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Stir Fry Sunday

19 Jan

I officially declare Sunday: Stir Fry Sunday! *insert parade here* 🙂

I don’t know why but I got the random idea to make stir fry for dinner tonight, I made a list of all the various ingredients I needed, hit up the grocery store on the way home from work and bam! cooking ensued! wOOt!

Because I was down about not getting to film the commercial today I wanted to make sure I did something that I would enjoy, well, either enjoy the act of or the result of during the time I would have been filming. I don’t particularly like cooking but I do enjoy stir fry, and eating lol I used to make stir fry fairly often years ago but I don’t really remember what I did back then so I was approaching this task as a newbie.

Normally I don’t use raw meat, unless it is frozen and requires minimal touching. Raw meat = yuch! Also, if I am not throwing a frozen chicken breast or frozen piece of fish in the oven then my protein usually comes from tofu, fake meat, eggs, things like that. I am always so certain I will under cook the meat and give myself food poisoning and duuuude, that would suck! …obviously lol…Well, today a friend gave me a look, you know the look, the kind that is clearly labeling you as a dumbass in their eyes when I told her I don’t cook raw chicken, she then gave me a thawed, raw, icky chicken breast, told me to cube it, throw it in the wok first with a bit of oil and I’d be fine.

Since I can’t lose face over this I…cooked the chicken! *gasp*  I’m sure to you this is ho-hum but to me it’s a big deal cause ick, I had to touch raw meat, and cut it, and cook it well enough I didn’t get sick from it…that’s a lot! I also then had to bleach the sink, knife and cutting board cause there was raw chicken touching all those surfaces, or the juices from the raw chicken, and now I envision salmonella spawning all around my kitchen. Double ick! 😛

I used a bit too much oil, I drained a whole bunch before putting any veggies in the pan, but other than that the cooking went really well! I tossed in some frozen veggies from the Europe’s Best brand, there were orange carrots, snow peas, yellow carrots, water chestnuts, red peppers, baby corn and bean sprouts in that mix. I then added more water chestnuts (you can never have too many! lol), raw sliced red and yellow peppers, sliced mushrooms and at the very end some baby spinach (I just warmed it up, didn’t cook it), oh and I put some stir fry sauce I bought at Safeway in there for flavour. For plating it, I put the veggie and chicken mix over some brown rice, sprinkled a bit of soy sauce on and topped with peanuts.

Holy cannoli it was gooood! 😀

I made that! whoa!

I made that! whoa!

There is even more of a bonus to this delish meal, because I didn’t measure anything, just added stuff, I made enough for two servings, as you can see in the picture, so I now have lunch for tomorrow sitting in my fridge. How great is that? I have no idea if this was healthy or not since I didn’t measure anything, just poured in amounts of things that looked good lol I figure it can’t be too too horrible since it was a meal made up of mostly veggies, with some protein and a bit of starch. There is probably a healthier alternative to brown rice but I don’t know what that is. But hey, that is what Stir Fry Sunday is for! To experiment with different combinations of things on a weekly basis, fair warning, this could get weird lol

I had a distressing discovery when cooking, I no longer have my wok…I have no clue where it went to and I’m kinda cranky about that. I had a really nice wok, I can’t remember getting rid of it, and I can’t imagine why I would have, but since it is gone I must have decided at some point to give it away, sigh, stupid stupid move! This was made in a large frying pan and it just wasn’t the same, even though it did turn out delish lol

I’m going to wait to buy a new wok, see how consistent I am with Stir Fry Sunday, I figure if I make stir fry weekly for a month or so then that justifies buying a new wok, until then the frying pan it is! Which makes me a bit ghetto but oh well lol

Chicken For Breakfast?

21 Mar

I write this while sitting on a uber comfy living room chair, laptop on my lap (shocking place for it huh? lol) with my left arm pinned to my body by my roomie’s cat…oh, and don’t go thinking my right arm is free to do as it pleases, there is a paw resting on my arm with claws lightly touching my skin – those claws start to actually sink into my skin whenever the cat decides he needs a little scratch behind his ears or a cuddle…I’m pretty sure he’s training me…and what’s sad is it’s working!

