Weigh In Day!! :)

8 Jan

My last weigh in day of 2010 was Dec 18th – my first weigh in day of 2011 was today, Jan 8th. Today was a gooooood day! πŸ˜€

I actually lost weight over Christmas holidays…go figure! lol. πŸ˜›

Now I know the weight loss isn’t all real, I have been stupid sick with no appetite so I know I lost weight because of being sick, but still…having a good weigh in day is just…a good day! There is a high probability I will gain some of the weight back, or at least maintain, once I get better and am eating all my daily points but hey, let’s not ruin the moment with thoughts of what is to come, ok? πŸ˜›

I lost a whopping 4.8 lbs!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Talk about a happy dance moment on the scale this morning! teehee That puts me at a total weight loss of 26.4lbs!

While I was visiting the family over the holidays I went shopping for jeans (I was also looking for tops but failed miserably, lol) anyways, I got to buy jeans that were way way way smaller then anything I had worn in a looooong time! The new jeans are 3 sizes smaller then the largest pair of jeans that were in my closet at the beginning of this journey, 3 sizes! Holy Crap! So, these new snazzy jeans I bought I wore today when I went for lunch and shopping with a friend and I noticed I kept having to adjust them a bit, you know, pull them up a tad here and there. Mostly over what used to be my lower gut but now is like a lower mini-gut (cause it’s getting smaller, get it?) I did the pull-out-waistband-check that we all know and love/hate and the jeans are already becoming loose on me! OMG! A-frickin-mazing!

Now, again, I know that the rapid loosening of the jeans is because of the rapid almost 5 pounds weight loss due to being sick, but let’s not ruin this moment either, k?

Today was full of lots of good moments. happy sigh.

Another happy moment was when I was trying on some tops and I noticed that my waist actually indents in at the side, so, I like, have a waist…huh. I kept staring at myself in the mirror at the store because I was so fascinated by this. lol. I couldn’t afford the top that I was wearing when I noticed this (which is too bad really) but I am gonna keep an eye out in the store and see when it goes on sale…maybe I will buy it then…hell, maybe it’ll look even better on me then?!

So, overall, Christmas break didn’t kill me or my weight loss, in fact, it seemed to help it. shrug. Go fig. I now have 14.8 lbs to go before I reach the outter number of the weight range that is my goal to be at by the end of this journey – I am over halfway there…wow. I think that deserves another happy dance…

who happy dances better then Snoopy?


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