Hot Dogs: The Poor Man’s Chicken

29 Jan

I guess I should have said the poor woman’s chicken, being that I am female but oh well. 😛

The other night I wanted Chinese food…this is problematic cause (1) Chinese food is expensive, (2) I don’t know any good Chinese food places in this sushi obsessed city and (3) Chinese food does not easily fit in to the land of Weight Watchers. Don’t get me wrong, it can be done!…just not easily. shrug. So although I wanted Chinese food I knew it wasn’t going to happen. Then I was struck by inspiration! I had some brown rice in the fridge, I could take that, add some of the leftover grilled chicken that was also in the fridge and some veggies and make my own version of Chicken Fried Rice – voila! Granted, not the Chinese food dish I was actually wanting but hey, compromises must be made!

When I got home I pulled out the rice, the veg and the chicken and was all ready to start adding things to the frying pan when a thought occurred…how long can cooked chicken be in the fridge before it is too long? Can I even still use this chicken? Luckily the roomie was around so I asked her, hoping beyond hope she’d give a really big number…she figured on 3 days, maybe 5 max…well, huh, it had been in there at least 7 days…is that too long? *confused face* I decided to not risk it, being that food poisoning is not on my list of things to do this month 😉 and sadly threw it out…but, now what? I didn’t want just veg and rice but the only other meat or meat like substance I had on hand were breaded chicken strips and salmon steaks…neither are what I needed, then a whole new burst of inspiration!

I have hot dogs! Light hot dogs! And I love hot dogs so why not? Who says a hot dog can’t substitute for chicken? Well ok, probably a lot of people say that but who cares, they aren’t the ones eating this meal! lol. I boiled the hot dog, then added it (all cut up) to the frying pan with the rice and mixed veggies…I feel I added a sauce to it…yeah I did! I added some of my creole dijon sauce…thus taking away any chance of the dish reminding me of Chinese food but once I start cooking I get inspired by odd ideas and generally move away from my original plan. shrug.

So there we have it, not Chicken Fried Rice but Hot Dog Fried Rice (with creole dijon sauce), healthy, a light dish, tasty, filling…all the things dinner should be, and bonus, low in points! 😀 Something I will definitely make again.

Some good news to throw your way, I lost another pound! Yah! So, last week I gained 2 lbs but this week I got rid of one of those…almost back on track! 😀 I will be so happy when I lose one more pound and am back to where I feel I should be…I didn’t tell anybody I gained weight, I just sorta kept my mouth shut about my weigh in last week cause I didn’t want to confess the number on the scale went up. Yeah, sigh, I know it was cause of being sick and my body being off kilter and blah blah blah, but none of that takes away from the mild shame I felt when I saw the number had gone up. ugh. But now it is going down again, phew, and right in time! I have my photo shoot in exactly a week and if my weight had stayed the same or gone up this week I would have freaked out, now is not the time to be adding weight to the fatness that is my body, not before something as important as this photo shoot! 

But luckily, no freak out, the number went down, someone  I haven’t seen in a while told me today that I look like I have lost a lot of weight 😀 and in general it was a good day. How can it not be a good day when someone comments about you obviously having lost weight? lol 😀


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