Last week I went in to my bedroom, turned on the light and started looking in my dresser for a shirt when I glanced over at my bed and saw the cat laying along the edge of my pillow, head raised glaring at me since obviously my entering my room had disturbed him…wanna know what I did/said? I apologized! Yup, that’s right, first words outta my mouth were “oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were sleeping” then I gave him a little cuddle. I’m pretty sure he smirked at me and then cracked a whip. *shakes head*

What do these stories have to do with my weight loss? Absolutely nothing, lol, just thought you’d enjoy them. 😉

To the food! I am trying to increase the amount of protein I eat per day since it’s an area I have always sucked at. It’s not that I don’t like meat, I am definitely not a vegetarian, it’s just, well, I don’t like cooking meat – it’s icky, and I always think I am going to poison myself lol. With all the exercise I am doing now I really need to make sure I get enough protein per day to keep building my muscles and supply my body with energy so this means I have to actually cook and eat more meat, sigh.

At first I was eating fish steaks, bought from M&M’s Meat Shop, they are individually packaged, wild salmon, have a variety of sauce flavours, so easy to cook even I can do it, yummy, cheap and healthy…so all around an excellent choice! 🙂 However, you can’t eat fish everyday, one reason is tastebud boredom and the other is…um, hmm…I’m sure there is another reason, an actual foodie reason, something about mercury or fat or something…I dunno, I don’t feel like googling right now, so let’s stick with tastebud boredom, you can’t eat the same thing everyday, you’d get bored super fast and find yourself cheating on your eating plan!

To switch it up I bought chicken, I buy the boxes of frozen chicken breasts that are already flavoured so all I hafta do is throw em in the oven, wait about 40 minutes and boom! Meat! Cooked meat! It’s like a freakin miracle everytime I cook it lol 😉 They also come in a variety of flavours, are healthy, not quite as cheap but I buy em when they are on sale so that helps and easy to cook. 🙂

Normally I eat my chicken or fish for dinner, cause well, that’s what society taught me is normal…we eat toast or cereal or oatmeal or coffee or something else similar for brekkie, a sandwich or something fast food like for lunch, some form of meat with veggies and potatoes or rice for dinner, and something sweet for  dessert…I mean, that is how we roll in North America, right? But who says we have to follow those rules? Why can’t people eat soup for brekkie, or a sandwich? And don’t we all love having pancakes for dinner every now and then? It’s like we’re ok with shifting some foods around and considering it a treat but not others…weird huh?

Since I no longer eat any of those foods I listed for the standard brekkie options I have had to change how I eat. My breakfast now is a protein shake and half a piece of fruit (today it was an apple) then an hour later I usually have an egg, 2 slices of turkey bacon, 2 slices of tomato and the other half of the fruit. Can I tell you how bored I was getting with that? Not only bored but kinda grossed out by eating turkey bacon every freakin day. I used to have turkey bacon maaaaybe twice a month, it was a treat, something to have on a weekend when I slept in and was making brunch but now, having it daily, it’s starting to become more and more a food I want to avoid – which is not good when it’s an easy way to get some morning protein, eek! So today I switched things around – ooooh I’m so daring! 😉 teehee

I had my protein shake and half an apple and while I was getting that all ready I put a Cajun flavored chicken breast in the oven, yeah, Cajun for breakfast was a little odd but it was either that or BBQ lol. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to actually eat it when the time came, I’m ridiculously picky about my first meal of the day, I have an over sensitive stomach 😛 but it was actually good. I had half the chicken breast, one egg, and some cheese (I melted the cheese on the chicken to try to counter act some of the spicyness – fyi, it didn’t really work)

I was quite happy with my chicken breakfast and even happier when at dinner time all I had to do was heat up the other half of the chicken breast instead of wait the full 40 minutes for it to cook. 🙂 lol

I hit a record high (for me) amount of protein for the day, I managed to get 122.3 grams. Now yes, a big part of that is because I have two protein shakes a day but I am also making food choices that provide me with natural protein. So the chicken, the egg, I had some peanut butter on a celery stick for a snack, some pistachios, cottage cheese…things like that, they all add up. No worries, I also have veggies and fruit during the day but today’s post is about protein lol.

