and not being hungry. lol. Nice huh? I managed to eat 14.5 points (I am s’posed to eat 21) and that was by sheer force! I keep trying to think of something high in points but small in portion I could eat to use up my remaining points but all the foods like that make my stomach curdle at just the thought. I don’t want anything sweet, or salty, or well…anything.

Guess today is gonna be another low points day…maybe tomorrow will be better?


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