I don’t know that I’ll want half a chicken breast for breakfast everyday, if I do that I’m sure I’ll start looking at the chicken breast the same way I’m starting to look at the turkey bacon so I’m going to have to start of thinking of alternatives…crap, more work! 😛 I miss the days of eating a bowl of cereal or having some toast, breakfast used to be the easiest meal of the day, and my favourite, now it’s the most finicky and my least favourite, so weird how these things can change on us huh?  😛

Hot Dogs: The Poor Man’s Chicken

29 Jan

I guess I should have said the poor woman’s chicken, being that I am female but oh well. 😛

The other night I wanted Chinese food…this is problematic cause (1) Chinese food is expensive, (2) I don’t know any good Chinese food places in this sushi obsessed city and (3) Chinese food does not easily fit in to the land of Weight Watchers. Don’t get me wrong, it can be done!…just not easily. shrug. So although I wanted Chinese food I knew it wasn’t going to happen. Then I was struck by inspiration! I had some brown rice in the fridge, I could take that, add some of the leftover grilled chicken that was also in the fridge and some veggies and make my own version of Chicken Fried Rice – voila! Granted, not the Chinese food dish I was actually wanting but hey, compromises must be made!

When I got home I pulled out the rice, the veg and the chicken and was all ready to start adding things to the frying pan when a thought occurred…how long can cooked chicken be in the fridge before it is too long? Can I even still use this chicken? Luckily the roomie was around so I asked her, hoping beyond hope she’d give a really big number…she figured on 3 days, maybe 5 max…well, huh, it had been in there at least 7 days…is that too long? *confused face* I decided to not risk it, being that food poisoning is not on my list of things to do this month 😉 and sadly threw it out…but, now what? I didn’t want just veg and rice but the only other meat or meat like substance I had on hand were breaded chicken strips and salmon steaks…neither are what I needed, then a whole new burst of inspiration!

I have hot dogs! Light hot dogs! And I love hot dogs so why not? Who says a hot dog can’t substitute for chicken? Well ok, probably a lot of people say that but who cares, they aren’t the ones eating this meal! lol. I boiled the hot dog, then added it (all cut up) to the frying pan with the rice and mixed veggies…I feel I added a sauce to it…yeah I did! I added some of my creole dijon sauce…thus taking away any chance of the dish reminding me of Chinese food but once I start cooking I get inspired by odd ideas and generally move away from my original plan. shrug.

So there we have it, not Chicken Fried Rice but Hot Dog Fried Rice (with creole dijon sauce), healthy, a light dish, tasty, filling…all the things dinner should be, and bonus, low in points! 😀 Something I will definitely make again.

Some good news to throw your way, I lost another pound! Yah! So, last week I gained 2 lbs but this week I got rid of one of those…almost back on track! 😀 I will be so happy when I lose one more pound and am back to where I feel I should be…I didn’t tell anybody I gained weight, I just sorta kept my mouth shut about my weigh in last week cause I didn’t want to confess the number on the scale went up. Yeah, sigh, I know it was cause of being sick and my body being off kilter and blah blah blah, but none of that takes away from the mild shame I felt when I saw the number had gone up. ugh. But now it is going down again, phew, and right in time! I have my photo shoot in exactly a week and if my weight had stayed the same or gone up this week I would have freaked out, now is not the time to be adding weight to the fatness that is my body, not before something as important as this photo shoot! 

But luckily, no freak out, the number went down, someone  I haven’t seen in a while told me today that I look like I have lost a lot of weight 😀 and in general it was a good day. How can it not be a good day when someone comments about you obviously having lost weight? lol 😀

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